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With the aid of Rin's demonic speed and Koga's shards, they reached the den the next evening, leaving Ginta and Hakaku in the dust.

"Yo, Koga! You're back!" many of the wolves called, and Rin peaked out from behind the handsome man's back, and many of the wolves whistled or growled, before Koga shouted, "You idiots! I forbid you from touching her!"

"But she looks so tasty… Bad enough you won't let us eat humans anymore." A wolf with a scar through one eye huffed in irritation

Koga glared at the offender, growling, "You touch her, you die! You want Sesshomaru to kill you for causing harm to the Heiress to the Western Lands? Be my guest."

"Heiress to the Western Lands? Sesshomaru? What are you talking about?!" several wolves howled as the others clamored in distress.

The girl had not made a sound through the ordeal, her eyes shimmered with fear as she darted out of the cave. Rin's so sorry, Sesshomaru-sama, but the wolves hate Rin and scare Rin. Would Sesshomaru-sama want Rin to be scared?

Rin was trying to bound away from the cave, but the Alpha had scented her attempt to flee, and was following. He grabbed her round the waist.

"Where do you think you're going?!" he yelled.

She was almost in tears, "Back to Sesshomaru-sama!"

"Why? He'll bring you back and punish me or my tribe for your stupidity!"

"I'm sorry… But they hate me. You hate me. Why are you doing this?"

"Because your Lord will skin me if I don't! You're only causing both of us trouble! If it bothers you so much, you can sleep in my cave. None of the others will come in, alright?"

"I-I guess…" she murmured unsurely.

They traveled back to the den slowly and silently. Koga led her to his den and set some furs aside for her to sleep on next to his pallet. He turned in several circles before plopping down unceremoniously on the furs. The girl followed his lead, though she just pulled back the top cover and laid down on her bed, spiraling from deep thoughts to restful sleep.


The black-haired beauty retched in disgust as she recalled her last memories. A silver-haired companion watched on silently, stoic as his eyes narrowed in unhappiness.

Such a troublesome human female. Why did the half-breed care for her?

"Where are we?" the girl asked, stuttering.

He met her blue eyes, "On the way to my ancestral home. There, you will be taken care of. "

"Taken care of? What do you mean taken care of?" she gulped nervously.

He gave her an unsympathetic look, just walking away, back to her while she jumped up and scrambled to follow. Suddenly, Sesshomaru jumped up into the sky after grabbing her around the waist.

She screamed shrilly, before Sesshomaru gave her a glare. He flew over a seventy foot wall, and landed swiftly, dropping the stunned female on her rear unceremoniously.

"Ow!" she yelped. Rubbing her injured rump, she ran after Sesshomaru, stumbling unsurely on her feet. The tatters of her robes were covered by Sesshomaru's outer juban.

She held it tightly against her slender form, which had grown steadily more muscular as she perfected her technique with the bow and her powers as a priestess. No longer useless to her friends, she traveled and was on the front lines just like them. Which resulted in more injuries and more satisfaction, which more or less made up for the former.

She was pushed out of her thoughts roughly as he stood and approached the gates. Two white-haired males that looked almost astonishingly close to Sesshoumaru stood on the top of the wall, and one shouted "Open the gates, Sesshoumaru-sama has returned!"

The huge gate rose up, and he calmly walked in, followed closely by the raven-haired female.

"Get a healer." He ordered a servant standing beyond the palace doors, which had just opened.

"You- You don't have to do that. I can heal myself. Give me a second…" she trailed, closing her eyes and seeming to concentrate. A bright light emitted out from her person, and when it faded, all the bruises and cuts were gone.

"Why were you in such a position, miko?"

Tears filled her eyes, and she began, "I- I saw I-InuYasha and Kikyo talking and he said he loved her and would kill me. I started running, and he followed me. He pushed me to the ground and shredded my clothes… Then he-he-he r-raped me."

"Such a disgusting half-breed." Sesshomaru commented, walking away with her trailing behind him like a duckling.


She smiled in satisfaction as the men, hardened mercenaries, shivered. They weren't so awful… maybe hard people who had no regard for human life. But then again, neither did she. Not after those bastards killed her mother. After all they had done for the villagers; they killed her mother in cold blood. She casually took the time to lick the vermillion liquid from her fingertip, the residue from the decapitation all over the hard ground.

Suddenly, a flashy pulse brought her back to her seaside village, and there she was- her mother was on the sand, opened up from her collarbone to her pelvis, the organs and blood spilling over the powdery substance and dying it red. That was the color she saw as she slaughtered the villagers. Every man, woman, and child had paid for her mothers' death, make no mistake about that.

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