This is a shout-out to Zaiden out there who explained the flaws of my story. After the mid-part of this chapter it will be in Sky's P.O.V. and so there might be some stupid sappy stuff about him loving Diaspro, kay?


Does she love me as much as I love her? was the last thing Sky thought before he blacked out. He loved Bloom so much, but sometimes it seemed like she didn't love him back. For example, when they were passionate she seemed to hold in those pleasurable moans and cries. Maybe, he needed to move on. Stella was pretty hot and Flora tastes like honeysuckle and desert rose. No, that isn't right. Besides, Stella's with Brandon and Flora's with Helia. He couldn't betray his friends.

Sky woke up with a minor headache and a few cuts and scrapes. It wasn't that bad. He saw Aisha, Stella, and Flora in separate corners in chains around the square room. Sky looked down. He was in chains, too!

Who dares chain the King of Eraklyon, the Princesses of Solaria and Andros, and an innocent (yet powerful) maiden of Linphea? Sky thundered angrily in his head. Diaspro then walked out the door.


Who is this chick? She's a total goddess. Was it her honey stained hair with gold highlights? Or the thin silk wrapped around her to show enough to harden, but cover so much? Or was it the way she was giving him this heck of a lap dance? She waved her beautiful, dainty hand and a naked man came out with a bowl. She did some sort of magic and it glowed pink for a second.

"Eat, my love." was all she said. I recognized that voice. Diaspro! Still, I ate. I didn't want to displease her. She might stop the pleasures. Still, my heart was racing and my hands were clammy. I'd felt this way once, with Bloom. It was love. I loved Diasrpo. I loved Diaspro! I FREAKING LOVED DIASPRO!

Diaspro stopped the mind-boggling entrancement once I ate. She said, "Soon, we will be together again. With no help from Valtor."