Me: walks in

Why hello there! So I thought I might have a little fun here and have the Death Note characters live with me.

Matt: Live with you?! You kid-

Me: tackles Matt

He's sleepy… Yup Death Note characters, living, with me.. Let's bring them out.

L: slowly walks out

Hello.. Why am I so tired?

Light: F, I'm going to hurt you.

Me: B-but why?

Light: You kidnapped us!

Me: I did not!

Light: Did too.

Me: pouts

Did not..

Mello: Hey F, you do know you're still on top of Matt right?

Me: Gah! gets off of Matt


Matt: Erm.. it's okay..

Mello: You just liked it Matt.


Near: F, where's my promised robot?

Me: Ah yes. hands him a red robot

L: Why did you promise him a robot?

Me: I have my rea-

Near: She said if I helped her get you guys here she would give me toys.


Near: A guy has to do what a guy has to do..

Me: Anyways.. I'll be doing some crazy things together like today we're pl-

Mello: Oh no, no, no, no, I am not doing anything with you.

Me: It's just truth or dare..

Mello: Oh, okay then.


Me: hits Light with a baseball bat

Okay everybody sit in a circle!

Everybody: sits in a circle

Me: Who's wants to start?

Matsuda: raises hand slowly

Me: Okay Matsu!

Matsuda: Uh, F, truth or dare.

Me: Dare of course.

Matsuda: I dare you to, um, uh, switch clothes with Mello?

Me: face palm

He wears so much leather..

Mello: She's wearing green skinny jeans.

Me: Hey! It matches my "I heart Mustaches" shirt..

Mello: groans


Mello and I: walk to the bathrooms and swap clothes and slowly walk out

Me: Mello I can't breathe.

Mello: These jeans are to tight in the wrong places.

Me: sits down really slow

My turn, um Matt truth or dare?

Matt: Dare.

Me: I dare you to kiss Mello.

Matt: What…

Me: You heard me.

Mello: O.O

No, Matt don't you do it.

Matt: slowly leans in and kisses Mello softly on the lips


video records it

Matt: pulls away and wipes his lips

Mello, you can't kiss for shi-.

Me: Matt no cursing, you know how I feel about it.

Mello: wipes his lips also

Did I want you to enjoy it? No, exactly.

Me: fangirling

Do it again please! Kiss someone! Please! I need more!

Matt: smirks and leans in and kisses F

Me: pulls away


Matt: What you said kiss someone and you are clearly a someone.

Me: face palm

Matt that's not what I meant.

Matt: Well it's my turn.

Light: slowly wakes up

What's going on?

L: Truth or dare.

Light: I'm leaving…

Me: No you are staying here.

Light: B-but why? Don't you hate me?

Me: Why yes I do, but we need you to make this happen.

Light: Fine.

Me: Be happy Misa isn't here.

Light: thinks about it and hugs me

I love you already!

Me: hisses and pushes him away

Don't get carried away there.

Matt: Okay, Mello truth or dare?

Mello: snorts


Matt: thinks

Um, kiss the most attractive person here.

Mello: laughs and kisses his hand

Matt: Hey! You can't kiss yourself.

Mello: You said the most attractive person here.

Matt: whispers in Mello's ear

Mello: shocked

B-but I'll end up dead…

Matt: Yeah right that person will enjoy it.

Mello: shrugs and pulls me close and kisses me

Me: pulls away

Dude like what the living he-

Matt: Cursing…

Mello: Matt's dare.

Me: super-mega-I'm-going-to-kill-you-ninja-cat-meow-ra wr-death-the-kid-glare

Matt: Welp…

Mello: My turn! Beyond truth or dare?

Beyond: Truth.

Me: scoffs

Scared much?

Mello: Erm, oh, is it true you have feelings for L?

Beyond: HELLZ NAH!

Matt: Hey he cursed!

Me: He's Beyond Birthday!

Harry: But I'm Harry Styles.

Light: fangirls

Me: Harry Styles, what are you doing here?

Harry: The guy over there let me in.

Louis: He's not a very good doorman.

Me: Louis Tomlinson?

Louis: Yes?

Me: Is there any other member of One Direction here?

Niall: I'm here mate.

Zayn: Vas happenin'

Liam: Is there any spoons here?

Me: face palm

Nick you're fired!

Nick: Aw.. but boss.

Me: You let One Direction in.

Nick: You said to!

Me: No I didn't.

glares at Light

Light: whistles

Me: Well, Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn, I'm sorry but you have to go.

All of One Direction: But why?

Me: We just can't have you.

Light: No! Stay please!

Everybody: stares at Light

Light: I mean ew it's that British band One Direction.

Me: I actually kind of like them.

Mello: stares at F

But you said you hated them in like 2011.

Me: Well, that was when everybody loved What Makes You Beautiful and not the songs like Nobody Compares or Tell Me A Lie and it was annoying as it could possibly be but now their album Take Me Home is actually really good.

Light: mumbles

At least she somewhat understands.

Near: Light, everybody heard you.

Matsuda: We shouldn't hate on F for liking a band's music.

Me: Thank you Matsuda, but One Direction has to go.

Harry: But F, you're a fan.

Louis: Yeah, I can be Superman in this.

rips open his white shirt showing a Superman shirt under it

Light: Oh. My. Heavens.

Me: Louis, as cool as that looked One Direction can't stay, I'm sorry.

Niall: Alright, bye mates!

Zayn: Ah bye guys!

Louis: Superman away!

Harry: hands me his number

Call me sometime.


Liam: Come on Haz.

drags Harry away from me

Light: stares at the paper

Y-you got Harry's number.

Me: So?

Light: faints

Me: Nick, take care of Light will ya?

Nick: nods and takes Light away

Mello: So you like One Direction?

Me: Yes and a lot of other music now can we continue?

L: I believe it was Beyond's turn.

Beyond: Matsuda truth or dare?

Matsuda: Dare.

Beyond: I dare you to be my servant.

Matsuda: Okay, what would you like master?

Beyond: smirks

Jam, strawberry jam and make it quick.

Matsuda: nods and runs off to get jam

Matt: Smart thinking B.

Beyond: I know.

Matsuda: comes back and gives the jam to Beyond.

My turn now. F, truth or dare?

Me: Dare.

Matsuda: I dare you to say your real name.

Me: No…

L: Why not F?

Me: It's strange…

Mello: We have a Beyond, Near, Light, Matsuda, L, and Mello, how can your name be strange?

Me: It just is.

Matt: I know it…

Matsuda: You do?

Matt: nods

Me: Don't say it, please.

L: Matt, just say it, her name can't be that bad.

Near: I don't see what's so bad about a first name.

Beyond: Neither do I Near.

Matt: It's Fantasy.

L: That's your real name F?

Me: hides my face in my arms


Mello: I think it's different, but in a good way.

Matsuda: Same here Mello.

Me: Okay well I don't like my name that much, so continue calling me F but I guess you can call me Fantasy sometime too. L, truth or dare?

L: Dare.

Me: I dare you not to eat sweets in the next time we do this.

L: First question: are you crazy? Second question: why must it be next time?

Everybody: Yeah why?

Me: Because I'm stopping here.

Near: What why?

Me: It's 5 pages long and it's 11:26 pm and I have school tomorrow.

Matsuda: Fantasy you once wrote a chapter that was 23 pages long.

Me: Yeah but that was for a freestyle writing contest.

Matsuda: Oh…

Beyond: Ditch school.

Me: But I have gym tomorrow… I like my gym class.

Beyond: Fine…

Mello: Well, I'm tired anyways.

Matt: Yeah same here.

Near: Fantasy can I end it?

Me: Yep.

L: I have a case so bye.

walks away

Near: Okay F doesn't own Death Note or One Direction and this is all, good bye, and don't forget to favorite/follow the author and story and review on thoughts of this story.

Everybody: walks off to their room to sleep

Me: Wow that was long and I really hope you guys liked it, well I'm really tired because the time is 11:34 right now so um yeah bye and favorite/follow my story and this account and leave a review. Thanks!