It had been so easy.

All Loki had had to do was walk in, knock out a guard, then get Barton an eye.

No one had seen him coming.

But they all saw him now.

He sauntered outside. All the people ran around like crazed animals around him.

Loki held back a laugh. Humans.

He smirked, commanding his armor to appear.

Crazed animals were made for ruling.

He projected himself in front of one of the largest crowds.

"Kneel," he commanded. But none of the people did so.

He growled.

He projected another of himself, making the beginning of a cage. Then another. Then another.

A cage fit for crazed animals.

Like these humans.

"I said," he slammed his staff down. "KNEEL!"

The shocked citizens gradually got to their knees, some staring at Loki, some defiantly glaring, and some too scared to make eye contact.

He smirked. This was much better.

"Is not this simpler?" Loki addressed the crowd, slowly walking between them. "Is this not your natural state?"

He smirked, much enjoying the looks on most of the people's faces.

"It's the unspoken truth of humanity," he said, "that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom... diminishes your life's joy in a mad scramble for power." He glanced at the lost faces in front of him. "For identity."

"You were made to be ruled." And who better to be ruled by than the most powerful man in history- him?

"In the end, you will always kneel."

More and more people stared at him. He felt a small touch of agitation climb up his back. This was not normal.

When one of the people tugged on the end of his cloak, he was about ready to skewer whoever it was.

Thankfully, the fifteen-ish girl knew enough to jerk back before his spear made contact.

"Was zum teufel, Mann?!" she said, scrunching up her face.

Loki was temporarily caught off-guard. That certainly wasn't a set of words he had heard before. It didn't even seem like the same...


"Du merkst schon, dass du gerade eine Rede auf Englisch einem deutschen Publikum gehalten hast?" she said, smirking back at him.

He slammed his hand onto his face.

Of course.

He'd just given his entire speech in English... to a crowd of people who didn't even speak the language.

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NON-LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This is some seriously shitty seventh-grade writing, and as a senior in high school, I apologize for the bleeding eyes. Since this time, I've gotten more involved in the comic lore, which has led me to discovering the existence of Allspeak, so this isn't even applicable anymore (but I will maintain they should have at least explained it in the movie-verse if they wanted it to be movie canon!). However, while it was originally posted, it did get some favorites, which honestly made me really happy, so I left this up for you all to enjoy. I was really pleased to see all the positive reviews from people who also had a grievance with it in the film, and I was even more happy to have some German-speaking people positively review, as well, especially given how much I probably butchered the language (sorry, guys). Thank you all for reading and enjoying this; it really means a lot to me. Thank you all for your past support, and I hope to give you better things to read soon, both original and in fanfiction.

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GERMAN TRANSLATIONS (Courtesy of Google Translate and a helpful reviewer):

Was zum teufel, Mann? "What the heck, dude?"

Du merkst schon, dass du gerade eine Rede auf Englisch einem deutschen Publikum gehalten hast? "You do realize you just gave a speech in English to a crowd of Germans, right?"