My take on the world of Masters of the Universe (MOTU) is very different from the established one. Although I love these characters, there are many different interpretations due to the variety of media in which they have appeared (cartoons, comics, a movie, etc.). I didn't want to limit myself to just one influence. I found it was best to take what I liked from each interpretation and merge it all into my own universe. I've kind of cherry-picked out what I thought worked (the sword and sorcery with a dash of science-fiction), and threw away what I thought didn't (sorry, Orko fans).

The great thing about this is that you don't have to know anything about MOTU to enjoy this story. Don't be intimidated if you aren't familiar with the characters. They will each be reintroduced as if it were their very first appearance. If you are familiar with them, know that my love of MOTU stems from the original mini-comics, the toys (of course), and Frank Langella's fantastic portrayal of Skeletor in the 1987 movie. Those are the things that influenced me the most for this story, although most of it comes from the twisted recesses of my own imagination. By the way, I'm not disregarding the cartoons in any way. You'll see some influences from them as well (both original and MYP), though this story is more of an adult take on the subject. Those familiar may also notice an Easter egg here and there.

This story was written purely for fun. Although many of the lesser characters in "The Keldor Chronicles" are of my own creation, I do not lay claim to any of the established characters within, as Mattel owns them all. Despite this, I have put my own spin on them (explored in the Appendix) and I hope you like the story.

If I had to rate this story, I guess it'd be PG-13. I didn't go for an over the top grittiness or aim this story at adults to be "cool." I simply wanted to make it as real as the characters and world would allow.

I hope you enjoy it!

-Matthew C. Kayser

PS: For readers, be aware that this book is available in its proper formatting on the book's website: www . The Keldor Chronicles . Weebly . com (no spaces, of course). Fanfiction . net makes the formatting a little weird, so my apologies.

With exception to Mattel's rights and the rights of approved licensors, "Masters of the Universe: The Keldor Chronicles" by Matthew C. Kayser is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.