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2 years later…

Mexico; a small coastal town 20 km away from Puerto Vallarta.

Dom was sitting in the lounge chair drinking his favorite Corona Beer on the beach, with his back towards the house. Their house. Nothing special – a two-stored rather small building with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. There was also a garage (of course!) and a backyard with a pool. But the house was just 30 meters away from the ocean and far away from all big cities, and this was what they loved most about it. They. They did it, they didn't give up and what they had now was their reward. After their reconciliation they spent a few weeks in France and then bought a house in Mexico, since then this house has become their home. No matter how restless and reckless Dominic used to be, probably for the first time in his life he felt he was where he belonged. Dom sat on the beach contemplating the last rays of the sun glancing in the smooth surface of the ocean thinking that he had never thought of such a peaceful life, but it turned out that this life was what he actually wanted. Now he had Letty by his side and…

"Hey." – His train of thought was broken by Letty's voice from behind him. Dom reached out to her and pulled her onto his lap, placing his hand on her swollen abdomen.

"Hey. How are you?" – For the last 6 months he got used to asking this question a dozen times a day, even though the answer was always "Totally fine, stop worrying" and this time was no exception.

"Totally fine, stop worrying."- Letty said and leant forward to place a soft kiss on his lips which he welcomed eagerly. When they pulled apart, she rested her head on his shoulder and entwined her fingers with his on her stomach. Though she couldn't see his face, she knew he was smiling and also smiled into the crook of his neck. She loved these moments between them – when they just stayed in each other's arms and there was no need to say anything because their hands and eyes have already said enough. They simply savored this moment of silence, peace and warmth. Letty didn't need Dom to declare his love for her day and night – she knew he loved her, she knew it in her heart, just like she knew that Dom would never cheat on her again and that was why she forgave him back in Lyon. It wasn't easy and she didn't forget what had happened, but she forgave him. Seeing him again, kissing him and feeling his arms broke whatever walls she had been trying to build around her heart. And she never regretted this – the last 2 years with him were full of happiness, no – bliss, and love – overwhelming, passionate, uncontrollable and strong. Both Letty and Dominic have never been the romantic type and she didn't expect that to change, but Dom's small romantic gestures didn't go unnoticed (though she would never tell him she actually noticed everything) – the way he tenderly kissed her shoulder when he thought she was asleep; the way his arm stiffened on her waist and he pulled her in for a kiss when some guys seemed to set sights on Letty; how he patiently listened to songs that she liked and he didn't; the way he took care of her when she caught a severe cold even though she hated being so weak in front of him – he stayed with her almost 24 hours a day despite her coughing and sneezing, he fed her soups and threw away dozens of wet tissues without any sign of disgust or whatever; or when she injured herself with some instrument he would say "This is just a little scratch" but would rush into the house to get a patch and some medicine… such moments meant a lot more to Letty than all declarations of love he could ever make, however, sometimes she wished he said "I love you" a little bit more often…

*Flashback* 6 months ago

Dominic was grilling Letty's favorite fish – dorada – on the barbecue in their backyard, while Letty was preparing salad nearby. Suddenly she rushed into the house holding a hand to her mouth. Dom immediately forgot about the fish and rushed after Letty. The bathroom door was closed and locked from the inside and Dominc could hear his woman throwing up which made him extremely worried, as Letty rarely had problems with her health, let alone with her stomach that seemed to be the problem right now.

"Babe, are you okay?" – He knocked but Letty didn't answer. "Please open the door!"

"I'm fine!"- Letty said and the sounds of throwing up stopped but she still wasn't opening the door.

"No you're not! Do you need something?" Dom was still worried about her and wasn't buying her "I'm fine".

In about five minutes Letty finally unlocked the door and went out to face Dom with a questioning look in his eyes. She looked a little pale and there was water dripping from some locks of her hair.

"Dom, I need to tell you something…" She bit her lip before continuing. "I'm pregnant."

Dom just stood frozen where he was trying to grasp what Letty had said. They have never talked about having kids and THIS really was out of the blue. Letty. Is. Pregnant. He. Is. Going. To. Be. A. father. All this felt like it was happening not to him but to someone else… While these thoughts came rushing through his mind he totally forgot that Letty was standing right in front of him waiting for his reaction and upon getting no feedback from him she began to doubt whether he was actually happy about the baby or not.

"I think it's high time you said something…" Letty tried to draw his attention.

But Dominic didn't say anything. Instead he wrapped his arms around Letty, picked her up and started spinning her till she was laughing and begging him to stop. As he did so, he gave her a knee-knocking kiss and this was all the proof she needed.

A few months passed and they still haven't told anyone about the baby, keeping this little secret from their friends, their "family". How could they tell anyone when they themselves couldn't get used to the idea of being parents? Of course they have plenty of time ahead to get prepared but it was not like the time was helping. At all. They have never talked about their having babies, they have never thought about their future, they simply enjoyed what they had right now, and in a few months their life would be changed forever. Both Dominic and Letty were scared, two daredevils were about to have a kid. It felt like some sort of a Hollywood movie, and even though they barely showed how nervous they were, deep inside this situation scared the hell out of them.

- Dom, don't you think we should tell Mia and Brian? They are our family and I can't even imagine how enraged Mia would be if we keep this from her any longer… - Letty suggested one day.

- Yeah…I think we should…but brace yourself – they will be here in a few hours after hearing the news.

- I suppose I can handle that. – Letty smiled and headed for the phone.

As predicted, very soon the sound of an approaching car with a high-power engine was heard, and of course it was Mia and Brian. Mia jumped out of the car and rushed into the house and upon seeing Letty almost hugged her to death. Letty couldn't help but roll her eyes at Mia's excitement and tried to escape her grasp but failed. When Mia finally let go of Letty, she started firing questions at her. "Did you come up with a name? Who will be the godparents?" and so on. Even though Letty just stood there wide-eyed Mia kept asking her and going on and on about how wonderful it was.

- Sis, please, go easy on her! – Dom came to Letty's rescue after a few moments of enjoying seeing his usually composed wife completely taken aback and speechless.

- Finally! Thank you, hubby. Mia, I like that you seem even more excited than I am, but really, I am not ready for such questions right now.

- Sorry, sorry! I just…Brian and I have been talking about having a baby for a while and it doesn't seem to work. And now you are pregnant so…I just freaked out, you know. Again, I'm sorry.

- It's ok, Mia. I think I just need time. And when I'm ready you can assail me with as many questions as you want.

*End of flashback*

Time didn't help at all. The moment was approaching and Dom and Letty were getting more and more nervous. They haven't come up with a name, they haven't prepared the nursery and that stuff. If it weren't for Mia and Brian's 24/7 support, they would have lost their mind.

But then one day it just happened. Their baby was born. A boy. The moment Dom saw Letty holding their son he knew he couldn't be happier right now. He approached his family and sat down on the bed, just staring at the precious little thing Letty was holding in her hands. No words could ever describe what he felt at the moment. Pride, love, happiness. He locked eyes with Letty and she smiled tiredly but happily. Then she said: "What do you think about the name "Paul"?" Dom lingered for a second before saying "I love you. And I love Paul." and pulled her in for a sweetest kiss.

This was the moment they would remember for the rest of their lives. No matter what happened in the past, how much hurt they had caused each other, here they were – head over heels in love with each other with their new-born son sleeping peacefully in his mother's arms. Dom wouldn't trade THIS for anything in the world, and he knew that would never change. And no matter what the fate had in stock for them, he knew they would still be together, always.

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