Sometimes we see what we want to see but what not is real...if that makes sense to you then keep on readin'

It was a beautiful bright sunny day sometime in June and there were two figures sat on a bench at the park which in this time of year was amaazingly beautiful with the tree's in full bloom and all the flowers bright and colorful filling the air with their lovely smell, the two figures were talking...well one was talking, the other was listening intently to the other, adding in their own opinion and occasionaly letting out a small "uh-huh" or a "yeah I agree".

the one that was talking was a beautiful young human woman, possibly in her early 20's, she had beautiful long flowing blonde hair that went just past her shoulders, a bright blue dress which matched the color of the blue sky and the color of her shimmering blue eyes, full of wisdom,kindness,curiosity and a love for outside world and she had the most kindest and gentlest faces you've ever seen and the hedgehog sitting next to her had hot black quills with red streaks on them, red blood colored eyes that were unreadable to most, he had a hot body with big arm muscles and a six pack hidden away underneath a dark grey tank top, he wore baggy dark green jeans, slightly ripped in places and his rocket boot shoes, his name was Shadow and the human next to him was Maria Robotnik

"ahhhh~" she sighed a happy sigh " I just love spring all the flowers and enticing aromas" the hedgehog next to her let out a grunt of agreement as he sat there on the bench,maria looked over at a group of pigeons, 3 of them being much bigger than the 4th, an old lady came by with a bag of bread and she looked like she was in a hurry, she quickly scattered some bread crumbs for the pigeons and then she started to make her way towards shadow and maria's direction,maria's attention turned to then old lady but quickly went back to see the 3 bigger pigeons ate all of it before the little pigeon could even get any of it."Awwwww the poor little guy didn't get any" she said turning to shadow making him look over to the pigeons and then nod in agreement "yeah poor little guy he needs food too" maria giggled "hehe yeah I just wish the other pigeons would be nicer to him" "yeah those three are acting like bullies to the poor little guy, someone should help him", when the old lady was passing by shadow and maria he heard them talking.

she turned to face them and gave shadow an odd look of confusion, shadow and maria diverted their attention to the old lady standing infront of them, shadow noticed the old lady's confused look but he brushed it off as her just being old "excuse me sonnie?" she asked in a croaky but sweet old lady voice "yeah?" shadow said looking up at her "would you like to have my bag of bread so you can feed the birds?", shadow quickly glanced over to maria who had a warm smile on her face and a pleading look in her eye as if to say 'take the bread', "uhhh yeah thanks...?" "call me Rosa" she creaked as she handed over the bag to shadow "oh ok thank-you Rosa" "nope problem sweetie" and with that she quickly hurried off, shadow looked at the bag then at maria who just look over to the pigeons "yay now you can help feed that little guy" she said grinning a beautiful smile which made shadows heart melt "go on shadow see if you can get him to eat some"

shadow delved his hand into the bag and brought up a handful of bread crumbs, he scattered some on one side of the bench making the three big pigeons hurry over to the crumbs then he quickly scattered crumbs on the other side of the bench which was quite big, the little pigeon saw the crumbs and shuffled over, un-noticed by the larger pigeons, both maria and shadow smiled at each other as they watched the cute little pigeon dig into his meal without being disturbed by the other pigeons "well done shadow you helped the little guy" "it was nothing maria I just threw some bread crumbs around" "yeah but you helped him didn't'cha?" she said nudging him playfully on his arm "*sigh* yeah I guess I did" he replied smiling at her, she let out a giggle and then cuddled up to him resting her head on his shoulder, he looked down at her and smiled, that day was perfect for him

nothing could ruin it now...or could it?

until next time readers ;3