Hey sorry if things don't make sense what-so-ever in this chapter but whatever right?

Me: I swear I'm going to strangle Light with my bare hands, I will make him suffe-

Watari: F, that is no way for a young lady to speak.

Me: takes in a deep breath I understand that Watari, but can't I be aloud some freedom from the orders.

Watari: But F, it's an order.

Me: I GET IT OKAY, IT'S AN ORDER! storms out of the room

Mello: She snapped.

Matt: Nah, she's perfectly calm rolls eyes

L: Boys, stop fighting, we have bigger matters in our hands.

Mello: What that it's F's ti-

Near: What he means is the orders, we have only a few hours to transform F into a proper young lady, it's stressing her out.

L: Oh, no, not that at all, it's just Fantasy stormed off in the direction of Light's room.


L: She must of kicked the door down..

Beyond: runs in What's wrong with my baby? Is she hurt?

Matt: Beyond, you just found out last week she was your daughter.

Beyond: But she's still my daughter.

Everybody else: shrugs


Everybody: ignores him



Matsuda: Shouldn't we go and help Light?

Mello: Nah, let Fantasy handle him.

Near: sighs Maybe we should help him...

Everybody: runs upstairs and sees Light in a choke hole

Light: coughing Get.. her off...

Me: No! He asked me if I was on my period!

Matt: laughs You did?!

Light: gasps Y..es...

Me: makes the choke hole tighter

Beyond: pulls F from Light Fantasy, no, don't choke Light. hugs her tightly

Me: Dad, I can't breathe...

Mello: Guys, get a camera.

Near: pulls out his phone and takes a picture

Me:pushes B away Leave me alone.

Watari: F, your mother is coming by for a visit, I believe she expects a presentable daughter.

Me: Well, she's defiantly not here.

Mello: Wait I'm confused. Who is Fantasy's mom?

Near: Fantasy-Carolina Rosa Birthday-Carter, was born on April 3rd, to serial killer Beyond "B" Birthday and run-away Princess Anabelle Marie-Ann Carter, on a dark night-

Me: How do you know about my birth?

Near: awkward pause Coming! runs out of the room

Beyond: Child learns well. smiles

L: Um, B, you know never mind.. grabs F's hand We must prepare you.


L: It's just a bow!

Me: I know that!

L: Come on, please F!

Me: Never.

L: You don't wan't to hear about the second part do you...

Me: Second part growls Nobody told me a second part.

L: looks down Well, you kind of have to get... whispers married..

Me: I WHAT?!

L: B-but your mother is letting you choose. makes a small smile

Me: It's not fair... I'm only a teenager.

L: puts the bow in her hair I know it's not fair but maybe we can pretend you're getting married to someone.

Me: Fine I'll do it, now go.

L: Why?

Me: I need to change in a dress, duh.

L: Oh.. rushes out the room

Mello: I wonder what's going on with L and F.

Matt: Yeah I heard screaming earlier but it stopped.

Near: What could he have done to her?

Light: No, the question is, what did she do to him?

Beyond: Ah, my little girl.

Me: B, I'm a teenager, and right here ya know.

The guys: turn around

Mello: burst out laughing Oh god! Am I supposed to pretend this is normal for me?!

Me: Lucky I'm in a dress- and heels. pouts

L: shivers at the memory The heels were the worst.

Beyond: F, speak with an accent, it might sound better.

Me: does a British accent I do believe I'm quite good with a British accent.

Beyond: Good. Now I think your mom is going to call you Carolina.

Me: drops the accent Fine with me. sits on a chair

Matt: No, sit up straight!

Me: slowly sits up straight Matt, what's with the order..

Matt: Oh, I just felt like it.

L: Now, everyone don't act strange around F's mother, she's royalty.

Light: I'll be good, if F promises to not get me in choke holes, for a whole week.

Me: eyes widen But you deserve those!

Near: whispers You can do other things besides choke holes.

Me: thinks about it Fine.

Light: You promise?

Me: puts right hand up I, Carolina, promise not to put Light in a choke hole for a whole week.

someone knocks

Beyond: answers the door Hello Anabelle, long time no see.

Anabelle: flashes a smile It has been a while, now hasn't it. walks in

Beyond: leads her to the common room (( Common room is another way of saying living room. ))

Anabelle: spots F Is that my lovely daughter Carolina? smiles

Me: stands up and puts on a British accent Why hello mother.

Anabelle: You certainly took well care of Carolina, now where's the so-to-be groom? looks around

Beyond: mouths to L Groom?

L: mouths back She has to get married.

Beyond: eyes widen Anabelle, what do you mean, groom?

Anabelle: I thought our daughter was engaged, I do expect someone to take over the thrown after myself.

Me: eyes widen Y-you, want me, to take th- faints

Light: tries to hold in a laugh

Anabelle: gasps Is she okay? Is the thrown to much for her now?

Mello: picks her up She's fine, just a bit overwhelmed, that's all.

Anabelle: glares at them Are you Carolina's fiancé?

Mello: Oh, looks down at her and thinks: You owe me so much yes. Yes I am.

Matt: You are?

Near: Since when?

L: It was a surprise.

Beyond: We didn't want anyone to know until next week.

Anabelle: Delightful! smiles at Mello I expect great things from you two. looks at the time I must be going now, goodbye.

Everyone: Goodbye.

Anabelle: leaves

~Some Time Later In The Day~

Light: stares at Mello Why is F still in your arms?

Mello: I have no clue. rocks her back and forth She's like a baby.

Beyond: Set her down Mello.

Mello: plops her down on the couch

Me: groans and swats the air

Light: Please don't wake up soon.

Near: So, Mello and F have to get married?

L: Fake married.

Beyond: It's just for Anabelle.

Matt: What about the fact that Anabelle wants her to take over the thrown?

Beyond: Oh, F will probably freak out and Anabelle will realize that it's not the best idea for her kingdom.

Me: blinks a lot Mother, I can't take the thrown!

Matt: She left.

Me: Oh. takes off heels and runs upstairs

Near: And there she goes.

Lily: She is probably going to burn that dress now.

Everybody: stares at Lily

Light: Who are you?

Lily: Oh! I'm her friend.

Me: comes back down in normal clothes Fina- Lily?

Lily: Am I not supposed to be here?

Me: No, you're not.. You were supposed to be in the first chapter but you were too lazy to actually appear.

Lily: Oh yeah! I'll just go. disappears

Near: Anyways, what are we doing now?

Me: I'm ending this chapter.

Matt: Why?

Mello: It's probably like 3:43 a.m. and she's tired.

Me: Actually it's like 7:26 p.m. and I'm not tired at all.

Near: The chapter is too long?

Me: Yeah and I'm getting lazy so if we do something else, it'll just be my laziness taking over.

L: Should I end it?

Beyond: I thought I was supposed to.

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Everybody: Bye.

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