Matt returns home and starts tidying up for Andrea. He picks some books up and walks over to the book shelf, putting them away. He turns to the mantle and lights the candle sitting beside a picture of himself, Jeff, and their mother. He smiles a little "Happy birthday Jeffrey…. I wish you were still here. Rayna has grown so much, and she acts so much like you. It makes me miss you even more.." He says softly.

He walks into the kitchen to get something to drink from the refrigerator.

Rayna comes downstairs in a short black halter dress, and black stiletto heels. "Matt, I'm going on my date now.." She says. Matt closes the refrigerator and turns around. "Not like that you're not.." He says as he sips his soda. She rolls her eyes and scoffs. "You're worse than dad!" She shouts.

Matt shoots her a deadly glare. "Dad would get on your case for dressing like a hooker too!" He argues. She turns and stomps up the stairs shouting. "You're such a jerk!"

Matt walks to the bottom of the stairs and shouts behind her. 'You'll thank me later!"

"SHUT UP MATT!" She shouts back. Matt rolls his eyes and sips his sprite. He goes back to the living room to wait for Andrea. He sits on the couch and turns on the television.

After a few minutes there's a thump outside. Matt jumps and looks around. "What the hell was that?" he says as he walks over to the window to investigate. He looks out the window and sees something on the porch. Slowly, he opens the front door. "Hello?" He calls out.

There's something laying in a slump on the porch. Chills run down his back, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Carefully, Matt steps out onto the porch. He slowly approaches the mysterious mass. As he gets closer, he notices that it looks like a person; possibly male.

They move, startling Matt. He jumps and stares at them. The boy stirs, his dingy, tangled hair falls out of his face. Matt gasps. "Jeff?…."