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As Eren took his shirt off, Rivaille seemed to regain some of his breath. "Jaeger.." he breathed. Eren clumsily started taking off his own pants, nearly falling over in the process. While he was at it, he took off the Corporal's pants as well and threw them both on the floor next to the bed. As he crawled back on top of Rivaille, he had a moment of doubt "Should I really go on like this.. What if the Corporal doesn't like me or this?" At the same time, Rivaille lifted his arms and grabbed Eren's head.

Eren froze, thinking the Corporal was going to hurt him, but instead the hands just pulled him down until he felt Rivaille's lips on his. He felt Rivaille's tongue moving around in his mouth, his hands on his head, twisting and pulling on his hair. When Rivaille broke off the kiss, they looked each other in the eyes for a moment, both blushing a lot. Rivaille's hands moved to Eren's chest, following the lines of his muscles, down to where his erection stood up proud. As the Corporal's somewhat cold hands made contact, Eren flinched and let out a soft moan 'Ooh' . Rivaille pushed Eren down in a sitting position. Eren suddenly understood what was going to happen. 'Sir! You don't have to-" he started, but stopped as he felt the warmth of the Corporal's mouth. As Rivaille started twirling his tongue around, Eren moaned loudly. "Shit.. This feels good.. If this keeps up, I won't last long!" Looking past the Corporal's shoulders, Eren thought of something.

He grabbed Rivaille's chin and pulled him away a little. Rivaille looked at him a little confused, mouth slightly open, lips glistening wet. "No good?" the Corporal asked shyly. "Waah-" Eren shook his head quickly "No sir! Very good, too good actually.." he blushed. Rivaille smiled at Eren "Good, then I'll continue" he said, as he bent forward again. "Ah, wait.." Eren said as he grabbed his shoulder. "Let's try something else first" He turned the Corporal around so that they were now in the 69 position, with Rivaille on top. "Much better" Eren said, looking at the Corporal's white cheeks. Rivaille started to protest "What- This is embarrassing.." Eren ignored his protests however and gently pulled his cheeks apart. "So pretty.." Eren blurted out. The Corporal flushed red "Don't stare at it so much" and tried to cover up with his hand. Eren grabbed his hand however and placed it on his own throbbing hard member. Rivaille seemed to understand that there was no way out now, so he continued from before, taking Eren in his mouth again. Eren groaned as he felt Rivaille's lips again and decided to continue with his plan before he couldn't last any longer.

He pushed the Corporal's cheeks apart and placed his tongue on the small opening in front of him. As he started licking around it, he felt Rivaille shudder. Taking this as a good thing, he continued licking, sometimes probing the entrance with the tip of his tongue. As he felt the resistance fading, he wet one of his fingers and gently pushed it in. As Rivaille felt this sensation, he suddenly released Eren's member from his mouth and moaned "Aaah, that.. Hmm" Eren continued moving his finger slowly in and out. He could see the Corporal enjoying this. He added an extra finger "Ahn-" Rivaille moaned and shivered lightly. He continued moving his fingers around for a while, pulled them out and put his tongue in again. Rivaille was now completely ignoring Eren's rock hard member. His whole body shuddered now, as Eren's tongue delved deeper inside. Eren decided to try 3 fingers next. As he pushed his fingers in, he felt the Corporal tighten around them. Crooking one finger inside, Eren sought out the Corporal's good spot. He could tell when he found it, since Rivaille suddenly shot up a little and cried out "Wha- there, that's.. Mmm". After a while, Eren thought him ready and pulled out. Rivaille looked back at him, breathing heavy, with a lustful look on his face. Eren was at his limit by now "Corporal, I can't hold it any longer" Rivaille's eyes went wide for a second, then he bit his lower lip and gave a small nod. "This is it" Eren thought, licking his lip.

He turned the Corporal unto his back and leaned in for a quick kiss. Spreading his cheeks apart a bit, he placed the tip at the twitching entrance. He looked at the Corporal and smiled as he breathed out "I'm going in now". He felt his heart skip a beat as Rivaille smiled back at him. He pushed the tip in and waited a moment before pushing it further in. They both moaned at the same time as Eren entered his full length. He slowly started to move. He winced as he felt the Corporal tighten around him and groaned "So tight.." Rivaille's breathing got more labored as Eren quickened his pace. Rivaille reached up and wrapped his arms around Eren's neck, pulling him down so he could kiss him. Eren continued at a steady pace as they kissed. Both of they were covered in sweat and felt sticky as their bodies rubbed together. Eren broke the kiss and started to pull out, leaving only the tip in and then thrust it back in, causing Rivaille to gasp "A-". While he repeated this process a few times, he felt Rivaille sink his teeth in his shoulder and bury his fingers in his back. "That'll leave a mark" he thought "Not that I mind" he smiled to himself. He notched up the speed of his thrusts again, making Rivaille moan again "Ah, yes.. More".

Eren was nearing his limit by now, feeling he could come any second at this point. He said as much to the Corporal 'Sir, I can't hold it in for much longer". "Together then," Rivaille said "not.. inside.." he panted. Eren gave a few more thrust before pulling out. He took both their members in his hands and started rubbing them together. A few seconds later they both came at the same time, spraying the hot, white liquid all over Rivaille's stomach. Breathing heavily, he held their position for a while, before letting out a huge sigh of relief. He gently placed his lips on the Corporal's and briefly kissed him before plopping down on the bed next to him. He looked at Rivaille and smiled "That felt really good Sir. I hope you.." he mumbled before drifting off to sleep.

It was morning by the time he woke up. He opened his eyes to a frowning Rivaille laying next to him. "WOAH-" Eren shot up straight, sitting on his knees. "Sir? This, wha-" he started, but as the memories of last night came back, he flushed red. Rivaille looked at him, still frowning "You made quite a mess last night, Jaeger." he said. Eren looked around. Both of them were naked on the bed, sheets rumpled, clothes everywhere, .. As he looked over the Corporal's body, he saw the spots of dried up semen and stuttered "I'm so s-s-sorry Sir! I know y-y-you don't l-like things to be dir-r-rty.. I'll clean it up, S-sir!" Rivaille sighed "Well, I guess a mess like this isn't so bad once in a while.." Eren looked up at the Corporal's face and saw a faint blush on his cheeks. "Ah, yes Sir!" he said at first, but as the words sunk in, his eyes went wide and he blurted out "Eeeeeeh?!" A faint smile had crept up by now "Does that mean I can do this again sometimes?" he asked hopefully. Rivaille just looked at him for a few moments. "Ah, crap.. Maybe I took it too far with that last line.." Eren started to worry. But just then he felt a hand around his neck pull him down.

"Baka.." the Corporal whispered before kissing him again.


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