Matt walks with his younger brother towards the bus stop. It was a breezy morning in early May. The young blonde runs up to him with a grin on his face. "HEY MATT! I'LL RACE YOU THERE!" he shouts playfully.

Matt smiles and replies. "YOU'RE ON JEFFREY!"

The younger blonde sprints off ahead of Matt. Matt follows him, trying to catch up. The younger child runs down the drive and rounds the bend before Matt even has a chance to catch up. Matt trips over his shoe laces and falls. He bends down to tie his shoes and calls out "JEFF! WAIT UP!"

A blood curdling scream rips through the woods and echoes. Matt looks up quickly and calls out for the younger blonde. "JEFF?!"

He grows concerned when his brother doesn't answer him. In a panic, he runs around the bend to the bus stop.

A deep blue colored van speeds off down the road, Jeff is nowhere to be found. Matt looks around frantically. "JEFFREY NERO WHERE ARE YOU?!" He shouts. His heart sinks when he sees Jeff's black sneaker laying on the side of the road.

He runs back towards the house, hoping that their mother was still awake.

Matt bursts through the front door. "MOM!" He calls out. Ruby walks out of the kitchen and into the living room. "Matthew, what's wrong? Where's your brother?" She asks calmly. Matt looks at her almost in tears. "I DON'T KNOW! WE WERE RACING… AND… HE GOT AHEAD OF ME. I TRIPPED, WHEN I GOT UP AND CAUGHT UP. HE WAS GONE! JUST HIS SHOE WAS THERE!" He cries.

Ruby bends down and grabs the raven haired boy's hands. "What do you mean he was gone?" She asks softly.

Matt sniffles. "I heard him scream, when I got to the bus stop.. He was gone and a van was driving away." he explains.

Ruby picks up the phone and begins calling people.