Inspired by the terrible, terrible cold I myself have. So yeah, I guess Jack has to have one too, eh? :)

"No, Jack. Not this morning."

Jack mock pouted, dropping his arms to his sides. He had taken to ambushing Bunnymund with frosty hugs each morning before the Easter bunny went out, amusing himself with the shivery disgruntlement that followed.

"This morning I have to burrow all about the North Pole running errands for our very own Jolly Saint Nick, who apparently doesn't understand I have my own stuff to do, what with Easter coming. So I will become very cold already; I don't need you to give me a head start."

It had been a year since the first Easter Jack had shared with the Big Four, on his quest to find his past and ultimately become a Guardian.

Jack, Tooth, North, Sandy and Bunnymund now shared a loft within North's castle.

Although they each commuted frequently to their original work places, the five had agreed that it was much more pleasant to return to a home at the end of the day.

And so each morning Bunnymund was subjected to freezing hugs from Jack before they went about their daily schedule. They was icy cold, and didn't the boy have something better to do? Like, make snow days appear somewhere on the globe or something?

Jack had dropped the pout and was lifting his hood up, directing his trademark grin at Bunnymund.

"Oh c'mon, Bunny, it'll be like a little preview of what's outside," the white-haired boy cajoled.

Bunnymund narrowed his eyes at Jack as the slim teen flipped his staff from the tip of his foot into this palm.

"Showoff," Bunnymund muttered. Jack's grin widened.

"C'mon, one hug," Jack teased, taking flight so he was directly above the Easter Bunny.

"Alright, alright, fine, just hurry up with it so I can get this work done and go back to my eggs." Although he would never admit it, Bunnymund figured he probably enjoyed the hugs a bit, too. Just a little bit.

It was a weird feeling, hugging Jack Frost. It was cold, yes, but there was a certain warmth to it nonetheless.

Jack floated casually back down to the ground and swept Bunnymund in an enormous hug. Then he patted the Easter Bunny's ears, so as not to neglect them. Bunnymund scowled.

"I hate when you do that," he protested.

"Not really, you don't," Jack laughed, his arms still wrapped around his furry captive.

Yeah, not really.

Bunnymund waited to feel the usual tickly iciness that ruffled through his fur alongside each of Jack's hugs, but today Jack felt strangely…normal. Warm, even.

"What, are you going easy on me?" Bunnymund asked, trying to quell the disappointment in his voice. He was being stupid – why should he care if Jack's hugs weren't as frosty as usual, anyways.

"Hmmmph?" Jack asked, his face muffled by Bunnymund's large ears.

"It's just that you feel…warm."

A laugh.

"Is that a bad thing…?"

Yes, Bunnymund thought to himself.

"No, it's just…strange."

Another laugh.

And then Jack was gone, but without his customary residual flakes.

Bunnymund frowned. Was Jack up to something? If that boy spreads mischief, Bunnymund thought to himself, grumbling under his breath.

But as he stomped his foot down to open a hole in North's floor, Bunnymund knew somewhere within him that Jack was not fooling around. Still, there were things to do, and eggs to paint.

And so, with his many errands in mind, Bunnymund promptly forgot all about Jack's unusual lack of iciness. Little did he know that he would regret this action horribly by the time night fell.

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