Eren was cleaning the showerheads with windex, as per Lance Corporal Rivaille's orders. They'd been cleaning out the new headquarters for a few days now & it had been exhausting. His days were basically clean-eat -sleep. He'd had no time for himself lately, especially with Lance Corporal Rivaille nitpicking about every little speck of dust left, making him redo the whole room. He was at his limit.

Everyone else should still be cleaning up their area's, so thinking this might be a good opportunity, he went into a shower stall & unzipped. As he began rubbing himself, he suddenly thought about the Corporal. "Why would I be thinking of him now.." he thought as he continued. Just as he was reaching his climax, the Corporal came in and shouted "OI, BRAT! What do you think you're doing?!" at which Eren abruptly came with a small moan. As he stood there, he looked at the Corporal and froze. "Oh.. Ah.. I ahm.. I can explain, Sir.." he stuttered while he looked around nervously. The Corporal just looked at him for a while and said "Well? I'm waiting.. Explain.".

Eren jumped at the command and winced. "Well, we've been so busy lately and while I was cleaning, I was thinking about you Sir and-" The Corporal looked up "Haaaah?". "Oh crap, why did I say that" Eren thought. Eren began blushing from head to toe and stumbled over his own words as he tried to explain the situation to the Corporal. "I didn't mean it like that Sir.. I ah.. What I meant was.. I'm so sorry Sir." Eren dropped to his knees, looking at the ground and wished for a hole he could crawl in. He heard the corporal walking towards him and started panicking. "Sorry huh. Hmm", he heard the Corporal say. Afraid to look up, Eren just kept staring at the ground, hoping this would be over soon. The Corporal bent down and grabbed Eren's head, pulling on his hair until he was face to face with the Corporal. Eren's eyes went wide from shock before he squeezed them shut. He shivered as he waited for his punishment.

"So.. Did you enjoy yourself?" the Corporal asked. "Huh, wha-" Eren looked at the Corporal in surprise to see a faint blush on his cheeks. The Corporal looked away and released Eren from his grip. "Dinner is ready, get your ass to the dining hall." Eren looked up at the Corporal, still surprised, and scrambled to his feet. "Yes Sir!" The Corporal looked at Eren and said "You might wanna clean up first". Eren looked down, blushed and turned around as he zipped up. As he turned back around, he saw the Corporal heading towards the door. The Corporal took one last look at Eren before he disappeared from his sight and said "Come to my room at 10pm. That's an order.' leaving Eren alone in the showers.


This is my first fanfic ever written, so please forgive me for any silly mistakes okay~