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With a sigh Sasuke let himself fall on his couch. This night had been... frustrating. To say the least. He leaned his head back and moaned when his mind tortured him with flashes of that tempting body, grinding to the beats. Warily eyeing the bulge in his pants he tried to convince himself to take a cold shower. But somehow his body didn't move and his thoughts were once again flooded with the sinful memories that would be forever etched in his mind.

It had been the first time for most of them. In a matter of months, 7 of his friends and Sasuke himself had turned 18. Finally they could go out, have some drinks and were allowed inside Konoha's most obscure club. They had only heard rumours of what was going on there and they couldn't wait to find out for themselves. Naruto, Lee and Kiba had been ecstatic, Sakura, Tenten and Hinata looked downright scared, and Shino had just shrugged. Neji and Ino had turned 18 a few months earlier and had already been at the club a few times.

When they arrived, the deep thumping beats immediately nestled in his chest, raising his heartbeat even more. Sure, he had been nervous. Not that anyone would ever find out about it of course. He looked as calm as always. But ever since Itachi had told him that his sensei was practically a regular there, his stomach had been boiling with anticipation. This was the perfect opportunity to see his gorgeous teacher outside the boundaries of their training. And even more so, to make sure Kakashi would see him in another light as just a former student.

Nobody knew about his secret crush on his sensei. About the hours he had spend looking at the man, admiring the rough lines of his flexible body. That body, it was so strong, so powerful, so fast and so deadly. But at the same time the man was kind, gentle and smooth and it turned the youngest Uchiha on like nothing ever had. Their private training hours before the Chuunin exam was like Sasuke's own private porn stash, locked away safely in his head. Every touch of his sensei's surprisingly silky skin or the sound of his deep, lazy voice was categorized and filed, ready to be pulled to the surface during lonely hours.

Nobody knew, except of course for Itachi. His beautiful Nii-san knew every dirty little secret there was to know about him. It had always been that way and it would never be any other way, if Sasuke had any say in it. His Nii-san…. Well, their relationship was… complicated. Which was an understatement.

As soon as they arrived, Ino came crashing through the door, looking very flustered. She knocked Naruto over, who almost started to voice his complains, when the screeching voice of the blonde girl shut him up. Ino leaned back against the wall and rubbed her temples with her fingers, before she even recognized the group in front of her. Her eyes drifted towards Sasuke's slender form, clad in dark blue jeans, riding dangerously low on his hips and an Uchiha-blue skin tight top.

"GODS Sakura, I don't know HOW you ever came up with the concentration to work with Team 7. Not only eye candy IN the class, but eye candy in FRONT of the class too. I might have new-found respect for you!"

Both Sakura and Naruto looked at the girl dumbfounded. Sasuke just narrowed one eye in an attempt to hide his curiosity.

"What are you rambling about Ino? Did something happen to Kakashi-sensei?"

Naruto almost violently shook the blonde to force her to make sense. But Ino just smirked and batted his hands away.

"Go see for yourselves, I'm outta here. I need a cold shower."

With that, she turned and left. Naruto still looked confused, but the blush on Sakura's face showed that she obviously understood what Ino had meant. As did the other's giggles. Sasuke tried to keep a cool face, but the anticipation was killing. What was happening inside that had made Ino need a cold shower? He opened the door and walked inside to bump into his older brother's muscular chest.

"There you are Otouto, you are missing out on all the fun!"

Itachi grabbed his little brother by his wrist and pulled him into the main room. It took a few moments for Sasuke to get used to the darkness and coloured flashing lights and the bass that made his eardrums vibrate. The beats were low and grinding, temptingly pulling on his fibres with every thump. His heartbeat seemed to align itself with the rhythm and his hips started to sway without him even realizing it.

"You are going to love this, baby brother..."

The warm lips of his sexy Aniki grazed over his ear, making him shudder involuntarily. The cheering and whistling crowd had packed around a spot on the dance floor, obviously looking at something that was demanding everyone's attention. Sasuke was pulled all the way through the dancing crowd and his breath hitched when he saw what the reason was for all the cat calls and blushing women. There, in the centre of attention, was his sensei.

Dressed in a snug pair of black jeans, a skin tight dark grey shirt with his ever present mask attached to it, a black leather slim fit jacket and fingerless gloves. His silver hair was shiny and messy, reflecting all the colours of the flashing lights above them. The lines of his well defined muscles very visible are they were stretching under the clingy fabric of his shirt. Both of his eyes were uncovered this time, and both half-lidded in their usual lazy look. Only this time he looked everything but lazy.

He moved on the thumping beats with the grace of a feline, the fluency of water and the raw sex of a stripper. Grinding and thrusting his hips with the thundering bass, spinning like a whirlwind on his shiny shoes and raking his long slender fingers over his abdomen and lower body. Sasuke just stood there, staring, absolutely hypnotized by every little movement the older man made and unable to think about anything besides the object of his desire that was displaying itself so deliciously, right in front of him.

It could have been seconds or hours to him, all was forgotten but his sensei's ability to move his body in a whole other way than deadly speed. Until he felt a long, slender arm wrap itself around his waist and a strong body press itself up against his back.

"I bet you have never seen your precious Sensei like this, ne Otouto? I dared him into a dance off, just for you."

Itachi's voice was low, seductive and filled with amusement. His hips were grinding into Sasuke's back and strong hands roamed over his body, making the younger Uchiha even more flushed than he already was. He leaned back against the familiar heat of the form behind him, making his brother chuckle darkly. Then suddenly Kakashi's deep voice roared over the music.

"Oi! Uchiha! Where have you run off to, little shit? Are you giving up already?"

"Up yours, Hatake! I just brought back-up!"

And with that, Sasuke felt his Nii-san's hand pressed into his back and he was shoved forwards. With a surprised cry he stumbled forwards and almost fell into the muscular arms of his now wide-eyed Sensei. He could feel the blood rush into his cheeks as his face heated up at the touch of his teacher's long fingers on his bare upper arms. Not brave enough to look up into Kakashi's dark eyes, he settled for throwing back an evil glare at his Nii-san, who naturally seemed very unimpressed with it.

"Oh? Sasuke? This night just keeps getting better and better…"

When he finally gathered enough courage to look up, his eyes met with the lustiest and sexiest gaze he had ever seen on his Sensei's face. Both real and in his daydreams. With a grin that was only visible by the look in his eyes, Kakashi gestured towards the DJ for another song. He grabbed Sasuke's waist, spun him around and tightly pressed up against him.

"Let's show these people how a real genius dances, ne Sasuke?"

For the longest time Sasuke couldn't do anything but move with the thundering base and the beautiful muscled body against him. Long fingers were gripping his hips and raising his arms to lay them around the strong neck behind him. Hot breath was tickling the sensitive skin of his neck and throat, while the shell of his ear was brushed now and then by fabric covered lips.

Suddenly Sasuke was yanked forward by the hem of his low riding jeans, the slender fingers reaching down low into the front and just barely missing the tip of his ever growing erection. His breath hitched as he was now looking closely into the dark, lusting eyes of his Aniki.

Itachi's body was grinding up against his front and Kakashi's hands roaming over his sides, even daring to test the waters now and then by giving Sasuke's plush ass a gentle squeeze, making him groan in frustration with all the teasing and sexual suggestion.

He was about to lose himself in the thumping beats and wandering hands on his body, until his eyes shot open and he realized they were being watched. Intently, lecherously and jealously. Suddenly Sasuke felt like the heat was burning him up from the inside and he bolted for cover, away from the seduction in front of him and behind him. It was just too much.

He pushed himself through the crowd, only to be caught by his best friend. The dark haired Hyuga shoved a drink into his hands and grinned uncharacteristically while he pulled him onto a comfortable looking couch in the corner of the club.

"Sit, drink and relax, Uchiha. The night is still young…"

To Be Continued...