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And now here Sasuke was, at home, alone and very horny. He had stayed for a few more drinks with Neji, which had done nothing but fuel his arousal. But somehow he never gathered enough courage to actually go near Kakashi again.

If Itachi would come home soon, he would try and seduce his Aniki again. His dear older brother could never resist him, especially when he pouted extra cutely. Or if he wore those sinful shorts that almost revealed his ass. His hot Nii-san would pounce on him the moment he saw Sasuke in those shorts, telling him he could not ever wear those shorts anywhere but inside the house. Maybe he should put them on now and wait for his brother to come home. He really should.

After changing into the lust-inducing shorts and trying to find a seductive pose on the couch without getting too uncomfortable, Sasuke fought the sleep for as long as he could. Only after 2 minutes after he had closed his eyes, a loud slam woke him up forcefully. He scrambled back into the seductive pose, showing off his plump ass in the 'forbidden' shorts.

When he heard a surprised hiss and an amused chuckle coming from the doorway at the same time, he realized his Aniki wasn't alone. Flushed a deep red, he looked up with wide eyes.

Even though the Uchiha brothers weren't known as very traditional siblings, no one knew they actually fucked each other. They would show off in public now and then, a little teasing and kissing at the very most, but they would always play it off as a flirting technique. Which it was, in a way. A highly effective one even. Playing cock-tease with your gorgeous brother played into the fantasy of many men (and women, but neither of them cared) and never failed to provide both brothers with more than enough dating options.

And when the options didn't satisfy, or sometimes even just for the sheer fun of it, they'd fuck each other. But that was something that had always been a well-kept secret.

Well, up until Sasuke decided to wave his almost naked ass into his brother's face when said brother had company.

And not just any company, next to his gorgeous Nii-san stood his just-as-gorgeous Sensei. With a loud gulp he tried to cover himself up with his small hands, while staring at two pair of amused dark eyes.

Shouldn't Itachi be as horrified as he was? Didn't their secret just come out? Weren't they going to be in deep trouble?

"My my, Otouto, you just got yourself in deep trouble…"

Exactly, this was…. Wait….. What?

"My my, Uchiha's, could it be that you two aren't just cock-teases, but actually the real deal?"

Sasuke was confused. And a bit scared. And still slightly drunk. And still a lot turned on. But it seemed that Itachi couldn't care less about the fact that they just shared a secret with Kakashi. In fact, his Aniki was on the prowl, slowly stalking him and making him shift uncomfortably on the couch. Kakashi was leaning against the doorway, his arms folded and his form relaxed, but his eyes betraying sheer excitement.

Soon Sasuke was pinned against the large pillows on the couch by his older brother. His protests were quickly muffled and forgotten when Itachi pressed his soft but demanding lips against Sasuke's own. As a wanton moan sounded through the room, Kakashi licked his lips behind his mask, which was starting to become a little stifling. The display of the two horny Uchiha's making out in front of him, was like a dream coming true. Now he was determined to make the rest of that dream come true.

Pulling his mask down and removing his entire shirt, Kakashi moved towards the couch with the moaning and panting mass of Uchiha-goodness. Sasuke was already shirtless and in the process of trying to escape his brothers heated kisses long enough to get the annoying fabric away from Itachi's muscular torso. Going around the back of the couch and sliding effortlessly over the backrest, Kakashi sat down in between the two brothers, with his arms spread along the backrest.

Itachi smirked evilly at the older man's antics and coaxed his younger brother up on his knees, both on another side of Kakashi's lap. The youngest mirrored his brother's smug little smile and continued to suck on his Aniki's tongue, making sure the whole show was visible for his Sensei.

Sasuke's mind reeled when he realized that this was ACTUALLY his Sensei that was sitting next to him right now. How was this even going to happen? Was he about to have a threesome with his brother and his sensei? Kakashi sure as hell didn't seem to mind, and Itachi only seemed to encourage it. Mentally shrugging and thinking that 'there should be a first time for everything' Sasuke focussed back on the situation at hand.

Said situation was starting to quickly get out of hand, as Itachi was starting to rub over Kakashi's erection almost forcefully, soliciting a frustrated groan from the tall man. The silver haired Juunin grabbed both of the slender faces in front of him, which were still attached to each other, making out as if their lives depended on it. It was almost a shame to break the two apart, but Kakashi just had to taste them.

As soon as he had them facing his way, both of the delicious Uchiha's attached their talented and busy mouths to his lips, his ears, his throat, his neck. Another moan escaped his lips when he felt a tongue slide into his mouth and the other one tease the sensitive spot just below his ear. The hand that was massaging his cock was now joined by another even smaller hand, which teasingly stroked and tickled the patch of naked skin just above the waistline of his jeans.

Sucking the breath out of Itachi's mouth and tightening his hold on Sasuke's waist as the youngest attached his hot little mouth on one of his nipples (or it could be the other way around, Kakashi didn't care), the Juunin growled softly against the moist lips against his own.

"Hngnnn, dirty little Uchiha's… How far are you two willing to go?"

His answer came in a particularly harsh bite on one of his hardened nipples and a cool hand reaching inside his jeans and grabbing his throbbing erection. Kakashi forced himself to open his eyes, even in the onslaught of all this Uchiha-induced madness. Memorizing every little moan, every sultry look, every sexy smirk and especially every curve of those beautiful bodies, which were losing more and more clothing in a rapid rate.

Itachi, being uncharacteristically impatient, decided to move it along and pulled the last pieces of clothing away from his delicious Otouto (not that he had much on his sexy little body to begin with). After admiring the familiar sight of his naked little brother for a while he then proceeded to pull away the tight looking jeans from the tall man on the couch. While Sasuke continued his ministrations to Kakashi's now revealed cock, Itachi pulled his little brother up and planted him in the Juunin's lap, with his back against Kakashi's chest.

Then he lowered himself on the floor between their legs, after putting Sasuke's legs over Kakashi's and then pushing the older man's knees apart so that he had full access to Sasuke's slutty little hole. He may have started this whole scenario in the club to get his little brother some loving, but now that it had evolved to this, Itachi was going for it.

Getting three fingers wet, his other hand slowly circled the puckered hole of his little brother, who was moaning and pleading and had wrapped his arms around Kakashi's neck, giving the silver haired man more room to suck on his pale neck.

Sasuke was in heaven. His brother preparing and stretching him, bumping his fingers teasingly against his prostate now and then, while his sensei's large cock was pressing against his butt-cheeks and his fingers roaming over his chest and abdomen. Kakashi pinched a rosy nipple and slowly slid the tip of one finger over the length of his aching arousal. It was all too much to handle; hands on his chest, nipples, abdomen, cock, thighs and even inside of him. Sasuke felt as if he was on the verge of coming right there.

But his damned brother knew him too well. Quickly Itachi wrapped his free fingers around the base of Sasuke's cock, preventing him from finding release already. Whining and pouting the youngest Uchiha tried to wriggle out of his brothers' almost painful hold, but Kakashi's strong arms held him still. A deep chuckle rang in his ears, making him shiver in excitement.

"I'm sorry Sasuke, maybe next time…"

With the meanest glare he could muster at that particular moment, Sasuke tried to stare his brother into defeat, but he knew that was pointless. Besides, Itachi had decided that Sasuke was stretched enough and moved to one side of the couch, laying on his back and pulling Sasuke on his hands and knees on top of him.

This left Kakashi facing Sasuke's well prepared and very willing little hole, and left Sasuke facing Itachi's dripping cock, which the youngest latched onto almost immediately. Itachi bit his lip until he was bleeding, but still couldn't hold back the moan that spilled from his mouth. It had been too long since he had felt his brothers' very talented mouth around his erection. He wrapped his fingers in Sasuke's unruly hair and grinned at Kakashi's horny expressions as he watched the brothers having fun.

As soon as Sasuke felt the tip of Kakashi's huge cock pressing against his entrance, he pulled his mouth away from Itachi and replaced it with his hands, lest he bite his brother's cock off while being penetrated. That would be such a waste of perfectly good cock.

Kakashi just couldn't hold back any longer. He tried to elongate the experience as much as he could, but seeing Sasuke's stretched little hole so close, while the normally stoic Uchiha Itachi was reduced into a moaning mess by his brother's wicked tongue, was proving to be the limit for the laid-back Juunin. He wrapped his large hands around the tiny waist of his former student and pushed himself inside that searing heat with as much patience as he could find at that point.

Sasuke groaned at the feeling of being stretched so far and filled to the brim with cock. He breathed in and out deeply while he tried to relax. Then he gave a small squeeze around the length inside of him, signalling Kakashi to move as he already had his mouth full again with his brother's erection. And he was thought never to talk with his mouth full.

The room filled with soft moans, harsh growls, the sound of skin slapping against skin and the praising words towards the youngest participant, who couldn't answer either of the two others (because of his mouth full of cock).

"Holy fuck Sasuke, you're so goddamned tight!"

"Ah gods Sasuke, you're so fucking good with that little mouth of yours!"

Itachi wrapped his hands even tighter in his brothers' hair, bucking up as much as he knew Sasuke could take without gagging. He felt the muscles in his abdomen tightening and knew he would last very long. That evil tongue was stroking him so sinfully well and that throat was taking him in so deep. With a new evil plan forming in his head, he grinned and gave his brother a single warning.

"Fuck….. Mmmmh, oh I'm gonna cum, Otouto…"

Sasuke took his brother in as much as he could and slowly moved his tongue along the twitching length as his Aniki released warm spurts of cum into his eager throat, milking him for as long as possible. He loved the taste of his brother and had no qualms about swallowing all of it, relishing in the heavy gaze of his older brother while he made a real show of it.

The sight of Itachi cursing and bucking up in his baby brothers' face and said baby brother throwing his head in his neck and visibly swallowing a mouthful of cum was something etched into Kakashi's memory. He knew he wasn't going to last long and reached around Sasuke's bucking body to grab his erection, but was stopped by Itachi's long fingers.

"Don't let him cum yet, Kakashi…"

Kakashi grinned and placed his hand back on the narrow hips while he kept thrusting into that tight heat. He could feel Sasuke clench his walls around him and angled his hips some more to give even more pleasure to the beautiful body he was violating. When he heard Sasuke cry out in frustration because of another denied release by his brothers' fingers around the base of his cock, he threw his head back and pounded himself inside as deep as possible, the boys' choked gasps carrying him into the blissful state of ecstasy.

With a low growl he emptied himself into Sasuke's eager body, which was now trembling with the need to find completion. After the last few thrusts, Kakashi pulled out completely, bringing Sasuke back up with him and making him sit against the backrest. Itachi knelt back on the floor in front of his brother and shoved two fingers back inside Sasuke's still tight little hole. Angling his fingers to reach the point that he knew drove his baby brother crazy, he grinned at Sasuke's needy expression and kissed the pouty lips slowly.

"Are you ready Otouto?"

"P-please… Nii-san… Aaahhh"

Itachi grinded the tips of both fingers against Sasuke's prostate, making the boy arch almost completely away from the couch, while Kakashi wrapped his hand around the bouncing pick cock, that was leaking pre-cum profoundly and started to jerk him off.

And every time he neared the edge of completion, all the stimulation was taken away and he would be left with absolutely nothing besides strong hands holding his wrists and thighs until he came down from the top again.

Sasuke was delirious, his breath erratic and his body on the verge of exploding. He had been fucked and teased mercilessly for almost half an hour now and he REALLY needed to cum. He grabbed onto the soft cushions, squeezing the fabric until his knuckles turned white.

"Please, please let me…. Ohh… yes…"

He was begging his brother, knowing it wasn't beyond Itachi to make him suffer for another hour. Almost expecting to have the hands leave him completely again, he felt another orgasm building from deep within. If they would just…

But the hand on his cock was still squeezing the tip and fondling his balls. And those fingers were still massaging that sweet spot deep inside of him. And even as Sasuke got closer and closer to the edge, they still didn't stop. His stomach was burning, his body shaking and his voice so hoarse that he didn't recognize it himself.

He was about to fall over the edge of sanity and those sinful hands still kept moving, bringing him even higher. This time…. Oh, this time they would….

Sasuke sobbed and let out a shrill cry as the coiling in his groin burst and he came harder than he ever had in his entire life. Thick spurts of cum splattered on his stomach, up to his neck and even his chin. Riding out the most amazing orgasm ever, two sets of lips kissed him back to earth, making him realize they had been talking dirty to him the whole time and he hadn't even noticed.

"That… was the BEST club I've EVER been to… '' he sighed after a while, making both man beside him chuckle softly.

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