Chapter 9

The meeting with Lord Death wasn't long; apparently he'd known about Soul and the girl's… hobby and had no problem with letting them enlist with Shibusen. The only thing he asked was discretion and a lot of training he had even partnered us up, Star with Tsubaki, Liz and Patti with Kid and Soul and I. Something I was oh so joyous about (note the sarcasm). The attacks kept happening and I was getting impatient, I stared at the screen in anger another girl from the school had been killed, the same girl I'd scared away from Hiro when I'd confronted him now she had a name Kelly Jones. I gritted my teeth and a growl escaped me my frustration was rising we'd been here for how long now? And we still had no fucking leads! A hand clamped on to my shoulder and I turned to find Star looking at me "We'll find them Maka, don't stress yourself over it." I shook my head "I can't Star what's the point of being sent here to help out if we aren't actually helping," I ran a hand through my hair "it's fucking frustrating!" he squeezed my shoulder in reassurance. I tuned back to the TV as they described out the body had been found mutilated in an alley. "The body is now being taken to the city morgue, where hopefully the identity of the animal that mauled the victim will be clarified." The pretty blond on the TV said. Kid sat on his laptop 'working' on a paper for school, I ran over to him "Can you pull up the address of the city morgue?" I asked he nodded and opened up the browser. A few clicks later and I had the address I wrote it down and pocketed it "What's going on Maka?" Kid asked standing up, they all crowded around me as I smiled "We've just been waiting around for the killers to pop up and catch them." They nodded I continued "Maybe if we study the bodies we can get a lead."

Kid and Star grinned, Soul and the girls frowned "So we're gonna break into the morgue and study the bodies?" Liz asked a slight quiver in her tone "Not just break in, we're gonna take one of the bodies." I answered she paled "Steal?" "Ok, borrow we'll take it right back when Stein's done." She shook her head "Nope, not gonna happen I absolutely totally refuse." She stated firmly "Sissy's a fraidy cat!" Patti piped up giggling. I could see that but I made no comment, if she couldn't handle it she didn't have to go I told her and she looked relieved. "I can only take one person with me, just so they can open the door as I carry the body and to drive the car back." Star nodded giving his indication that he would do it, "Ok, that's settled then I just need to figure out how the Hell we are gonna get in." Eyebrows shot up at this; did they expect me to magically know how to get into buildings? "What? This isn't I Dream of Jeannie I can't just cross my arms and poof!" I grumbled Star cackled gleefully patting my head I swatted his hands away "We need to figure out the layout of the building see what kind of alarm systems they have, where they're at and how to get in and out without getting caught." I looked at each one sternly "We need to do it before they bury the victims, understood?" they nodded in confirmation and I nodded back. I walked to the fridge and took out a thermos taking it with me out to the porch. I sat on the railing and looked at the sky, it was pretty here at night the stars twinkled and shone beautifully. I always liked looking at the stars, when I was younger my Mother used to tell me that the stars were those that had passed away and were now looking down on their loved ones.

Nostalgia hit me like a wrecking ball and I sighed I wonder which stars are my parents? I wonder if they're proud of me? If they were watching over me this minute? I looked up once again: Mom, Dad? Wherever you are I love you and I miss you every day, I hope you're proud of me and I hope to be able to see you again one day. There isn't a day that doesn't go by that I don't miss you, things are tough right now but I am doing my best. I also don't know what's wrong with me, I've been feeling tired lately which as you might know is a weird thing since I'm a vampire, I think Stein has a theory but he won't say anything and there's no way in Hell, I mean heck! I am getting anywhere near him! Also, there's Soul, the white haired guy inside, according to Stein he's my soul mate, but I don't believe in that crap and…and I don't know what to do about it? I mean do I tell him and hope we can both figure it out? Or do I just keep it to myself and go with the flow? What do I do? Aaand then there's Matt, I don't feel anything for him at all and yet I think he has feelings for me I don't want to lead him on I didn't even think about that all this time, maybe it's because since Stein told me that Soul was my… you know? Soul mate I feel like I'm cheating on him b..but we're not even together! That's the thing! How can I feel like I'm cheating on someone I have no claim to? I don't understand I sighed it felt good to vent these things out even if I wouldn't get an answer back at all, I wish Mom was here she would've helped me understand.

I'd been with Matt two days ago, we'd done our thing and at the end I'd felt shitty I hadn't understood (I still don't) why, it's not like Soul and I were a couple or anything… the sound of footsteps caught my attention and I looked up to see a figure moving towards me I sprang up I unclasped the charm for my guns and I pointed them at the person, I sniffed the air and the scent of vampire wafted up my nostrils, I recognized that scent. "Hiro what are you doing here?" I called out my guns still held up, he stepped forward stopping with his hands up, he looked up at me and his eyes pleaded with me "I don't want trouble," he said I waited for him to continue "I need your help, something of mine was taken and I want it back." I cocked my head to the side "And why should I help you? What made you come to me anyway?" he met my gaze squarely "Because the person that took her is the person you're looking for." He replied I frowned "What exactly am I looking for?" he nodded to my guns "Set them down and I'll tell you everything I know." I eyed him for a moment how did I know he was telling the truth? How could I trust him? "You can search me if you want, just help me please." Desperation clear in his words, I lowered the guns and motioned for him to follow me inside, whatever he had to say involved all of us.

I lead him into the living room and called for the others they trooped in and I told them about Hiro's request they agreed to hear him out. We spread out finding a place to sit he chose to remain standing I nodded for him to begin he took a breath "Do you guys know Giriko?" Star, Kid and I shared a knowing look, who wouldn't know the bastard he had a whole file cabinet just to himself at Shibusen, Soul and the girls shook their heads "Giriko Saw is a vampire, an assassin for hire to be exact." I explained to them, their eyes widened but they remained quiet I nodded at Hiro again "Well the bastard has been in Death City for quite some time now, why? I don't know but I've been keeping tabs on him he's not as slick as he should be, he frequents this club underground all the time, it's strictly for vampires the only humans there are the ones they take as company," he made air quotes around the word "that's why the other girls have been disappearing." So that's why their bodies weren't found that bastard Giriko was a real pain in my ass, with his brown greasy hair, shit colored eyes and that sharp toothed cocky grin of his, Shibusen had beef with that asshole he was meticulous about his jobs even though we knew he did the deeds we could never pin them on him, and with the help of that bitch Eruka, defense attorney for the paranormal, he got away every damn time. "I found my soul mate not that long ago," he continued "but now she's disappeared and I followed her scent to an apartment on the West side of Death City I've staked out the place Giriko comes and goes at all hours of the day but he never has her with him."

"And what is it you expect us to do?" asked Soul beating me to the punch, I tried not to think about that too much, though why it bothered me I don't know. "I want to see if maybe you can find out where he has her and bring her back to me, I'm even willing to pay what you want I just want my girl back." He sounded so sad and desperate is that how I would be if Soul and I got together? I hoped not desperate and needy were definitely not my MO, I didn't do desperate and clingy, no just NO! "We won't ask for any payment, but we will help you since it concerns the life of an innocent person." I spoke up looking around the room as each of them nodded "BUT," I said turning to look at him "if this is some sort of trap or you do anything to put my team in danger," I rose l meeting his gaze hoping to convey the Lie-to-me-and-you'll-die look I wanted "I will rip your intestines out and cram them down your throat! Am I understood?" His nodded his head vehemently and I nodded. Finally we had at least one lead to one of our problems and hopefully when we snagged one of the bodies at the morgue we would find something for our second problem. But right now we'd work with what we had, it was a start.