AN: This is possibly the first time I wrote and published a fic in years, so bear with me please. I know what you're thinking, "oh god not another Salvatore sister fic." I really want this story to be mainly Kol/OC centric, but there will be a few chapters with not much of that for the sake of moving the story first chapter takes place during 3x10, and it's mainly introducing Charlotte and who she is. Also she's portrayed by Ariana Grande. This chapter is short, and hopefully appealing, it was really hard to do such an intro. Please do not bash, but comments and suggestions are welcomed! Also for anyone who wouldn't mind hearing potential spoilers please PM me! I have a few ideas on how I want to take the OC and plot and would love to hear your opinions! Enjoy, R&R.


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Stefan started walking towards the house and suddenly turned "I´m in this alone Damon."

Damon smirked "You´re going after Klaus, you have to be cutthroat and devious, I´m so much better at that than you." Damon began to walk closer towards his younger sibling, "Come on brother. What do you say? If you're gonna keep saving my life at least make it for a good reason."

All Stefan could do was stare at him with an emotionless face and respond, "You want in huh?" They both agreed in such a tone that no mortal would be able to hear. Stefan nodded and began, "Okay, but it´s just me and you. Elena stays out of it."

"Deal," Damon slowly retorted.

Before either of them continued a third voice entered in the scene.

"And what about me? Of course you two are leaving your baby sister out of your plans as always." A young girl said appearing out of the shadows of the forest surrounding them. She was short with long dark brown almost borderline burgundy curls that reached her down her back but was tied in a French braid, her features were accompanied with dark chocolate eyes. She was wearing a black top with a black leather jacket and black skinny jeans. She seemed like the female equivalent to Damon when it came to style. Next to her was a young man, around the same age as her with an emotionless face.

"Charlotte?" Stefan said wide-eyed and she smirked.

"The one and only," She said motioning to herself. Damon stared at her with squinting eyes and didn't know how to formulate a response thus all her could say was:

"In 1942 you said we were dead to you, and here you are back in your home town."

She gave an over-exaggerated gasp and touched her chest to motion how hurt she was, "That hurt Damon." She smiled again, "Okay not really. I figured I didn't want to stoop as low as the both of you. I actually care about you two, and surprisingly Katherine called me up and said I should help you guys with not just whatever dysfunctional relationship us three have, but with whatever you're doing against Klaus."

"Do you have some deep hatred for Klaus too?" Stefan asked curiously.

"That's for me to know and for you to… dot dot dot," She smirked. Damon furrowed his eyebrows.

"It sounds better when I say it, by the way Charlie, who is your friend?" Her smug face softened and she gave something neither of them expected, a genuine smile. She looked down and let out a small laugh.

"Charlie. I haven't heard anyone call me that in a long time." The brothers smiled to themselves as well and she quickly changed her tone.

"Oh him? I don't know him. I forgot his name already. Jake, Jack, or was it Jason? Eh, doesn't matter."

"Then why did you bring him here," Stefan asked clearly confused. She brought back her smirk.

"Oh he's just dinner, forgot to have a snack along the way here y'know?" Her veins popped out from under eyes and fangs appeared as she quickly went behind the human and bit into his neck viciously. Both brothers gasped and took a step back as they saw the life fade away from the boy's eyes and she pulled back.

"What the hell Charlie?" Damon snapped and all she could do was groan

"Don't worry he's not from here I picked him up from Connecticut. Now he's outlived his purpose," She said darkly and snapped his neck and watched the limp body fall to the ground. She gave a triumphant sigh and looked at her brothers and smiled, "So what's the plan to dispose of the original hybrid?"

Stefan simply smiled and said "Follow me." But Damon abruptly stopped his siblings, "Wait, I´m not so welcomed in there."

"Yeah and I don't think I will be either considering what I just did," Charlotte added motioning to the dead body.

Stefan gave a chilling smile, "Don´t you guys worry. We all want the same thing," With that he turned around and headed inside. Damon and Charlotte looked at each other unsure if they should follow but they shrugged their shoulders and did.

Upon walking in Stefan said "Have a look." Damon retorted confused, "What? Klaus is allergic to dust?" causing Charlotte to snort at his response. Stefan laughed and said, "Hm, Look again." The four coffins magically appeared.

"Witch spirits hate Klaus as much as we do, they´re using their powers to hide the coffins."

"So even if he comes in the house," Damon began to say.

"He won´t be able to find them," Charlotte finished his sentence both of them were surprised and up right astounded by the plan.