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It's been a full year since Machine Empire Baranoia was destroyed, earth is at peace. This is the year 2001. The earth no longer needs the Ohrangers and UAOH is now Japan's top military organization. One night, Goro had a dream that the last remnants of Baranoia were revived and Bacchushund was rebuilt. The Ohrangers heard the alarm and a computerized voice going "everyone, Trouble", Commander Miura went "Ohrangers, Suit Up!"

Logo appears saying "Chouriki Sentai Ohranger VS Juukou B-Fighter". Ohranger opening plays as usual.

Choriki Sentai Ohranger VS Juukou B-Fighter:


Goro: "Who the Hell are you?"

?: "Call me Bara Mushi (Insect), one of the last remnants of Baranoia."

Shohei: "Don't you dare destroy the peace of our land any more than you already have."

Bara Mushi: "Make me!"

Ohrangers: "Chouriki Henshin!"

Bara Mushi: "Barlo Soilders!"

Everyone (except Oh Red) was fending of Barlo Soilders with their weapons. While Oh Red was fighting Bara Mushi With his Star Riser Sword, until Bara Mushi shrunk to the size of a beetle. He was beating up Oh Red all over his body. This went on until a laser blast came out of nowhere and Shot the Beetle sized monster. it was revealed to be a mystery man.

Oh Yellow: "Who are you? You saved Goro."

?: "Refer to me as a fellow hero."

The next day, Juri and Momo were going on a girl's night out. They decided to got to a local pizza parlor that was near their house. They met another nice Girl and her Boyfriend.

Momo: "Hey Dude, What's Up?

Mystery Girl's Boy Friend: "OHRANGER'S MUST DIE!" *Laughs*

Juri: "How did he know who we were?"

Mai: "Don't Talk, Get to a pay phone!"

So when Juri and Momo got to the phonebooth, They called Acha and Kocha.

Acha: "Hello."

Juri: "This is no Joke, Some guy tried to attack me, Is it Baranoia Incognito?

Acha: "No, It's the last remnants of another empire known as Jamahl. Question, Have you noticed a monster known as Copy King."

Juri: "Who?"

Acha: "The last son of the Combat Mecha Army. He has the ability to make copies of any living being, monsters, humans, animals, whatever."

Juri: "Was He Copy King?"

Acha: "No But he was a creation of him."

Juri Copy: "What am I doing in a Phone booth when I'm right here?"

Momo Copy: "I Don't Know."

Juri: "I've got to get going, bye."

Acha: "One more thing, I think Buldont Jr. has..."

Juri: "Ready?"

Momo: "Ready!"

Both groups of girls: "Choriki Henshin"

Both Oh Yellows and Oh Pinks were fighting while Copy King was watching.

Copy King: "Come on Copies, fight and become the real ones. An while I'm at it I'll make more Oh Yellows and Oh Pink's. Now on to finding the other Ohrangers."

Later at the Baranoia Empire Moon Base...

Copy King: "I've got a great plan to destroy the Ohrangers and B-Fighters."

Buldont Jr.: "2 questions: one, Who are you? Two, Who are the B-Fighters?"

Copy King: "First off, I'm Copy King of the Jamahl, and the B-Fighters are the ones who destroyed my empire with help from Janperson and Blue SWAT. I'm Here to suggest a partnership with you guys and me."

Bara Mushi: "A Parnership?"

Copy King: "Oh Yeah, Just Think, The galaxy's riches, the Ohrangers & B-fighters in our hands, and More."

Buldont Jr.: "OH YES, YES!"

Meanwhile in UAOH Headquarters...

Momo: "Who Is the Jamahl?"

Miura: "The organization who once threatened the B-Fighters and earth. Lead by their leader Gaohm, and helped by his Henchmen Gigaro, Schwartz, Jera, and Black Beet."

Momo: "Who are the B-Fighters?"

Miura: "They defended earth, like you, in the year 1995, They are Takuya, or Blue Beet, Daisaku, or G-Stag, and Mai, or Reddle, sometimes joined by Kabuto."

Momo: "So, the girl who I talked to at the Pizza Place was a B-Fighter."

Miura: "Yep."


Miura: "Ohrangers, Suit up."

Next at the city square. People are running when duplicates of Oh Yellow and Oh Pink are attacking them.


Copy King: You know it.


Ohrangers: "Chouriki Henshin!"

Copy King: "Just what I needed, Copies of the Male Ohrangers. Scan! COPY!"

The real Ohrangers were fighting their copies until King Ranger Joined the fun.

King Ranger: "Away with you Fakes."

Copy King: "Scan! COP..."


Copy King: "Where's Ctrl+Alt+Delete on this thing, Must Retreat."

When Copy King left, 3 Colored Lasers came from a Building roof (Blue, Green, Red). When the Ohrangers and King Ranger look up, it's revealed to be...

Oh Pink: "It can't be..."

Oh Yellow: "But it is."

Oh Blue: "Juukou..."

Oh Green: "B-Fighter."

To Be continued...

I want your input, Did you like it? Is the concept good? Any Constructive Criticism? Please Review. In case you want to know why I wrote this, I just thought B-Fighter and Ohranger needed a crossover, even if it was fan made.