Something actually comes from a day of exhaustion after fangirling all over DRRR! for a day, and that is fanfiction written at ten at night to satisfy the need for more awesome-ness! Be it good or bad, enjoy!

Shizuo and Izaya were walking together down the street. Safe in the knowledge that everyone sober enough to recognize them and remember seeing them was asleep, the pair were comfortable walking side by side and not fighting. They didn't talk or hold hands or anything mushy like that, but they were close enough to be comfortable with the silence.

They had been dating a while, but only Celty and Shinra knew. Izaya was quite the blabber-mouth and after several dirty comments about Shizuo to the dullahan, the embarrassed bartender was forced to tell her to stop her from imagining the worst. No one else knew, and they were sure to keep up appearances when anyone was out, which meant most hours of day. But they managed to stay together without many problems.

"Coming to my place again, Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked seductively. The two hadn't had sex for almost a month because of conflicting work schedules and consistent cock-blocks. Because of that, the raven-haired informant was beginning to get desperate and didn't want to be reduced to masturbating to get off.

"Huh?" Shizuo asked distractedly.

Izaya tsked in annoyance. "Never the best listener, were you Shizu-chan?" he asked in an annoyed tone. He had finally gotten used to showing his lover some of his real emotions, and was actually able to relax in front of Shizuo. "I asked if you wanted to come over."

"Sure," Shizuo answered shortly, puffing out some smoke.

"Stop smoking those!" Izaya lectured, yanking the cigarette from his fingers and stomping it out.

"What the fuck?!" Shizuo spat. "That was my last one flea!"

"Smoking those things will give me cancer if I'm around you too long, Shizu-chan. Don't you care about my health?"

"Glad you're thinking of yourself as usual."

The two continued walking, though now in the obvious direction of Izaya's fancy apartment. They would have to catch the train, but neither cared because by now they were used to it. They rarely stayed in Ikebukuro when they got together, too nervous that someone they knew would suspect something, so Shizuo's apartment went mostly unused whenever they were together.

Izaya babbled on about an idiot client he had to put up with while Shizuo listened obediently. He knew the blond only half-listened to him, but just the act of talking made him feel like they were in a real relationship instead of just fuck-buddies. He would never call the bodyguard his boyfriend, but Shizuo was at least his lover.

On the train the two stood apart, still being careful of others' looks. Izaya sat down in a seat close to the door while Shizuo crossed to a different door and held onto a pole instead of taking a seat. Most of the train was empty except for a few drunks and an elderly lady that looked confused.

Bored, Izaya took out his phone to check if anyone had texted him something important. He didn't want to be bothered later on and thought it best to take care of any business beforehand. Finding nothing, he texted his lover a slutty message and looked up to watch the blonde's reaction.

"Hey!" a drunk cheered after bumping into Izaya when he tried to sit down. Instead he leaned over the dangerous informant, completely unaware at how pissed off the smaller male was. "You're cute, ya know?"

Izaya rolled his eyes. More drunks had gotten on the train when it had stopped, but this one was being stupider than normal. He seemed completely unconcerned with the other drunks he had gotten on the train with, but instead seemed focused on the worst person to piss off nearby, including the infamous Shizuo Heiwajima.

"You're not opposed to marriage, are ya?" the drunk slurred almost indecipherably.

"What?" Izaya asked despite himself. He normally didn't talk to drunks besides to confuse or intimidate them, but one asking him about marriage was something new.

"Marriage!" the drunk repeated. "My boyfriend won't… he won't marry me… so I dumped him."

Izaya recalled a recent law allowing same-sex marriage in Japan, but this drunk was still risking a lot by being so honest about his sexuality this openly.

"Would you marry me?" the drunk asked, leaning forward so that he was breathing his disgusting breath on the informant. He absolutely reeked of alcohol and weed, making the raven want to push him away as soon as possible.

"Not even if you paid me," the informant answered honestly. He pushed past the disappointed drunk and moved away from his crowd. Going against his normal rules of getting close to Shizuo in a well-lit area, he passed the bodyguard while brushing their hands together and shooting him a smirk.

There were no more oddities on the train between then and the time the couple got off. Exiting separately, the two met up quickly and walked together the rest of the way. They walked mostly in silence again, but this time Izaya noticed that even if he tried to engage his partner in conversation he mostly received one or two word answers that cut off any possible conversations.

Annoyed, Izaya hurried up the stairs, choosing to ignore the elevator to work out his frustration, to try and get to his apartment as soon as possible. Shizuo followed silently, not even complaining as he normally did whenever Izaya insisted on taking the stairs.

Izaya opened the door to his apartment and left it open for the bodyguard while he started playing some loud music. He didn't want his neighbors to hear them, and even if they heard a little he didn't want them knowing who his partner was. A few of them were too curious for their own good, even knowing how their infamous neighbor was. Not even Namie dared to asked why exactly he gave her random days off or asked for her to leave suddenly in the middle of the day.

Shizuo had stopped just after entering and shutting the door behind him. Izaya had to lead him to the couch to make him realize what the raven wanted. Izaya hated being ignored, but tonight he was horny enough to let it pass. He would question the blonde in the morning, but for now all he needed was Shizuo's dick.

With Shizuo seated on the couch, Izaya smashed their mouths together roughly. Even distracted as he was, Shizuo grabbed onto Izaya and pulled him closer. Izaya's knees were on either side of Shizuo's and after breaking apart their kiss the informant moved to the blonde's neck.

"Izaya," Shizuo moaned.

The informant smiled and sucked hard on his partner's neck. He wanted to leave a hickey but knew better. Besides, even when he didn't care and tried to mark his lover as his, Shizuo's body seemed too tough to allow for something as minor as a hickey to show.

"Izaya I need to talk to you."

"Not now," Izaya replied gruffly. He really did want to know what was bothering Shizuo, but right now he was busy getting what he had been craving for almost a month and refused to be denied any longer. He pulled off Shizuo's vest to get one layer closer to his goal.

Shizuo shoved him away and growled, "This is important damn it!"

Izaya glared as he let himself be pushed away. The bodyguard had been able to control his strength around Izaya for a long time now so he didn't harm the raven at all when he pushed him away. Izaya growled as he sat down next to the clearly flustered blonde, waiting for Shizuo to explain himself.

"Well?" he asked when no such explanation seemed forthcoming.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!" Shizuo spat out angrily.

Izaya was taken aback. First the bodyguard ignores him but now he was suddenly yelling and cursing? Something was up and it annoyed Izaya that he didn't know what. Just as he was about to demand the reason for this nonsense, Shizuo took a breath to talk again.

Not meeting his eyes, Shizuo asked, "Would you marry me,…Izaya?"

Izaya was taken aback. He tried to look his lover in the eye, but the blonde would not look at him. Izaya noticed that he was scowling and his face was red, clear indication that he wasn't joking but was instead extremely serious in his proposal. Still, he couldn't resist asking:

"Are you serious?"

Shizuo's head shot up and he barked out, "Of course I'm serious, damned flea! I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't!"

Izaya couldn't stop himself from chuckling. "Well I had to be thorough. But marriage? Seriously?"

"Forget it," Shizuo barked. Standing up and taking a few steps he continued, "I shouldn't have said anything!"

"I didn't say that," Izaya chuckled. "You're too serious sometimes, Shizu-chan!"

"You haven't answered," Shizuo muttered.

Izaya tried to pretend he hadn't heard his lover but it was impossible. The room was dead quite, Izaya having forgotten to put the music on continuous and the first song having already finished. Shizuo glanced back at him as well, forcing him to answer.

"Well you can't expect me to answer right away!" he dodged. "This was all so sudden and—"

"Save it," Shizuo cut him off. Walking to the door he continued, "Find me when you've gained the balls to say yes or no."

"HEY!" Izaya yelled. "That's—"

"Until then," Shizuo interrupted again, "don't even think of calling or texting me at all because I won't answer."

He left without saying anything else, leaving Izaya dumbstruck. Shizuo had always been one to surprise him, so of course he would be the first to dare interrupt the informant not only once but twice before stomping away.

Fuming, Izaya raced after the idiot Monster of Ikebukuro to yell at him.

Wanted to add this at the end for fear of spoilers (as if it was a spoiler at all from that title), but Shizuo's proposal was taken word for word from Crispin Freeman's proposal as Shizuo at a panel. Look it up on YouTube, but his proposal does not belong to me.