Wyatt stared at his aunt, blood-splattered and defiant, and thought he should probably feel some slight remorse. Instead he felt more powerful than ever, as though it was right, her being here—her being in his power.

Things could have gone so differently, if he'd had his whole family beside him. Alas, there was no place in his kingdom for regret.

"Chris doesn't think you did this," Wyatt told her. She doesn't startle at his voice, not the way most prisoners would.

"Yeah, well," Paige smirked, nevermind that with her split lips it must hurt. "I'm starting to think he's even crazier than you."

"He is the only reason you're still alive," Wyatt said simply. She was a threat, and whatever connection he'd had to her had been mostly severed by years of neglect. She could be useful, but she was dangerous.

He knew the smart play would be to put her down—but he also knew, Chris would never forgive him.

"Are you really that far gone?" Paige asked quietly. "You would kill me?"

"You haven't left me much choice," Wyatt said. "Unless, perhaps, this is, as my brother claims, all a misunderstanding."

"I confessed," Paige said tightly, glaring back at him. "Why would I do that if that wasn't true?"

"He says you're protecting someone," Wyatt said. He paused for a beat. "Perry."

Her expression gave her away—it was true. Wyatt didn't know if that made things better or worse. On the one hand, his aunt had not betrayed him. On the other, his little brother had. Because this meant that Chris had contacts in the resistance and had never told him, that he had information on the ever elusive Perry yet had chosen not to share it.

Then again, Wyatt thought wryly, perhaps Chris had rightly been worried of receiving the very reaction he'd gotten earlier.

It was very like his brother to keep his knowledge to himself for as long as he could, only divulging it when necessary. He supposed in that sense his aunt Paige deserved his thanks. He had been trying to figure out how Chris was slipping in and out of his walls for years.

Paige still looked at him head on, her eyes sparking with the same stubbornness that Chris had inherited. Wyatt had always been far more like his father. He had a much longer fuse, though he tended to cause bigger explosions.

"That's okay," Wyatt told her, his tone falsely gentle. "You don't have to say anything against him. My brother has already talked your way out of this mess. It's one of his most useful talents, and the one I least like having using against me."

"Yet here you are, letting him use it on you," Paige said. "He's just trying to get you to let me go. Maybe he's not quite as far gone as you, after all. At least he still cares about family. And you know Chris, you know him better than any of us—what does he do, when he's backed into a corner? He lies."

Wyatt leaned up against the bars, glaring in at her. "Not to me," he snarled. "It's true that Chris would like to keep you out of this, but I know better. You're too set in your ways, whether you had anything to do with this is inconsequential, because I know you won't stop. It's going to get you and dear aunt Phoebe killed, just like your sisters. The question is whether or not you plan to bring the whole line down with you."

"Don't you dare harm those children," Paige said shakily. "You wouldn't."

"Don't give me reason," Wyatt said easily. "In any case, it's Chris that concerns me. It would be very like him to get himself hurt, trying to help you."

"Chris is no longer my concern," Paige said. "He made his choice."

"No," Wyatt said simply, with a shake of his head. "Chris merely understood that there was no choice, and acted accordingly." Wyatt lowered his eyes to meet hers. "You always did call him the smartest one of us all, maybe it's time you started taking his cues."

"I will never follow you," Paige snarled.

"Then I'm afraid I can't protect you," Wyatt said. "Consider this a warning, and consider it carefully, because you won't get another. Stay out of our way."

"Let me return that favor, and offer a little warning of my own," Paige said calmly. "Whatever else you've become, you're still a Halliwell. And our magic comes with a cost. If you're not careful you might end up losing more than you'd like."

"Is that a threat?" Wyatt demanded.

"It's a warning, like I said," Paige said. "The consequences of personal gain didn't just disappear because you did away with the Elders. If our powers were that connected to them we would have lost them at the same time."

"I'm the twice-blessed. Nothing can touch me," Wyatt told her coldly.

"You never did pay attention to my lessons, did you?" Paige asked sadly. "When you do something for personal gain, nine times out of ten, it isn't you that has to deal with the consequences. It's someone that you love."

"Well, luckily for me, that really only applies to one person," Wyatt said. "And I have taken measures to make sure he's protected, even from himself."

"That protection is tainted by evil, dear nephew," Paige said. "It's hollow, and there are ways around it."

Paige met his gaze defiantly, smirking as Phoebe appeared behind her. Paige reached out and grabbed her hand without moving her eyes from Wyatt's, and the two disappeared.

Wyatt shouted in rage, kicking at the bars. Invisibility spell, he realized. Had to be. Phoebe must have infiltrated his base, then killed one of his one most trusted demons, and stolen its key.

He'd known it was a mistake to let them live.