Copy Rangers: "B-FIGHTER!"

Instrumental B-Fighter Theme Plays.

Blue Beet: "Blue Beet!"

G-Stag: "G-Stag!"

Reddle: "Reddle!"

B-Fighters: "Juukou... B-Fighter!"

Copy Rangers: "DIE!"

Real Ohrangers De-Henshin.

B-Fighters: "Stinger Weapons!"

Reddle Blasts the two female Copy Ohrangers, and G-Stag throws Copy Oh Blue at Copy Oh Green.

Copy Oh Red: "You've Ain't Got Nothing on me"

Blue Beet: "BEETLE BREAK!"

All Five of the Ohranger Copies burn into Paper.

Later on the Moon...

Buldont Jr.: "Show us What you can do Copy King."

Copy King: "I've made copies Your mom and dad; Buldont and Multiwa. I've Also made Copies of Gaohm, Schwartz, Gigaro, and Jera."

Meanwhile at UAOH...

Yuuji: "B-Fighters, wanna Joint the UAOH?"

Takuya: "You're not Related to that Menace Ohranger, are you?"

Yuuji: "Those Were only Copies, The real Ohrangers are Friendly."

Takuya: "Unless You have proof, I refuse to believe you."

Yuuji: "COPY KING!"

Takuya: "I thought he was taken out with the rest of Jamahl."

Meanwhile, Back at the Baranoia Empire Moon Base...

Acha: "You are insane, How could you want to destroy the Ohrangers? AFTER THEY HELPED YOU OVER A YEAR AGO!"

Buldont Jr.: "Don't you understand yet, You're the MOST Powerless, Inferior waste of my time since that bitch Hysteria Left me."

Kocha: "Don't YOU understand, She sacrificed her life just to save you!?"

Buldont Jr.: "Bara Mushi, Turn these two into my Next Slaves!"

Acha: "How may I serve you my Lord?"

Back at UAOH...

Goro: "My Name is Goro, What's Your's?"

Takuya: "Takuya."

Shohei: "My Name is Shohei, and he's Yuuji, and You are?"

Daisaku: "Daisaku."

Juri: "My name is Juri, and she's Momo, I wanna know your name."

Mai: "Mai, and aren't you guys supposed to have a sixth member?"

Momo: "We do, but He's Busy. How about you?"

Mai: "He's also busy. He rarely shows up for fights."

Kenzo Mukai and Guru arrive.

Guru: "What the Hell are you doing here?"

Takuya: "These are the Ohrangers, They came to show us their headquarters."

Kenzo: "Why are you here, shouldn't you be leading your own lives? Jamahl is Gone, have fun."

Goro: "Jamahl is NOT gone, neither is Baranoia. They've formed an anlience to destroy all the super heroes in the galaxy."

Miura: "Yeah, In New York, Janperson is fighting Bill Goldy and a few cyborgs."

Kenzo: "In Berlin, Blue Swat is fighting Queen and some Aliens."

Miura: "In London, Kamen Riders ZO and J are fighting a bunch of monsters set by Shadow Moon."

Kenzo: "In Hong Kong, The Dairangers are Fighting a Gorma monster."

Miura: "In Russia the Kakurangers are fighting a youkai."

Kenzo: "While you guys over in Japan are fighting Jamahl and Baranoia."

Siren sounds and the computer goes "EVERYONE, TROUBLE!"

Miura: "It appears the Baranoia-Jamahl alliance appeared again. Everyone, Suit up!"

Ohrangers: "Chouriki Henshin!"

B-Fighter: "Juukou!"

Kenzo: "Let me introduce the Beet Cycles."

There was Blue Motorcycle with a Rhinocerous Beetle Horn, A Green Motorcycle with a set of Stag Pincers, and a Red Motorcycle with a 4 pointed horn.

Kenzo: "My gift to you B-Fighters."

Ohrangers: "Jetter Machines."

So the B-Fighters and Ohrangers end of in a warehouse where they see Gaohm, Gigaro, Schwartz, Jera, Kaiser Buldont, Princess Multiwa, Buldont Jr., Acha, Kocha, Bara Mushi, and Copy King.

All the Villains: "We're back."

Yuuji: "How did you guys return?"

Gaohm: "Why do you care anyway? What matters is that we're going to take over your world."

Ohrangers: "King Smashers!"

B-Fighters: "Saber Magnums!"

Oh Red: "Everyone, Fire!"

The blasts are deflected.

Blue Beet: "That's Impossible, The beams should have destroyed them."

Gaohm: "Fools! Don't You understand, we have a force field around us. Send in the Jamahl Fighters!"

Buldont Jr.: "Send in my Machines, the Tankonpas."

Both teams of fighters attack the heroes.

Blue Beet: "Beet Machines, Launch!"

The B-Fighter Base Rises.

Blue Beet: "Beetluder!"

G-Stag: "Stagger Tank!"

Reddle: "Red Gyro!"

Oh Red: "Chouriki Mobiles!"

The Choriki Mobiles are released from the UAOH Base.

Oh Red: "Everyone, break up!"

Other Ohrangers: "Okay."

B-Fighters: "Okay."

Oh Green: "Time to smash some suckers."

GranTaurus rams into and smashes some Tankonpas.

Oh Blue: "It's Clobberin' time!"

Dash Leon bites into one of fighters.

Oh Yellow: "This is starting to Piss me off!"

Dogu Lander fires beams at some of Tankonpas.

Oh Pink: "Damn straight Oh Yellow."

Moa Loader fires at the tankonpas.

Reddle: "He's on My Tail, I Can't shake him!"

Oh Red: "Here I Come!"

Sky Phoenix fires at the Jamahl Fighter that was attacking Red Gyro.

Blue Beet: "Ready to get 'em?"

G-Stag: "You Know it."

Blue Beet: "Blue Beet Blazer! Aim, Fire!"

It destroys 2 Jamahl Fighters.

G-Stag: "What Goes Around Comes Around!"

It spins a Jamahl Fighter and throws it.

Bara Mushi: "They've won, Acha, Kocha, help me."

Kocha: "Okay."

Kocha enlarged Bara Mushi.

Blue Beet: "Mega Hercules!"

B-Fighters "Mega Beet Formation."

Kabuto comes into the warehouse.

Kabuto: "Ready for round two guys?

Gaohm: "Where have you been?"

Kabuto: "Well, Funny Story, It all started..."

Sky Turns dark.

Kabuto: "What the?"

Oh Red: "It's King Pyramider!"

Bara Mushi: "READY TO DIE?!"

King Ranger: "Let's See who will first!"


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