The Shadow King carefully watched his golden haired companion's every move as he cleaned up the Host Club. The others had gone home for the day, and just the Ootori and Souh boys were left behind to pick up that day's mess and prepare for tomorrow.

"Tamaki," Kyouya began in a languid, yet thoughtful voice. "I need your help with something."

Said Host King looked up from polishing the teacups. "You need my help? With what?" He looked surprised, his violet eyes sparkling with curiosity.

Kyouya chuckled at his lover's expression. "Yes, your help, sweetheart." He smirked. "With what, you asked? A project."

Tamaki laughed. "You need help with a project?! Why?! You're top of our class!" He sighed as he saw Kyouya looked completely serious. "Fine. What do you need help with?"

Kyouya smirked. "Well, it's not a school project. I need you to be a model for me."

The Souh looked confused. "A model? That sounds like a school project to me! We use live models in Science."

The Shadow King shook his head. Not many people knew this, but Kyouya Ootori actually had a hobby outside of managing the Ouran Highschool Host Club. That hobby was photography. Ever since he could remember, Kyouya loved taking photos. He never particularly liked being in front of the camera, but he couldn't get enough of being behind it. "No, not with Science. I need a model for photography."

Tamaki raised his eyebrows, still looking confused. "Photography? Who will be taking the pictures?"

Kyouya sighed and stood up from his armchair. He walked over to Tamaki and poked him square on the forehead. "Me, you dolt!"

"Oooh!" Tamaki smiled, snapping his fingers as a look of realization passed over his features. "I knew that." He grinned.

Kyouya sighed. "Why do I even bother with you?" The bespectacled teen shook his head, his eyes scanning his boyfriend's elegant body. "Oh, yes!" He swatted Tamaki's bottom. "You're damned sexy."

Tamaki's whole body turn beet red. "Kyouya!" He whined. "Stop it, you creep!" The blonde pouted.

Kyouya smirked, chuckling. "What? I can't help the fact that you have a bubble butt!" He kissed Tamaki's collarbone, which was exposed as his shirt had been messily buttoned after a sweet make out session.

Tamaki squeaked and jumped, turning even redder. He was quite embarrassed by his boyfriend's...choice of words.

Kyouya laughed. "Stay here with me late tomorrow after the club closes. I'll bring my camera. Bring some extra clothes." Tamaki just nodded, his face even redder than the Hitachiin twins hair.