"So are you moving into my place or are we just going to continue on like nothing has happened?" Izaya asked while eating his fatty tuna. "I mean, doesn't someone usually move in on these kinds of occasions?"

Shizuo shrugged. He wasn't eating but just watching Izaya chow down on the disgusting food. Even if he had been hungry, just watching Izaya eat would have made him quickly forget his appetite. Izaya was eating with his fingers and would occasionally pause to lick his fingers clean. It was extremely hard to focus on their conversation while the flea seemed intent on distracting him.

"'Cause I am not moving into your apartment," Izaya continued. "It's way too small, and I refuse to downgrade from my nice apartment. Of course we could just continue on like we were, but then that would hardly be worth getting married for."

"That isn't the point," Shizuo put in.

Izaya shrugged. "Well I hardly understand the point. You're just too unpredictable at times, Shizu-chan."

"You know, after we're hitched I expect you to call me by my name and not that dumb nickname."

"No can do, Shizu-chan."

"Well then can I make up a dumb nickname for you?" Shizuo asked with a smirk as he leaned forward. Whispering in Izaya's ear he continued, "Well, Iz-za-ya-kun?"

Izaya held back a shiver. It hadn't been a week since they had gotten back together as fiancés but even though they had been inseparable they hadn't had sex except for the night they got back together. He knew that Shizuo was still afraid that he'd get cold feet and back out of it, but the blonde seemed to enjoy teasing him more than he should.

They agreed to get married as soon as possible – Izaya just to get it out of the way but Shizuo to ensure that the flea would actually go through with it – so the date was scheduled for the next day. They weren't going to have a big ceremony for obvious reasons, and so it was simple to plan and set up. Only Shinra and Celty were invited, the pair knowing that if they didn't invite their closest friends then there'd be hell to pay later, and Shinra and Celty were almost too eager to attend. Shinra's favorite question to ask was about their wedding night.

Izaya pushed Shizuo away before his face reddened. "No, Shizu-chan," he sighed, "to come up with a clever nickname one has to be clever first."

Shizuo rolled his eyes and leaned back. He knew he was finally getting through to the flea, and felt like teasing him some more. "Well, I could just call you Izzy-kun," he suggested.

Izaya shrugged. He didn't care what Shizuo called him because it wouldn't last. "Whatever you want," Izaya said.

Shizuo smirked but pulled out a cigarette, forfeiting the dumb argument along with the flea. He knew they were in an endurance contest and refused to be the one to give. He would wait another day before letting himself give in to the flea's temptations. He lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply to calm himself.

Izaya finished eating and moved to work on his computer. He had accumulated a lot of work and didn't care if Shizuo saw what he was working on. Right now he was working with foreigners and had to translate a lot of information, nothing Shizuo would understand.

Shizuo glanced at the brunette and went to see what he was working on. "You mistranslated that," he commented over the smaller man's shoulder.

Izaya raised an eyebrow and replied, "Oh yeah?"

Shizuo nodded and said, "Je ne suis pas aussi stupide que vous semblez le croire." [I'm not as stupid as you seem to think.]

Izaya translated that in his head and scowled. "Well how was I supposed to know you knew French? It's not like…" He trailed off his face reddened and he realized something.

"Je t'aime aussi, Izaya," Shizuo whispered in the brunette's ear from behind. [I love you too, Izaya.]

Izaya turned his chair around to tell off the arrogant blonde when he was silenced by Shizuo's kiss. Shizuo grabbed him out of the chair and lifted him to his feet. Izaya pushed away and scowled at the taller man.

Shizuo laughed and asked, "Do you know how adorable you are when you're angry?"

"I'm not adorable!" Izaya spat. He stomped away and tried to hide his embarrassment.

Shizuo grabbed hold of his hand and pulled him back. "Well if I told you that I understood French I'd have never gotten to hear you say that you love me."

Izaya regained his composure and said, "You really are arrogant, Shizu-chan. I am not about to admit anything to you."

"You just did genius," Shizuo laughed. "But I'm surprised that I'm better at French than you."

Izaya rolled his eyes and pulled his hand from Shizuo's grip. "So you're better at one thing than me, leaving me everything else to be better at than you. It's not like French is important."

"It is if we ever go to France," Shizuo smirked. "Want to go there for a honeymoon?"

Izaya rolled his eyes. "You might be able to take time off of work, but I cannot afford such fun and games."

"It's not like you need to be here to work. You could get that chick to send information to you."

"No, Shizu-chan. No honeymoon."

"Fine, but back to the apartment issue. If you still care about appearances then no moving in, but if you don't then I'll move into your place. It's much better than my dump anyway."

Izaya sighed and said, "I will never stop caring about appearances, Shizu-chan."

Shizuo shrugged. "Then no moving in."

Izaya tried not to pout. He hated to always have to work around their schedules to get together. He wasn't monogamous by nature and hated having to be, but he hated jumping from cheap lay to cheap lay even more. He wanted their relationship to work, but hated the constant roadblocks.

Shizuo yawned and glanced at the door as he said, "Well I better be going." With a smirk he added, "Big day tomorrow."

Izaya crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. "This is still a stupid idea. It's not like a paper can change anything."

Shizuo smiled and said, "But I am thankful you're willing to do it anyway," before kissing him.

Izaya wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck to force his head down. Shizuo obliged and wrapped his arms around Izaya's waist. When he was about to pull away Izaya held on tightly. Izaya shoved his hips forward and pushed them against Shizuo's, slowing beginning to grind against him.

Shizuo smiled and forced himself away, using his strength to force Izaya away. He refused to look at the flea and said, "Wait until tomorrow, okay?"

Izaya shoved him towards the door and growled, "If you're going to be like that then no! I refuse to allow you to act all pure and innocent! It's not like I'm taking your virginity!"

Shizuo finally met his eyes and saw the lustful anger in them. "It's just—"

Izaya snarled and turned around, interrupting him as he did. "Forget it and leave!"

Shizuo sighed and took a step towards the door. He growled and stepped back towards the flea and yanked him around to face him. "Don't pout you moron!"

"Look who's talking!" Izaya snapped.

"You think making me angry will make me sleep with you?"

"I said for you to leave! Go away and leave me alone!"

"Why do you have to be so frustrating!"

"This coming from the man who can't keep a job longer than a week!"

"Shut up flea!"

"Make me Shizuo!"

Shizuo didn't know if it was the challenge in Izaya's voice, the fighting, or the fact that Izaya had said his actual name, but he grabbed Izaya and forced him against a wall, causing the wall to crack. He forced their lips together, forcing the flea to be quiet like he was ordered.

Izaya knew he would be bruised in the morning but didn't care. He was getting what he wanted after all, and he'd just force the blonde to pay to fix the wall. He felt Shizuo pick him up and he wrapped his legs around Shizuo's hips for support.

"I'm not going to sleep with you," Shizuo murmured into Izaya's ear as he pulled their lips apart. "But I won't leave until you're satisfied."

Izaya grabbed Shizuo's hair and gripped as tightly as he could. Shizuo shoved him harder against the wall and moved one arm away so that only one was supporting Izaya. "You better not drop me," Izaya warned him.

Shizuo smirked and kissed him again. "Aren't you always the one going on about my inhuman strength? Now shut up. You're ruining the mood."

Izaya rested his head against the wall as Shizuo began nipping and sucking on his neck. He hated to admit it but he loved the bodyguard too much to actually be pissed at him for long. He felt himself get hard as Shizuo continued on his neck, probably leaving hickeys everywhere.

"Would you like me to continue?" Shizuo whispered into Izaya's ear.

"Shut up," Izaya growled, "now you're ruining the mood."

Shizuo tugged at his ear and used his free hand to unhook Izaya's legs. He set Izaya back on the ground and pulled Izaya's fingers out of his hair. Then he got down on his knees and began unbuckling Izaya's belt.

Izaya hissed as Shizuo pulled down his clothes and the cool air hit his erection. He glanced down at Shizuo who met his gaze before licking Izaya's shaft. Izaya shivered. They only rarely had oral sex and most of the time Izaya went down on Shizuo so he shivered at how amazing the blonde's tongue felt, not being able to remember the last time he felt it.

Shizuo loved the way Izaya reacted to his touch. He licked the shaft a few times before licking the head and causing the brunette to gasp. He felt Izaya's hands wind into his hair again but didn't care. He was strong enough to resist Izaya's attempts to shove himself into Shizuo's mouth. Shizuo teased him some more until precum was leaking from Izaya and the brunette was moaning in pleasure. Then he deepthroated the brunette.

Izaya moaned as he felt his length become surrounded by Shizuo's wet cavern. He felt that he was close but knew that he could endure it longer to fully enjoy Shizuo's attentions. He panted as Shizuo moved forward and back. She tried shoving Shizuo's head closer so he could be deeper inside his lover, but Shizuo resisted and continued his agonizingly slow pace.

"I'm cumming," Izaya warned breathily.

Shizuo ignored him and continued. He continued even when Izaya tried pushing him away.

Izaya climaxed with a gasp, clutching Shizuo's head as he rode out his orgasm by thrusting himself into Shizuo's mouth a few more times. Shizuo allowed him to and swallowed his load obediently. When Izaya was spent he moved his mouth away and looked up at his lover.

Izaya was still breathing hard but managed a smirk as he said, "You look good down there, Shizu-chan."

Shizuo smiled and stood up. "Don't get used to it. I'm leaving now before you start whining again."

"I wasn't whining!" Izaya growled.

Shizuo smirked but didn't say anything as he left, smiling as he thought about how amazing the next night would be.

FYI: I don't understand French at all and translated the sentences. If it's wrong then I don't really care. It's supposed to be what I put in the brackets.

Also I'm sorry about how long this took to write. I've been distracted and had writer's block halfway, so it may read as choppy or off but I'm not editing it five times, that's my limit for such a short story. But that concludes this story and again I thank you all for reading! I love your comments and favorites so much that I'd like to sing about it, but I won't because that would be horrible so I write about it instead! Love you all and thank you!