5 year old Emma played on the play ground herself that day. August Booth was inside sick and no one else would play with the young girl. She hated this, she hated her life in the foster care. Just then one of the older boys came up to her and pulled out her pig tail.

"Hey!" Emma yelled at the older boy. The boy looked at the young girl.

"What are you going to do…..Nothing." William looked at Emma. She was a lot smaller then most girls her age.

"I'm gonna….."

"Your gonna what call for mommy and daddy? Remember we don't have parents here." Emma looked at the older boy. She had no idea what to do. She stood there strait infront of the boy her hands where in fists. She threw a punch at the boys face pushing him back a little.

"Why you little brat your no good for anything." The boy looked at her and then pushed her too the dirt. Emma skinned her knee and it started to bleed, she wasn't going to cry though, she didn't cry.

"Why are you such a big meany?!" Emma asked William.

"Because like you my parents didn't love me." He said with a laugh.

"My parents loved me they …..they just couldn't take care of me."

"Ya right." William said kicking dirt at Emma.

"No they sent me away to save them."

"Hahaha" William laughed. "Some sort of fairytale that August has put into your head." William laughed a bit. Emma went quiet as August approached William clearly standing a good foot over him. At 12 years old August towered over the boy who was just 2 years younger.

"Stop being so mean to her!" August shouted pushing the boy to the ground helping Emma up. Emma looked up at August, he bent down and wrapped his shirt around her knee. Emma tried not to cry but tears rolled down her face. August scooped the 5 year old up and held on to her.

"I am so sorry Emma." August whispered in her ear. "You don't deserve this." August said carrying Emma back inside of the group home they were at. Emma was quiet a long time while August had to talk to their foster parents. If you could even call them parents or what ever. August did get in trouble but he wasn't going to talk to Emma of his punishment she was too young to ever know. August went back into the room that he shared with 5 other kids Emma included. Emma lay there on her cot she was still crying a bit. He gave her his Teddy 's crying subsided and she had her blanket bundled up with her. He looked at her worried.

"Augy what's wrong?" Emma asked.

"Nothing I am just thinking." August said. She knew the truth of everything, the truth of who they where, and where they came from it took a while but Emma then believed it all. She knew that everything that had happened was for a reason, that her parents really loved her and she will save them one day. At 5 years old she was a bright girl but certain things complicated her. She was happy to have August there for her though, he protected her.

"What are you thinking about?" Emma asked. August got up off his cot and sat down next to Emma."

"When I am 18 I am going to get out of here and I am going to take you with me."

"You mean we are going to run away?" Emma asked a bit nervous of this idea.

"Yes and we are going to go and try to break the curse earlier if we can."


"I don't know but we will figure it out." August said. Emma leaned into him and August hugged her.

"Thank you." Emma said.

"Your welcome princess."

"Augy I hate being called princess." Emma protested. August stood up and tucked Emma in to sleep.

"I know you do goodnight Emma." August said kissing the little girls forehead and then going back to his cot to sleep. Somehow they were going to get out of here.

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