Jess was a bundle of nerves. She took one glance at herself in the mirror and sighed. She couldn't get her hair to obey her and curl. It loved being straight.

"Need help, Jess?" Jacque asked.

"Yes please" Jess said great fully, and her mother then took the curler from her and began to work her magic.

Since the kidnapping, and the argument with Octavian she and her mothers relationship just grew stronger and stronger. All that time she had thought her mother favored Luke, she had been wrong. Sally was right. Her mother loved both her and Luke so strongly, Jess was wondering how she had missed it.

'Admit it, it was because your mind was on other things. Like me' Octavian teased through their bond.

'Actually, I don't think my mind was on a bossy, nosy werewolf'

'Love, I'm not being nosy. Your practically screaming through our bond with all the panic you're feeling'

Inwardly Jess was grinning. She and her mothers relationship wasn't the only thing that had improved. She and Octavian had 'dated' for a week after the argument. He had been so sweet, never leaving her side, always in her thoughts to see if she needed anything, and he had aplogized. He had thought he had messed up, but in reality it was her. She wasn't thrilled about being Alpha, but with her mate she could compromise. It wasn't long before he was pressuring her to do the Blood Rights. She laughed inwardly as she remembered him telling her that they could take as long as she wanted. So much for that.

'I, for one, do not care about that' Octavian announced in her mind

'Shut up, you nosy flea bag' she mocked growled at him

'You wound me with your words'

'I would hope so'

He growled and left the conversation, but stayed in her thoughts.

"Voila" her mother announced, showing Jess' now curly hair, that fell in perfect waves."I made you look like the Belle of the Ball, which you are"

"I'm so nervous Mama" Jess said shaking

"Oh sweetie, you'll do fine. You could show up in rags and he won't care" Her mother said comfortingly and gave her a hug.

"But that's what scares me. He would kill himself to see me happy" Jess said, terrified at losing him.

"That's the beauty of the bond. He won't kill himself because that would kill you" Jacque stated calmly.

Jess' head shot up. Then felt him in her thoughts, and that calmed her more than anything else.

'Luna, if you need more time, I was joking I can wait' Came Octavian's worried thought.

'Don't worry, I'm beyond ready" She assured him. He sent her an image of him kissing her forehead and she calmed.

"Thank you mama" Jess said.

"Sure, Sure, of course it was me. Tell Octavian I said thanks for taking care of my girl." Jacque then winked at her and left.

Jess smiled at that, took a deep breath, and walked outside, where her father was.

"Ready?"he asked

"Da" (yes)was all she said, answering in Romanian. She had felt like she had shunned her heritage, so she had been using a lot of Romanian recently.

They then walked into the garden, where the Blood Rites were being held.

Her breath caught in her throat as he saw Octavian

He was wearing jeans, with a jacket that fit snugly on him, showing just how toned he was. His face, which immediately began smiling when he saw her, and his face looked like it had been carved from marble.

But what was most beautiful was his eyes. The blue looking like a crystal clear lake, and his eyes had a golden sparkle like the sun shining overhead.

Fane then began to speak

"Octavian, Son of Decibel you have found your mate, and she has accepted your claim. As is customary, you will wash her feet, showing your willingness to care for her no matter how simple they may be. You will recite the customary vows and then your own vows. Then you shall present her with your first offering."

There was a basin of water in front of a chair. Octavian led her toward the chair and she sat down. Octavian then lifted her dress a little, then took the washcloth and washed her foot. As he did so he spoke.

"On this day I kneel before you, as a servant to my mate to ask if you all make me whole. Will you give yourself to me? Finally calming the beast inside, bringing order to the chaos, shining light where there has been only darkness? Will you bond your fate to mine, your soul to mine, and in doing so, complete the mate bond?"

Jess just stared at him, wishing this moment could last forever. Every breath he took he created words to show her just how much she meant to him, and she could barely remember what to say to him.

"I will my bind my life to yours, my fate to yours, my soul to yours and complete the mate bond. I will take you for my own, my mate, my Alpha" she said, knowing that every word she was saying was true.

Octavian then dried her feet, and stood up. Luke then brought a chair for Octavian so he could sit facing her. Octavian sat and rested his chin on his fist.

"I do not know how to put this into words. But I do know, that when I saw all the signs that you were missing, I felt as though someone had punched in the stomach, and in doing so, I felt like my soul and heart had been taken out of my body. The thought of seeing you sad kills me, the thought of you being in danger will constantly give me nightmares, and the thought of betrayal in your eyes will never cease to hurt. I can only say I love you more than I would be able to love anything else, and that I am overjoyed that you are the over half of my soul, my best friend, my lover, my mate" he finished staring into her eyes.

"As for my offering, I want you to know that I listen when you talk, and so I give you this, as a memory of a conversation we had when we were children. I want you to know, that even then. Felt something for you. And so my first offering is the book we made, when we had the dream of becoming authors" he then drew out a a book that they had made when they were kids, and Jess' breath caught. She barely noticed that she was crying as she took the book.

"My second offering, shows that I am the possessive, bossy wolf you are constantly naming me. I will claim you, and all the wolves will know that you are taken, but that is not enough for me. I want every male on Earth to know that you are mine. As such, my second offering is a ring, to symbolize a wedding. So, Jennifer Jess Lupei, will you marry me?

Jess just stared. And slowly, a huge grin crept on her face.

"Yes, Yes I will" she confirmed. Octavian then placed a beautiful Diamond ring on her finger, and it had Romanian words engraved on it.

The four words said 'love' 'mate' 'Luna' and 'prosper'.

"Shall we do the vows now?" Fane asked, smiling at he pair.

Octavian looked at her and she nodded.

"Yes" Octavian confirmed

And so, Octavian Angeleschou, and Jennifer J Lupei were married In the garden of the Serbian Mansion At 7:30 P. all was signed and done, Octavian led Jess to his room.

The room was dark and scented candles illuminated he room. There were towels on the bed.

"Well what do you think?"Octavian asked

"I love it" She yelled and hugged him."And god, it was hard staying stoic back there, when all I wanted to do was freaking kiss you"

Octavian laughed at that, and he then led her to the bathroom so she could put her robe on.

She entered the bathroom, and saw black robe hanging on where a towel might have been. 'Convenient' she thought to herself.

Quickly, she undressed, and put the robe on. Then she walked on over to Octavian, who now had glowing eyes, and lengthened canines. In turn, her wolf responded and without hesitation, she sat beside him.

'Ready?'he asked through their bond

'As I'll ever be' she responded, and bit him.

It was nothing what she expected. Warm, spicy blood flooded her taste buds when she had been expecting a metallic taste. It was so intimate, and she felt everything he felt through the bond. She only felt her mate and his love. Finally, he gently pushed her back.

'Thats enough Luna' he said gently, his voice so deep, filled with desire.

She protested, but then suddenly he bit her, and she felt pain and then, pleasure. She felt so close to him, it felt like they were one, their souls joined and she felt shouting for joy.

He pulled away, and put the towel to her neck.

"Well, that was intense" she said, breathless

"That's an understatement Luna" and to her pleasure, he sounded out of breath as well.

And for the rest of the night, they showed each other how much they loved each other, how much they would love each other for the rest of their lives, and that they would be together.


its been a wild ride! Hope you read my Vasile/Alina Fic when I post it!