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Kol woke up the next morning with his arm around Charlotte, or so he thought. He felt his arm on the empty side of the bed and immediately shot up in panic. Soon enough the alluring scent hit him, blood. Kol rushed downstairs into the parlor and saw the scene in front of him. Ten dead bodies on the floor, a few drunkenly dancing around, and one teenage guy getting the blood sucked out of him by Charlotte.

"Found a few teenagers having a party out in the woods and decided I wanted some fun too, don't you think babe?"

He squinted his eyes at her and whatever twenty-first century pet name she just used on him. Kol wasn't sure if he should be proud or worried that she went off the rails that fast. He cautiously studied her in fear that she turned it off completely.

"What are you waiting for Kol? I saved a few girls for you," Charlotte sounded impatient, and raised an eyebrow. She realized what he was thinking and giggled, "I didn't turn it off completely so don't worry that pretty little head of yours." Charlotte winked at him, their similarities were scary, she really was his female counterpart. This was his Lottie he knew and adored, the one he longed to see. His expressionless glare curved into a smirk, "certainly."

Kol drank from the remaining girls and Charlotte watched with a smirk as she took a swig of a bourbon bottle. Upon his last girl drinking from her left side of the neck she joined him and drank from the right. The body soon went limp, letting the vampires drop the girl simultaneously. The two looked at each other and took heavy breaths. Charlotte wasted no time to use her speed and pinned him against the wall and kissed him, hungrily. She abruptly pulled away giving a teasing grin.

"A century later and you're still a tease my little vixen?"

"I mean if you don't want me that's okay then," she gave an innocent shrug and began to walk away but Kol grabbed her wrist and brought it to his lips and bit into it. Charlotte gave a gasp of ecstasy and euphoria. He roughly pulled her closer as he continued to drink and she went in for his neck, giving a kiss before biting into it. Kol used this moment to speed her outside of the room against the staircase. This caused them to pull away from the bites and pull into a kiss. Kol's hands were gripping her waist and Charlotte's were playing with his hair. Kol pulled away and rested his forehead on hers, breathing heavily. "You're not gonna snap my neck are you Lottie?" He teasingly asked.

"Only if you behave," she whispered and went back in for another kiss. They sped up back into the room hitting the door frame, the wall, and a bookcase pinning each other on each back and forth. By now she was in her undergarments and Kol was shirtless. Kol roughly threw her on her bed before he suddenly hovered over her. Charlotte wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him closer to kiss him. He suddenly pulled away studying her and caressed her cheek.

"You sure you want this?"

After finding out all that she's been through from now since her human days he was petrified of forcing her into something she wasn't ready to do yet, or even worse, ever. Charlotte's feature soften, as if she was surprised he cared that much, and gave him a small smile and nod. Her smile turned into a smirk upon flipping him over so she was straddling him. She went in and bit into his shoulder, after pulling away she went to kiss him. Charlotte teasingly pulled away once again and touched his bloody shoulder then smeared the blood down his chest and over his abdomen.

Kol sat up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist as he kept one hand on her lower back keeping her in place and the other cupping her cheek. He went in to kiss her, her cheek, and soon enough he whispered in her ear, "you're mine," and bit into her neck and she groaned out in pleasure. After pulling away he pinned her back down on the bed and kissed her.

After many bruises and bite marks later Kol watched her snuggle up against him, which was rare for her. She was tracing fake designs on his chest with her fingers.

"I forgot how good you were in bed Lottie," he smirked as he murmured it before kissing the top of her head.

"Yeah and I thought you were going to be a little rusty after a century of being in a box," she giggled and got up from the bed to put her bra and underwear back on. She found her bra on the couch, and panties on the lamp. Kol grabbed his boxers from the ceiling fan and retorted, "And what about yourself you haven't had sex since then as well." Charlotte immediately got quiet as she finished hooking her bra back on, and Kol definitely took note of it.

"Right darling?" He said putting on his undergarments. Still no response and Kol turned to her, squinting his eyes.

"In my defense, I thought you were dead and gone forever!" She crossed her arms defensively. Kol was instantly in front of her.

"So you mourned by sleeping with other men?" He spat at her.

"I waited a few years okay," that didn't make him feel better. She pushed him down on the bed and straddled on top of him. Charlotte let her hand caress his chest, Kol tried his best not to let her win, but he couldn't.

"If I died and was gone forever would you never have sex with anyone else ever again?"

Kol stayed quiet knowing she was right. She leaned down and whispered in his ear, "That's what I thought." Kol roughly pulled her on the bed so she was under him being pinned down. He smirked at her and she tried her best to not show any emotion.

"Looks like I need to show you once again that you're mine and mine only. I'm absolutely fine with going for round two" Kol used one of his hands to softly caress down her thigh, then used the other to push her head to the side letting his fingers brush her neck and kissing it.

"Well I need to go shower," Charlotte casually pushed him off of her and his mouth dropped.

"No invitation to shower with you?" He scoffed causing her to giggle.

"I'm sure you can find yourself another one in this huge house." He rolled his eyes at her.

"Fine, but make it quick, we're going out."

"Of course," she grinned at him.

Charlotte got out of the shower and put her clothes that she came to Denver on. She walked downstairs to a quiet house, with no Kol in sight. Until she felt familiar arms wrap around her, and she snuggled in them, giggling.

They spent their day together shopping, compelling, and feeding. By now Charlotte was in a coffee shop and Kol waited for her in his car with all her bags. Kol surprised her with a new dress, and necklace, and bracelet in his way to apologize for torturing her, and she got him a new coat and watch as a belated welcome back from a box gift. Charlotte ordered their drinks, two strawberry iced teas, which seemed normal, until Charlotte went to the corner of the shop and secretly poured half a blood bag in both their drinks causing the color to turn a darker pink. She walked back to the car and saw Kol get off the phone with a unreadable expression, Charlotte had a sense that something was up and wasn't going to let him hide it.

"So who was that?" She asked as she got in.

"'Bekah." He said nonchalantly as he took his drink out of her hand. He was about to drink it and continue what his sister called about when he abruptly stopped and examined the drink.

"The bloody hell is this?"

"Strawberry iced tea," She responded with a matter-of-fact tone. He furrowed his eyebrows at her.

"I am not going to drink something so," He paused, "fruity."

Charlotte rolled her eyes, "Just continue on and drink you idiot."

He gave her a playful grin and drank it, "So as I was saying, wait is there blood in this Lottie?" All she did was innocently bat her eyes at him, "and these are the little things that make me love you darling." Kol said kissing her forehead.

"Boy does it feel good to hear those words," she whispered to herself knowing her could hear her, and all he did was return with a smirk.

"Anyways, they neutralized Klaus. Some witchy stuff compliments of their Bennett friend." He said as if he was talking about the weather.

"Aren't you at least mad?" She asked cautiously.

"It'll give him a chance to have a taste of his own medicine," he said bitterly taking another sip of his drink. With that, they drove back in silence.

When they arrived back at his place Charlotte ran inside and went into the kitchen taking out two bottles of bourbon, and tossed one at Kol which he easily caught.

"And what do you think you're doing love?" He asked playfully knowing all too well what was going on.

"Don't tell me you forgot the ritual?" She asked with a fake hurt tone of voice.

"How could I forget? Getting filthy drunk, dancing, and killing some lot before we leave a town."

"So no one can forget Kol and Charlotte," She said, and he suddenly advanced towards her.

"Lottie and Kol," he whispered. He picked up the remote on the table next to him and turned on the speakers which began to blast some dance song he heard Jeremy and his friend dance to at some party. They both simultaneously drank a chug from their bottles. Kol roughly pulled her waist closer to him with his free hand, as she used hers to hook around his neck. They danced to the beat and sped around the room coming together and apart at different parts of the songs. It was cute for her to watch him drunkenly dance like he would back before he was daggered. Charlotte twirled to the song with her bottle and felt him pull herself against him by the waist once again, this time from the back.

"Not too shabby, Mr. Mikaelson." He kissed her cheek and suddenly bit into her neck as she gasped in ecstasy.

Hours later they were done with their fourth bottles and had the room piled with blood-drained bodies they compelled earlier to come. They now slowly danced together amongst the massacre.

"Where to now Lottie?"

"London has changed a lot since your time, France is too crowded now, maybe New York, the Arab Emirates have become breathtaking."

"Emirates it is," he said leaning in, he was about to kiss her when his phone interrupted them. They both groaned, as Kol pulled his out and answered it.

"What now 'Bekah?" He asked annoyed and rolled his eyes.

"He's dead!" Rebekah choked out a sob. The couple froze.

"Who is dead?" He cautiously asked.

"Nik, I watched him die, I saw him go in flames, the hunter did it and I was helpless. I tried to stop it, I tried." She sobbed.

"Kill the hunter," was all he said venomously and hung up. Charlotte could practically feel the anger emitting off of him and unintentionally took a step back. A second later Kol hurled his phone against the wall.

"I should hate Nik! After all he's done to us, to me, to you, he ruined us! But no, he's dead, my brother is dead." He yelled, and Charlotte could have sworn she saw tears in his eyes. She remained quiet, then he looked up at her, with a broken face, "and so are you."

"What?" She choked out confused, and frightened on where he is going with this.

"You're from his line Lottie! He turned Mary! No, no, no. Charlotte, my Charlotte." He looked broken, absolutely broken. Charlotte didn't care if she died or not, seeing him like this made her heart ache. Tears rolled down her cheeks, as she ran into his arms hugging him tightly. She pulled away and gripped his hand tightly leading him to the blood covered couch. He sat on it stiffly, as she climbed on it and sat on her knees, still holding his hand. She leaned in and kissed him. Once they pulled away, Charlotte rested her head on his shoulder, and he rested his head on her. They said nothing, and stared quietly in silence at the bodies surrounding them. They just stayed together, until the end, until she died. Instead she didn't, and they just fell asleep, without realizing it.