Chucky vs. Jason 3: Revenge of the Cenobites

As soon as Chucky walked out of the decrepit cabin (in Jason's body), the ground started to shake. Chucky thought it was a small earthquake until the ground split, revealing flames and darkness. He had angered the Cenobites, beings from Hell in which were his ultimate destroyer. "SHIT! Where did you guys come from? I've been to your realm five FUCKING TIMES and I ain't going back!" screamed Chucky. The master Cenobite, Pinhead came forth. "Charles Lee Ray, you have escaped Hell six times due to foolish mortals, and now you have strengthened the evil known as Jason Voorhees." Exclaimed Pinhead. "What, do you mean that SOB over there. I swapped souls with him." Replied chucky. Pinhead retorted by saying that "By mixing the dark, evil, and strong power of voodoo with the immortality of Jason's soul, you have truly created a monster, and you must now pay Hell's price. Jason's soul started as one of an innocent child. Once he survived his drowning at the age of 10 he lived as a hermit in these very woods, while his evil-souled mother thought he was dead. She killed many teens at the camp to avenge her son's death, before finally being beheaded herself. Her soul was so powerful that she became a Cenobite as well, following Jason and making him kill all the teens for her." Out of nowhere, an orb appeared. It was another Cenobite, Jason's mother. Her head was severed, but she held it in her hands and eerily talked through it. "Jason, my sweet, sweet Jason." Exclaimed Mrs. Voorhees. "It's time to move on." Chucky looked back and saw the possessed Good Guy doll run towards Mrs. Voorhees. The soul of a 10 year-old boy emerged and stood next to his mother. "Join us, Jason. Join the Cenobites!" said Mrs. Voorhees. "As for you, Charles," exclaimed Pinhead, "You must now pay the price of Hell." Out of nowhere, hands ruptured from the dirt and dragged Chucky back to Hell. Jason and the Cenobites slowly lowered back down the split in the ground, and the split closed. Camp Crystal Lake was now safe and so was the toy store.

The End