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this is a Herkabe-Malcolm/Reese 'love triangle'. More like Herkabe wants Malcolm but Malcolm was already with Reese, whereas to Herkabe hopes he can force Malcolm to break up with Reese~
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I plan to start off a little bit with Herkabe's POV (omg that's gonna be hard.)
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You're 38 years old, Lionel, and what do you have to show for? I've been reduced to working at a public school due to the unforeseen circumstances that led me to 14 million dollars in debt.

A net worth of 200 million down to the measly 137 dollars I was able keep intact. I should have never left that government think tank to start that dot-com.

It seemed my cunt of an ex-wife whittled away with the money and therefore I was left alone in my own misery of a life, forced to undertake the profession of public education.

It started bad enough. I exchanged constrained greetings with the bodies with teaching certificates from two-year community colleges, which were somehow considered the same as I, who held a double-doctorate from Harvard.

The day progressed into its promised nettled mishmash when I entered the classroom to the pupils ingratiating themselves to me in lame attempts of petty gifts.

But there was one boy.

His blue eyes were piercing and completely non-salient simultaneously.

He never beseeched my assent with either a gift or a riposte to the anal-retentive comment, unlike all his classmates.

In fact, his whole lack of bootlick intrigued me.

Unlike his peers, he neither costumed in pristine attire, nor failed to bellow in stupefaction when I said the word 'shit' in class. A sure indication of the child of a lower-middle class family to say the least.

Coincidentally enough, this azure-eyed boy, Malcolm, as I soon found out he was named, was the last to arrive, in a haste, to get to his seat as the bell rang.

I had prepared a ranking board: and Malcolm was at the top.

His questioning about his endowment from these results were somewhat callow (which did I mention had somewhat of an appealing sense?) but overall, doltish.

He'd surely be my most stellar student.


There was a time when Malcolm started faltering. I had the suspicion, and of course, was correct- it was about a girl.

He was apparently dating a girl named Sara: Information I heard from his fellow classmates.

But to my recognition, it must have ended badly, because he became despondent for a couple days.


I was given the chance to work with a student of unparalleled intellect: Barton.

He was the perfect child with the mental clay worthy of my sculpting.

Malcolm, on the other hand, was having problems with his assignment of Hydrostatic Equilibrium. It was the perfect opportunity to abase Malcolm; by having Barton tutor him.

The fact that Malcolm knew he could master everything he faced, until now; finally, I had something that would stymie him. It was divine to watch.

Yet, to my dismay, I had to watch Barton go. I was the only one that had the intellect to connect and interact with this boy. He couldn't see that any other plebian in this world could offer only their uncomprehending fear at most!

Just like my ex-wife, all my therapists…all the same.


Of all the things that I was forced to do because of that job, none were worse than handling the antics Malcolm and his comrades bred.

One time, their cavalier disregard for the laws of the classroom caused them to contaminate the whole classroom, making it inaccessible for weeks.

I knew they suffered enough being put back into the general population meanwhile.
Still, I had to suffer with a temporary position in the Phys Ed department; wearing a whistle and dressing in shorts. I never had the legs for shorts.


Reese: Malcolm's infamous older brother.

Somewhat of a lore among teachers.

Typical case of an inferiority complex.

Not far from Malcolm, although; if anything, Malcolm displayed more of an intricate case of a superiority complex.

The first time I saw Reese was on the first day I started working at North Shore High School as the Dean of Discipline, a.k.a. the day Malcolm started high school.

I spotted them both hurrying away from their mom and dad, side by side. Malcolm ran right into me.

"Ah, the golden boy has returned."

To which I got a flat "Hi, Mr. Herkabe," in return.

"And you must be Reese," I asserted at the reprehensible.

Personally, I think Reese's pulchritude could surmount Malcolm's, but gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

I was then graced with the attendance of Malcolm's parents; both there to volunteer for the whole first week.

I found myself vexed by Hal. Some chump that probably underappreciated what he had:
a wife and a family.

I wondered what it must be like to live in a home with Malcolm.


I never thought that Reese and Malcolm had any kind of close relationship as siblings.
They were opposites, and seen fighting like pitbulls on occasion.

Indubitably, they abided the same home, so intermittently I would see them walking together at the most.


It wasn't until I descried a most interesting sight between the two Wilkerson boys that my discernment altered about their rapport.

It was then that my utter view on Malcolm was supplanted, and in its place remained a concupiscent air that was incessant.

But I knew what I coveted was elusive, so I would have to sink down to my new rival's level and play dirty.

Okay, this was just an introduction about how we got where we at~
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