Maeby This Time

Summary: Maeby pitches an idea of a new movie. George Michael moves in with Maeby.

Ch 5

Maeby was sitting at the oversized black marble conference table in a comfy leather chair as the boss was looking over the scripts they presented to him. After he closed the last folder, he stood up and threw it in the middle of the table. "These are horrible!" he screamed. "We need something new. Sequels! Are what's in now!"

They all stared at each other from around the table shouting out ideas. " I know we said it was going to be the last one, but I'm feeling another Gangee flim" Maeby spoke up. "Gangee Six…on Mars!" she said holding her hands up for emphasis.

The latest of the Gangee franchise had just made $10 million above analysts' pre-release projections. Continuing the trend of each installment made more money than the last.

"hmmm" he said scratching his beard. "People want to go to Mars" he said thinking out loud. "Will there be Aliens?"

"Yeah, obviously" Maeby answered. How can you have a movie take place on mars without martians.

"Perfect!" he said. "Let's get on that" he told the rest of the room then he looked at her. "Where have you been Funke?" he asked her.

"I was fired" she told him.

"Well, fire whoever did that" he told them.

"We're going to need a lot of sand or a desert for this" Jeff the location scout said to the room. "Some place abandoned, a place where no one wants to go"

Maeby smiled. "I know a place, but it's going to cost us" she told them smiling to herself. She pulled her tablet closer to her and tapped the address in. She then plugged her tablet into the projector to put it on the screen hanging on the wall.

"That'll work" Jeff said to her.

"Pay whatever price you need, just get that land" the boss said, got up and left the room.

Maeby walked into the model home to find George Michael in the kitchen. She was happy with what she accomplished today, she found a way to keep people handing her money and make even more in money in the process.

"You should've told me you were going to be late" George Michael said forlornly next to the table he had set. He'd been waiting for over an hour, he called her and she told him she'd be home soon. He was worried that she wasn't taking care of herself.

Maeby was overseeing the production of her newest action flick "The Banana Standoff" starring Dwayne Johnson as a DEA Agent undercover as a banana stand employee trying to find where the cartel stashed a bunch of weed. Production was running into problems trying to fit the Rock inside the Banana Stand, they finally had to halt shooting to build the banana stand around him.

Maeby was also trying to get a remake done of the classic seventies hit, "The Big Yellow Joint"

"Hey, mon" She said into the phone. "It's Maeby, I gotta song that needs Snoop Lion's touch"

She finished eating and told him. "Also we're going to have to move"

"Move, why?" George Michael asked as he cleared the table and started washing the dishes.

"I sold this place to them so we can make Gangee Six…on Mars" she told with a big grin.

"Gangee Six? So you're still making those, huh?" he asked. "Didn't she, um, get killed off in the fifth one?" George Michael was correct, Gangee was killed off in Gangee Five: Eat, Pray, Love, Run.

"Yeah, but she can come back" Maeby replied. "People come back from the dead all the time. Look at Walt Disney, he's still making movies"

George Michael was going to respond that but decided it wasn't worth the argument that would follow. "Yeah, but her head was cut off!" George Michael exclaimed. " can't really come back from that" George Michael hadn't actually seen Gangee Five or four, three or two. The first had scared him so badly he had nightmares for weeks. So not wanting Maeby to know that he was too terrified to watch her movies, he pretended he did by looking up the plot on Wikipedia.

Maeby looked him and got an idea. "I get what your saying, George Michael" She told him. "She's a zombie… alien." She said after thinking about it "That's even better! Zombies are huge right now. Thanks George Michael!" she said and texted her team with the new information. George Michael nodded and smiled at her. "That sounds awful" he said under his breath and he meant that both in actual movie plot and what she'd come up with for Gangee to look like, but she was too busy texting to hear him.

George Michael then remembered the why they had reconnected in the first place. "I thought, um. You were making a movie about our family. What happened to that?"

Maeby was getting hundreds of texts, telling her how brilliant that idea was. "Oh, that's going through a bunch of rewrites" she told him without looking up at him.

"Why?" George Michael asked her.

"No one knows where to start, we are a $%$ed up family." She told him. "Thanks for reminding me, so before I forget" She said looking up from her phone. "Do you mind if we make your mother have a mental illness?" then continued to respond to her team.

George Michael was confused. "My mother had cancer, why...would she need a mental illness?"

"It's Oscar bait. Jessica Chastain saw that the woman did not have a mental illness and turned the role down flat." she told him, then her phone rang, she answered it and walked out of the room.


-Next Time on Maeby This Time...

Maeby runs into a problem with the land she was trying to sell to the studio. But she finds the perfect solution.