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I'm naked, I'm numb, I'm stupid, I'm staying,

And if Cupid's got a gun, then he's shootin'

- Lykke Li

Charlotte woke up, groggy from last night. She saw the empty bottles and blood bags covering her floor. She tried ignoring the fact that Kol was back. They were meant to be together, they loved each other, but everything is happening at the wrong time. Her brothers will kill her upon finding out that the boy she fell for in 1864 was a member of the Original Family.

"Look who is finally up." Her attention went to the door and saw Andrew walking into her bedroom; he admired her floor and smirked. Poor guy, he was madly in love with her, and she knew it. She didn't feel the same for him, thinking about even dating the guy would make her throw up. He looked at her and brought out an envelope with her name on it, she raised an eyebrow upon looking at it.

"Found this outside your doorstep," Andrew said upon throwing the card in her lap. She quickly opened it and read it out loud, "Please join the Mikaelson Family, this evening at seven o'clock. For dancing, cocktails and celebration."


Kol Mikaelson.

Uh oh.

"Cool who's party are we crashing?" Andrew said plopping onto her bed causing her to roll her eyes.

"First off it's a ball. Second of all, I was the one invited." She winked at him and he laughed. He turned himself to face her as they both sat on the bed.

"Miss Charlotte Salvatore, would you please do me the honor and accompany me to the Mikaelson's ball?" He asked in a sarcastic formal tone upon grabbing her hand. She laughed and felt the heat make it onto her cheeks.

"The ball you're not invited to?" She said laughing. "Just say yes, you know you want to."

She sighed, "It'd be my pleasure." She was bored, so what that Kol was back, he was an ass to her at the end. He didn't care about her. She wanted to get the original riled up, just a little bit, until she's satisfied. It was their thing, to push each other's buttons. Andrew kissed her cheek and quickly left. She touched the spot and felt bad, she was leading him on, it wasn't going to end well at all and she knew it. She felt like Katherine when she toyed with her brothers so damn much. This was when she finally noticed a note on the back.

You skipping out last night won't stop Kol from knowing you're alive, he doesn't know yet, but I recommend to not test his patience. You of all people should know that.- Klaus

She realized she just read the note out loud, without stopping. She could finally say his name.

"Kol." She breathed out and smiled to herself.

Her brothers left much earlier than her, she was taking her time to get dolled up. She wore a light pink ball gown, with silver gems covering the chest area and went down to make a design on one side of her ball gown. She never really liked pink, well she did when she was human, but today she felt like it was perfect. Along with them she wore silver elbow length silk gloves. She parted her hair to the side and French braiding the front portion so she could pin them back and let the rest of her curls down. Andrew arrived shortly after and linked his arm with Charlotte.

The huge doors of the mansion were opened and the townspeople were flooding in. They held onto each other and walked towards Damon and the mayor talking. She stopped when she saw a figure walk up to them and talked to the two. She listened in the conversation and instantly picked up the voice. It was him, it was Kol. Her heart began to beat rapidly, and she had to try her best to slow it down. Andrew took notice of it, but continued to walk towards the three as he held onto her arms. She finally regained her composure and tried her best to act indifferent to everything. As Kol began to walk away, Damon spoke

"Well looks like Cinderella made it to her ball. Looking gorgeous Charlie." Kol stopped. He froze right in his tracks. Only Damon called one girl Charlie, and that was his Lottie. He slowly turned around with narrowed eyebrows and pure shock. She was alive. His Charlotte wasn't killed by Nik. She still had that stunning soft smile, perfect soft skin, warm eyes that made any man weak. He noticed her hair wasn't as brown as before, with a hint of burgundy in there. It suited his girl. She wore a pink ball gown; even as a vampire she never wore pink, only when she was a mere human.

"Who's the guy?" Damon asked, clearly protective in his tone. Kol was so shocked that she was here, he didn't realize her arms were hooked to another man. This man was keeping his Lottie away from her, and boy was he going to pay.

"I'm her date actually." Andrew retorted. Kol looked at his girl, her expression was nonchalant, as if she didn't care that he was standing right before her. She gave him a soft smile once again.

"This is Andrew, met him in the twenties, and taught him how to have a blast as a vampire." She giggled at her date and he smile back. Kol was clenching his fist. Charlotte's attention quickly towards Carol, "Oh, You must be the mayor of Mystic Falls. I'm Charlotte Salvatore." She knew how to win the hearts of adults, making herself seem like the perfect angel.

"Nice to meet you Charlotte, now if you all excuse me I have to have a word with the city's treasurer." She smiled back at the young girl shaking her hand and walked away.

She locked eyes with Kol, she knew that look, he was trying to read her, trying to figure out what his dear Lottie was up to.

"I don't believe we met." She said in the perfect disguised tone of confusion. Kol took a second to respond or to wonder if she really didn't know him. He quickly grabbed her hand kissing it as he kept his eyes on her.

"Kol Mikaelson."

"Pleasure," she said seeming uninterested in who he was, he was getting heated, she just knew it. Damon had to hold in his laughter, but he had a proud smile towards his sister being snarky to the Original. Too bad he didn't realize the two had history together.

"Charlie can you help me find Stefan?" He spoke up, all three pairs of eyes were on him.

"Yeah, sure," she said as she unlinked herself from Andrew. " Andrew don't get yourself in too much trouble." She whispered in his ear, even though the other two vampires both heard them, and kissed his cheek. Kol was ready to strangle some sense into her, but he stood there, with his dark eyes. She walked passed him smirking. It was just Andrew and Kol, and Kol quickly seized his opportunity, "C'mon mate I know a few places where we can get ourselves a drink." He winked at him and grinned, so the younger vampire knew what he meant by 'drink'. Andrew got excited, "Alright cool man." Kol patted his shoulder and led the way to some random room in the hallway.

"So, who do we kill first?" Andrew said smirking. Kol gave him a twisted smile, "You." Before Andrew could question Kol, the Original quickly ripped his heart out.

"The young ones never learn do they?" He laughed to himself. He quickly cleaned himself up and threw the heart out the window. He could hear Elijah gathering everyone together and made his way up the stair case and examined the crowd gathering. His eyes focused on one person only.

"Welcome, thank you for joining us. You know, whenever my mother brings our family together like this, it's tradition for us to commence the evening with a dance."

Charlotte was with her brothers as their attention went straight towards the women going down the steps, it was the Original Witch.

"Do you see who I see?" Damon whispered.

"Oh yeah." His brother nodded in agreement. She didn't pay attention to them she looked at the steps and locked eyes with Kol, who was glaring at her since she first entered the room, she felt a shudder through her body. He was just shocked she was alive, and confused as to why she didn't remember him, he then assumed she was just acting like that in front of her brother. Charlotte saw his flustered expression turn into anger, as he turned behind him and glared at his brother. Klaus simply responded with a smug look. Before Kol said anything Elijah continued talking.

"Tonight's pick is a centuries-old waltz, so if all of you could please find yourselves a partner, please join us in the ballroom." He said and then made his way down the steps.

Kol quickly walked down next to his brother

"You said she was dead." He gritted to his teeth.

"Oops." Klaus said taking a sip out of his drinking. "Consider this a peace offering little brother." Before Kol could respond his brother was gone lost in the crowd, probably looking for Caroline. He walked into the crowd and stopped right in his tracks as her saw her talking to the other Salvatore brother who he hasn't met yet.

"I'm not dancing with you Stefan." She laughed

"Why not?" He whined

"I'm not desperate enough for a dance partner that I'm going to partner with my brother" She smiled patting him on the shoulder, and he walked off. After her brother was gone she looked right in front of her and saw Kol. Her eyes widened a little, but tried to stop herself from giving it away. He smirked and walked up to her.

"Charlotte. Oh how I've missed you, love. You still looked stunning, as always." He said taking her hand and caressed small circles onto it. She smiled and hoped that the following words come out somewhat believable.

"I'm sorry, didn't we just meet a few minutes ago?" She tried to ask innocently, and he clearly bought it.

He froze, "What?" he asked and boy his tone did not sound happy, "So you really don't know darling?" She shook her head like a child.

"Of course that bastard brother of mine compelled you to forget me; I mean he did tell me you were dead." She stayed quiet, she felt kind of bad for throwing Klaus under the bus like that.

"Don't worry it's not your fault Lottie, I'll tell you about us and our relationship over a dance." He said with that boyish smile she always fell in love with.

"Not even asking me to dance, how chivalrous of you." She smirked at him, she felt like a total bitch, but she wanted to have some fun with it. Yet, there was a part of her screaming at her, asking her why she was continuing on with this foolish act, it's that part of her that wasn't scared of her brothers; that part of her that was madly in love with him regardless of how much he hurt her in the past.

"You never liked the gentleman type Lottie, but I the music playing come with me." He said as he began dragging her into the room which made her she feel like a child. They stood behind her brother and Elena, and they both gave her confused looks, she just looked away blushing, and Kol seemed amused. The dancing finally began and he quickly began to talk.

"This was how we met you know, I asked you for a dance at some formal event back when you were human."

"Oh really?" She said in a bored tone, she didn't know how to act considering she knew all of these memories.

"I missed us, we used to have a blast. My favorite thing about you was that you didn't care about what anyone thought, your happiness, was your priority." He continued, she couldn't tell if he knew she was lying. She looked away and saw Klaus glaring at her while he danced with Caroline, and she quickly looked back at Kol.

"I turned you too, how can you not remember that? Well Katerina gave you the blood, I was more than happy to snap you're pretty little neck," He grinned.

"You say it as if I care." She responded with a harsh tone, she could feel him boil up inside. Right before he could respond it was time to switch partners, and once he twirled her around she ended up in the arms of Klaus. 'This isn't going to be good' she thought.

"Hello sweetheart." He said with a playful smile, all she could do was try to smile back.

"I'm surprised my brother is falling for your weak act." She looked over the dancing crowd and saw Kol watching them confused.

"I mean, didn't I only compel you to forget Kol's name, for the safety of both my family and yours. Also I compelled you to forget until the next time you saw him, which clearly you already had. Last night, you quickly left my mansion for a reason right love?" She glared at him.

"You just don't want your dear brothers to find out that you loved an Original, and by the look in your eyes you still do. Or are you trying to get back at him for snapping your neck before I daggered him? Maybe it's both, hm?" And with that she was twirled back into the arms of Kol.

"I had a feeling you were lying darling. Now who should I kill to prove to you that you're mine, and I'm yours? I mean I already ripped out that baby vampire's heart," Her mouth dropped.

"Andrew!" She gasped, and felt tears well up in her eye. She knew something bad was going to happen to him. She had to blink them away so Kol couldn't use them against her.

"I'm surprised you finally realized your date was missing. I mean you've been too busy reconciling with me to even give a damn about the guy? Smart move, love."

"You're not killing anyone else Kol." She snapped at him. His fire of his Lottie was still in there.

"Don't tell me you're a Marry Sue vampire Lottie." He whined. The music ended and the dancing stopped, but he still held her in the dancing place, tightly.

"No, I do what I want, and right now I don't want anything to do with you." She growled and broke away from his grasp; she quickly went into the crowd of people.

Kol let his Lottie be and walked away towards his sister asking "Where's your date?"

"Flirting with his ex" She sighed "Where is Charlotte I haven't seen her in years, I heard she's somewhere here. I always liked the girl, hopefully she and I can share a distaste for Elena"

He ignored her question about Charlotte and said "You've changed, Bekah. You know, settling for mortals are the first sign of weakness."

"I'm not settling. I brought him here to kill him. He's Elena's friend. If he dies she suffers. But I've already been scolded once so I was hoping you'd help your baby sister out."

"And spit right in the face of mother's rules?" His face of disgust turned into a smirk "I'm in."

Her brothers and Elena were nowhere to be found, as always. She saw that Caroline girl who was talking to Matt, the kid who works at The Grill. She was about to walk up to them and introduce herself when she bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm so-" She began to say but stopped when she realized it was Klaus.

"Oh it's just you never mind." She smiled sweetly.

"My brother fancies you, I'm not going to let you hurt him" he replied. She scoffed at the hybrid, "Says the guy who daggered him."

"I'm his brother."

"That makes it worse." He laughed at her frustration, but his laugh quickly got dark. "Love, I've been nothing less of a gentleman towards you, and this is how you repay me?"

"If you've been listening to mine and your brother's conversation you'd know I don't like gentlemen."

He chuckled and continued "You were using me as a scapegoat because you're scared of what your brothers might think. Charlotte dear, I think they have no care about you at the moment considering they're fighting for Elena. Haven't we gone over this? So take my advice, and do whatever makes you happy. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to win over a certain blonde." He said as he softly touched her shoulder and then passed her to make his way out the room. She saw Kol staring at her from the other end of the room; she looked down and left to find her brothers.

She was walking in some hallway and heard the sounds of her brothers' voices

"I'm trying to keep her alive, Stefan."

"Yeah, well, your emotions are getting in the way of our plan."

"My emotions? How is this even happening right now?"

"Maybe because you care too damn much."

"Enough!" A voice yelled, and they looked to see an aggravated Charlotte standing in the Library doorway. She continued to talk "You know if this was a year ago the roles would definitely be reversed."

"People change Charlie." Stefan said.

"Speaking of girls we need to take care of, Charlie why is mini Klaus your new date?" Damon asked.

"He's not my date!" She blushed "Plus that's none of your concern." And with that she walked out of the room leaving Stefan and Damon baffled at their little sister.

She was outside and stopped when she saw Matt putting his varsity jacket over Rebekha. She smiled, 'Maybe they could make a cute couple.' She saw them walking away and her smile vanished as she saw Kol lurking in the shadows, and he did not look happy. She used her vampire speed and stopped him from walking any further.

"Don't kill him."

"Ah, carrying about mortal lives, first symptom of being a Mary Sue vampire."

"Can you please stop calling me that?" She meant to say it in a normal voice but accidentally yelled it instead. She didn't mean to yell at him she was just frustrated about everyone's assumptions.

"I'm sorry." He murmured, he was about to touch her cheek but she was already gone.

Kol walked back inside and stood next to Finn as their mother was about to speak, he looked to his left and saw Charlotte standing in between her brothers, he could tell she was sad, but he just couldn't understand why. She was the one who was pushing him away, although she was still angry at him. Still did she really care that much about what her brothers thought of her? After being daggered for over a century, he realized that this wasn't his Lottie. This wasn't his Lottie who was as wicked and unstable as him. This was Lottie, tied down to her brothers' expectations. This was Charlotte Salvatore trying to please her brothers rather than herself. She wasn't her normal crazy self, and Kol didn't like it one bit. His thoughts were interrupted to the sound of someone ringing their glass; it was his mother at the top of the steps.

"Good Evening, Ladies and Gentleman. Waiters are coming around with champagne. I invite you all to join me in raising a glass. It provides me with no greater joy then to see my family back together as one. I'd like to thank you all for being part of this spectacular evening. Cheers!"

He saw Charlotte looking at him, with small smile as she raised her glass towards him, and he did the same.

Charlotte stood alone amongst all these people until she saw Stefan run out the door, following him was Elena, and the Originals casually walking out, minus Kol. 'This isn't good' she worried to herself. She ran out the door holding onto her ball gown and stood next to Klaus only to realize they were watching Damon next to an unconscious Kol

"Damon what did you do?" She yelled at him, completely upset.

"Snapped your date's neck Charlie, just being the problem I am." He responded with hatred embedded in his voice and he began to walk away.

She walked down the steps and hovered over Kol's unconscious body.

"There is a staircase upon entering the back door; Just take him through there so the other guests don't notice." Klaus said to Finn and Elijah, they quickly picked up their little brother by each arm and sped off.

"Charlie, I'm going to take Elena home, so I'll see you at the boarding house." Stefan told her and she simply nodded. Then she realized she was in the presence of Elena, yeah she saw her earlier but they never really met.

"Hi, I'm Elena. Your brothers told me so much about you," She said smiling.

"I'm sure they both have." She replied showing the doppelganger how much she didn't like her, before Elena could respond Stefan took her away.

It was just her, Klaus, and Rebekah. The two original siblings staring at her didn't make the scene less awkward.

"Good, you don't like her as well Charlotte." Rebekah cheered. Charlotte laughed, "Good to see you to Rebekah." She turned her attention towards Klaus, "Which bedroom is Kol's?" He smirked, "Third one on the right." And she was gone.

Charlotte went upstairs and walked down the huge hallway until she and saw Finn and Elijah leaving Kol's room. She smiled and walked passed them into his room shutting the door behind her. She saw him lying on his back deeply unconscious. Elijah and Finn placed him on the side of the bed; they probably knew she was going to stay with him until he woke up, which would be in at least an hour or two. She checked her cell phone and noticed it was almost eleven o'clock then placed it on his dresser. She sat on the edge of his bed, and admired him. He looked so innocent; he didn't look like an evil murderer. He looked human. She got up and went to lie down next to him. She stared at him for a few seconds before going in to kiss his cheek whispering, "I'll always stand by your side." She planned on just waiting for him to wake up, but the exhaustion took over and she slowly fell asleep.

Two hours passed by until Kol's eyes finally snapped open and he gasped for breath. He rubbed his stiff neck muttering "I am going to murder Damon Salvatore." Anger was clear in his tone. It was still dark out he noticed looking out the window, but he didn't hear any guests. He forgot all of his thoughts when he noticed Charlotte sleeping next to him. He looked at her, she seemed like she was scared. She was always distraught whenever her hands were gripping onto the sheets. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her forehead. She suddenly got even more stiff and slowly got up as she rubbed her eyes.

"What are you doing?" She sleepily asked. He held her hand and made a 'shhh' sound, "Go back to sleep darling," he whispered in her ear, pushing her body back down. She suddenly snapped back back up. "What time is it?" She asked nervously.

"Almost one in the morning, what's wrong Lottie?" He asked looking the clock next to his bed. He felt her quickly jump out the bed heading for his door.

"I need to go home. My brothers, they'll be worried, crap. I'm so stupid." She was rubbing her temples. He appeared in front of her, stopping her from reaching the door handle and placed a finger on her lips and began to 'shh' her again, he then used both hands and cupped her face.

"No you're not. You can tell them in the morning." He told her, and she bit her lip. He knew she only did that when she was really unsure about something, unsure to the point where she was nervous and scared. "Its fine, we can just go back to sleep, and tell them that if they ask. It will be the truth." She nodded, but still picked up her phone from his dresser, "I still need to text my brothers at least."

"You need to bloody do what?" He narrowed his eyes. She turned around with her mouth dropped, "You're joking right Kol?" He didn't answer her, he was mad she even assumed he was, he got even angrier when he saw that se had to cover her mouth from laughing.

"Klaus didn't teach you twenty first century technology yet huh?" He gave her an annoyed look, she brought her hands up in a defensive mode, "Hey, hey, I was just wondering. Um, texting, it's like a written message you send to someone's mobile phone, much easier than calling. I'll teach you another time." She said as she began to scroll through her phone. The Original noticed her change of face when she looked at it with disappointment. No messages, no texts, nothing from her brothers.

"Are they mad?" He asked curiously.

"They didn't notice that I didn't come home." She whispered. "Maybe they're starting not to care about me once again. Klaus was right." She sniffled a little. Kol walked closer towards her and kissed the top of her head. He pulled away and led her back to the bed. She lied on the left and he lied on the right, they were facing each other. He pulled over the comforter to place over them. She stayed quiet, and looked down, she seemed sad-really, really sad. Kol quickly took note of it.

"Lottie, what's wrong?" She looked up at him, her eyes were red withh evident tears. She began to cry, and felt the burning tears fall. Kol hated seeing her sad, he's seen her cry out of fear and such, but when she was miserable, he didn't know what to do. He held her hand, and caressed it once again with circles using his thumb. He didn't say a word.

"Why did you leave me? Why Kol? You're acting like everything is fine, but you snapped my neck and left me. You said I outlived my purpose. I woke up alone Kol, until I went downstairs and watched your brother dagger you. I was miserable for years, for a guy who never loved me. Why are you doing this to me?" She was hysterical, and began using her small fists to hit his chest. He quickly grabbed both of them with his own. She closed her eyes and continued to sob.

"Look at me." Kol said sternly, and he did. He saw the desperation in her eyes, he saw how broken he really was, and he was the reason why, which made him feel worse.

"I acted so cold to protect you darling. We were in New Orleans at the time, remember? My father who was hunting my siblings and me down found us. I was just going to take you with me and we'd leave my family, but Nik told me you were a liability, you and I both could have died. I needed you to hate me so you wouldn't follow me and get yourself killed Lottie. I couldn't let that happen to my girl could I? I was going to get you after a few years when the Mikael hysteria died down, but as you know, Nik stuck a dagger in my heart because he thought I'd do something stupid." He caressed her cheek. She sniffled again after her crying died down, "Really?" He nodded his head and leaned in to kiss her. They pulled away and let their foreheads touch. She went down to place head against his chest. "I love you Kol." She whispered, he only kissed her forehead. Her heart dropped a little when he didn't say it back, but he never actually has before. She shouldn't be expecting much from him.

Kol waited until he could hear her heart beat so slowly that he for sure knew she was asleep. She moves a lot in her sleep, and pulled away from him, it was better for him to look at her. He saw the inner peace she finally felt. She wasn't scared; she wasn't confused, she wasn't anxious, she was normal for once, she seemed safe. He thought back to the last time he saw her like this.

Kol snapped her neck and carefully placed her in the middle of the bed and covered her cold body with a blanket. She may have unwillingly gone unconscious, but she seemed so calm, in tranquility, but so fragile. She was his Lottie, his delicate Lottie that he adored. Kol kneeled down and caressed her cheek and pushed back a few strands of hair. "I love you Lotte, I will return to you soon." Kol whispered as he leaned down to kiss her forehead. He only said it when he knew she could never hear him utter those words, it made him so vulnerable and he refused to ever show that side, even around her.