He had been dreading this day. Oh how he had been dreading this day. The decorations were set, a small array of presents on the table, some from Bobby, some from Ellen, a few from Joe and a handful from old families friends and people from college. There were balloons, a twelve pack of beer and an extra large pizza waiting for Sam. But somehow the twenty three year old couldn't pull himself from the shower. It was warm, comforting and caring, like the arms of a long lost lover. It allowed him a moment's peace, one he cherished above all else. The water began to grow cold, however, and Sam knew the day had to be faced, like every day before it had been and every day after it would be.

After drying off Sammy sat at the table, a cake in front of him. He was so miserable he didn't notice the message light blinking on his phone. He had baked the cake himself, red velvet cake, and added twenty three candles. He struck a match, the sound absurdly loud in the quiet, dingy motel room, and lit each and every one. Written across the cake in black frosting, in curling script were the words. " Happy Birthday Sammy." It was Sam's twenty third birthday and the one man he wanted to be with was currently burning in Hell. Because of him. Because Sam had trusted someone, and he had died for his mistake, and gotten his brother killed too.

He missed Dean with every fiber of his being. He didn't sleep, barely ate, and every time he got into the Impala he started to cry. He had lost his best friend, his big brother, his lover, his family, and the only person on the planet that kept him sane, kept him human.
" Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me... Happy birthday... Dear Sammy..." Sam was crying by this point, the words coming out choked, the tears falling freely down his face as he sobbed.
The sobs masked the sound of the door being opened with a key, and the scuffle of boots on the floor.
" Happy birthday to you... My Sammy." Dean's voice was low, a bit husky as he tried to mask the emotion in his voice. " Happy birthday Sammy. Did you miss me?" Sam looked up, and there stood Dean, arms opened wide.
Before he even realized what he was doing he had launched himself at his brother, sobbing and laughing.
" Dean." Sam half laughed, half cried, holding his brother tightly, kissing every available inch of skin. " God, I missed you so much." He whimpered and met Dean's gaze.
Dean thumbed the tears from those warm, chocolate brown eyes and grinned. " I missed you too, sorry I didn't get you a present..." He looked sheepish.
" You're all the present I need Dean." Sam glued their lips together in a sweet kiss.