Chapter Three – Bad Thoughts.

Still being carried by Glenn, Clementine surveyed her surroundings as she was taken into the prison. She was brought into what looked like the main room, which had a small table and chairs in the middle. Up against the walls there were shelves which had tins of food and half empty bottles of drinking water stacked upon them, At least they have food…she thought to herself. In one corner of the room she noticed a woman with really short hair cradling a baby, whilst feeding her a bottle.

"That's Carol" said Glenn as he nodded towards the woman "And the little ass-kicker is Judith"

"Swear…" Squeaked Clementine.

"Sorry…" said Glenn "Carol, this is Clementine. She's an old friend."

"Hi honey" smiled the lady as she continued to feed the baby.

"I'll take you to meet everyone later, but right now Maggie's dad is just gonna check you're not hurt. Is that okay?" asked Glenn as he placed her on one of the chairs.

Still feeling really venerable, she wasn't very sure about all of this. Still, she knew she was in a safe place, at least with one person she knows, so she knew she had to make a go of being friendly to all these new people. She remembered how Lee was always nice to new-comers in the group as to him; there was always safety in numbers. She knew all this, yet she still felt terrified.

"Will you stay with me?" she asked him shakily

"Yeah sure, if that's what you want."

Just then, Maggie came back, followed by an elderly man with one leg. She studied his face, thinking to herself that he looked familiar but she couldn't tell as the majority of his face was covered by a thick, white beard. The old man looked back at her and to her surprise; he smiled as if he knew her too.

"Well I'll be!" he beamed as he used his crutches to hobble over to where she was sitting "When Maggie said there was a pretty little girl called Clementine here, in my wildest dreams I'd never have thought it'd be you!"

Clementine, feeling a little startled, jumped from the seat and hid behind Glenn.

"You know her, Daddy?" gasped Maggie

"I sure do! Remember those people we had staying on the farm for a while? Before…your brother passed away…this little girl was one of them!"

Clementine remembered him now. He was Hershel, the man whose farm they stayed on the night after Lee had found her in her tree house. She also remembered how his son was killed by walkers when Duck trapped him under a tractor, which resulted in Hershel kicking them off of the farm. Remembering this, she felt a little unnerved around him so she gripped Glenn's hand for reassurance. Noticing how nervous she looked, Hershel smiled as if to try and make her feel more comfortable around him.

"I bet you remember me as that grumpy old man who yelled a lot, huh?" he chuckled softly

Clementine smiled slightly.

"You had two legs, then…" she said

"I see you and Glenn have got acquainted" he smiled as he noticed her holding Glenn's hand.

"He's my friend." She nodded

"We met back in Macon" added Glenn "I'm gonna look out for her until she's settled in"

"You're a lucky girl Clementine" Hershel said softly "He's a good guy who'll take good care of you but…where's Lee? Wasn't he supposed to be lookin' after you?"

Upon hearing Lee's name, grim images flashed through Clementine's mind. The stranger taking her and locking her in the closet, her witnessing her parents wandering the streets as Walkers, seeing Lee with only one arm handcuffed to a radiator and worst of all, her standing over him pointing a gun at his head and finally…the gun shot…

"You okay sweetie?" asked Maggie as she noticed the frail little girl begin to shiver.

"Clem?" Glenn nudged her shoulder gently trying to get her to respond "Clem, come on snap outta it"

Clementine didn't respond. She merely began tearing up and whimpering pitifully.

"Lee…" she whimpered as she began crying "Lee is…he's….he…"

Without warning, she burst into tears and started sobbing uncontrollably. Glenn, Maggie and Hershel sat and watched the child as the pin suddenly dropped, she'd been alone all this time. Clementine dropped to her knees in fits of seemingly endless floods of tears.

"He's dead! He's dead! HE'S DEAD!" she cried loudly, her voice breaking with sadness "He was bit and…and…I HAD TO DO IT! I DIDN'T WANT TO BUT I HAD TO!"

Without saying anything Glenn knelt down and pulled Clementine into another comforting hug. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and sobbed into his shirt.

"Ssh…I'm so sorry Clementine…" Glenn sighed sadly as he held her trembling little frame, all the while trying to hold his own tears back

"I didn't want to!" she sobbed once again "I just...couldn't let him be one of them!"

Glenn lifted her into his arms once again.

"Can't we just let her calm down first?" Glenn said to Hershel "Then check her over?"

"Glenn I would but… there are a lot of people here who might be a little un-nerved about having a new member of the group who hasn't had a full examination for any bites or scratches"

Glenn knew he was right. Ever since the Woodbury survivors joined up with them, the group became much more cautious about new members, mainly because there was more at stake with there being more children running around.

"Come on Clem…Hershel's kind of a doctor, he's just gonna check you're not hurt" said Glenn as he tried to put Clementine on the ground. She immediately tightened her grip on him.

"No!" she said firmly

"Clementine come on, darling" Hershel said softly as he tried to coax the terrified child away from Glenn "It'll be fine, I promise"

"NO!" she yelled, still holding on to Glenn for dear life.

Maggie moved towards her slowly and gently grabbed both her arms, trying to pull her away from Glenn.

"I'll stay with her." She said "I think her clinging to you is gonna make it harder."

"No!" cried Clementine "I wanna stay with Glenn!"

"It's alright sweetie" Maggie said softly as she managed to pull her away "You can after we take care of those nasty little scratches on your hand, it'll only take a minute."

"No! NO!" screamed Clementine as she kicked and waved her arms around "LET ME GO! GLENN! PLEASE!"

Seeing Clementine react in such a violently terrified way made Glenn feel horrible, but he knew Maggie was right, better safe than sorry.

"Clem it's okay, I'll see you again soon" he smiled as he gave her a reassuring smile but this did little to calm her down.

Hershel led Maggie and Clementine into one of the empty cells. Glenn stayed sat at the table with nobody but Carol and baby Judith in the room with him. All the time, he could hear Clementine screaming for him. Noticing the emotional toll it was taking on him, Carol decided to comfort her young friend.

"That little girl thinks the world of you" she smiled at him as she proceeded to pat Judith's back in an attempt to wind her.

"Nahr…" sighed Glenn as he rubbed the tears from his eyes "she's just scared…she hardly knows me…"

Judith gave a cute little burp, causing both adults to smile. Clementine's crying could still be heard echoing through the hallowed halls of the prison, causing Glenn to fret a little.

"I can see you think the world of her…" smiled Carol

"It's not that it's just…" tears began to fill his eyes again "when I left her and the others, she was so happy with Lee…he was a great guy and HE thought the world of her…and though he wasn't her dad she looked at him as if he was…and now she's all alone I…I just feel like I owe it to Lee to protect her just like he did…"

"You really are a good guy, Glenn" said Carol as she patted him on the shoulder "I think that sweet little girl would benefit from having you look after her."

Suddenly, the prison fell silent. Clementine's crying had ceased and Glenn could see Maggie walking back towards him. Feeling emotional, he rose to his feet and ran to Maggie and hugged her.

"Please tell me she's not bit…" he begged

"She's fine." Sighed Maggie as she returned his hug "She put up a fight but my dad managed to get some Band-Aids on those scratches and as far as we could see, there were no bites."

Glenn breathed a sigh of relief as he felt his knees buckle beneath him.

"Can I go see her?" He asked

"Yeah, of course" she smiled as she held his hand gently "come on."

Maggie led Glenn into a cell where Clementine was curled up on the bed, silently sobbing to herself. He said nothing, he simply sat on the end of the bed and gently pulled her towards him. She lay her head on his knees and Glenn began to stroke her hair.

"I…I just want the bad thoughts to stop…" she sobbed quietly

"It's okay…" he shushed softly "I'm here Clem…I'll take care of you…I promise."

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