Maka's POV:

"Your new mission will be in Death City, Nevada." Lord Death said handing us our respective folders. "In here you will find everything you need. Any questions?" he asked looking to all three of us. We shook our heads and with a "No Sir" we were dismissed. Walking out of the Death Room we made our way to our respective modes of transportation. Making plans to meet at the airport tomorrow we made our way to our homes.

I'm Maka Albarn, I'm 125 years old and a vampire. In appearance I'm 17 years old which is the age I was when I was actually turned. Maybe I should explain in more detail. You see, 125 years ago I was on a mission for Lord Death trying to take down the infamous vampire Lord Mosquito. It was a neck to neck battle ending up with me being cornered and the bastard took the opportunity to bite me. 24 hours later I was a blood sucking leech. Lord Mosquito got away and I have made it my mission to find him and take him down. With the help of Stein, another vampire, I was able to manage my bloodlust, but it still gets out of hand at times. But after a century and some change of being around humans you eventually become numb to the smell of blood. Sometimes it can be curse but at times it comes in handy.

You're probably wondering about what I do and about my partners. Well I'll explain I work for Shibusen Academy. It is a jail for the supernatural, you know those things that go bump in the night, the ones no one believes in. Well, they do and they have been apart of my long ass life. They hide in plain view or in the shadows but no matter what, it is up to Shibusen's agents to catch them. I started when I was 16 in human years that was back in 1887, it is now 2013, yeah it's been THAT long. I became an agent at a young age, just like my Momma, may she rest in peace, both my parents were agents for the Academy. They both passed away more than 90 years ago. I had no one left or so I thought until I met Black Star 10 years ago, he had been under attack by a kishin, and I saved his sorry butt not that he was grateful for it, the arrogant bastard! He had been 8 years old at the time, now he was 18. He had figured out what I was after 5 years had passed. I had raised him, since he was an orphan, his foster parents, Nygus and Sid Barret, had been killed by a witch. After he turned 15 he was accepted into Shibusen and partnered up with me much to my annoyance. But we had a strong friendship, I was more of a sister than a mother figure, not that I wanted to be ANYONE'S mother figure!

My other partner was Lord Death's son Death the Kid, I've known him since he was in diapers. I was even there for his birth, it had been filled with happiness and sorrow, his mother had died while giving birth lasting just enough to bring him into the world and seeing him take his first breath. She held him for her first and last time, Lord Death had been devastated but had fought on to give their son all the love his mother couldn't as well as his. I had watched him grow up to be the 18 year old young man he was now, refined, a true gentleman, with an OCD for symmetry that drives me up the wall. He was like a brother to me just like Black Star. They were my only family now.

Upon reaching my apartment I walked straight to my room and to my closet. Taking out the suitcases I plopped them on the bed and began to stuff them with clothes and everything else I would need. Making sure nothing was left behind I closed them up and set them next to the door. I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator and took out a glass jar filled with blood. Unscrewing it I took a gulp and felt as it quenched the thirst I had been feeling, I set it back after a few more drinks. I only drank animal blood, I hadn't fed off humans for 120 years now. The first five years had been pretty bad for me, it had came to the point to which Lord Death had to make the decision as to wether or not I needed to be taken out. That was when I was put under Stein's care, I shuddered at the thought, Stein had very... interesting ways of helping me control my hunger. Even now I had the scars to prove it.

I looked to the clock on the wall another 12 hours before we had to go. Another curse of vampirism? I couldn't sleep, I couldn't dream, I've never had a nightmare. I was just plagued by the ability to think, and think and think. The past haunted me I've never been able to let go of all I've done. "Maka Stop It!" I hissed out sharply, frustrated I stomped over to the bar on the far side of my living room and grabbed a bottle of Grey Goose off the shelf. Even though I knew it wouldn't get me drunk, something that greatly affected Black Star's pride, I liked feeling the burning sensation as it went down my throat. Taking the bottle to the balcony I sat down, drinking from the bottle now and then waiting for the sun to come up, I looked at the ring I was wearing, a silver band with a onyx stone 4 small diamonds on either side an inscription in latin etched into the stone that protected against sunlight.

*Time Skip*

I hurried out the door and flitted to the Hummer truck waiting for me. Black Star got down and helped me put my bags into the huge truck. "Are you going to take your car? You can take your own vehicle you know?" he said grinning at me. "Really? Damn it! Are we taking the private jet?" I asked "Yeah, Lord Death said to take a form of transportation." he answered bopping me on the head gently. I scowled at him and stuck my toungue out like a child. He chuckled lightly "So wanna follow me there?" I thought for a minute, "Yeah, I should take my own set of wheels as well." I looked up at the towering blue-haired monkey with a smirk. With a nod he climbed back into the Hummer and waited for me. I ran back to my apartment and grabbed the keys hanging on the hook next to my door, locking it back up I headed to the parking lot next to the complex and pulled the sheet covering my pride and joy. I ran my hand over the smooth black paint and smiled, it was a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja, I had bought it a month ago but never really took it for a spin. Smirking I straddled it and turned it on hearing the purr it made under me. A honk came from the front and I took off waiting for Black Star to go in front of me so I could follow him.

We made it in no time and made our way to the private jet in a different part of the airport. I stopped next to the dark blue Hummer and took off the helmet shaking my hair out. I turned off my baby and made my way to get my bags from the truck, taking them from Black Star we made our way up to the jet where Kid was already waiting. In a white button down shirt, black slacks and clean dress up shoes. I smiled at him in greeting he smiled back, golden eyes twinkling. Black Star thumped him in the back, earning him a scowl from the ebony haired young man. I sighed I knew this was going to be a long flight. "We'll be leaving in a few minutes, they just need to load the vehicles in and then we'll take off." Kid said. "How long will it take to get there?" I asked "It should be a 2 to 3 hour flight. Maybe less. Also we stocked the fridge with blood for you." I smiled at him once again "Thanks Kid." He nodded a small grin taking over his lips. Pretty soon everything was done and ready, making a last few minute checks we were ready to take off. I looked out the window, Death City here we come...

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