Music: Maroon 5 – One More Night
"You and I get so damn dysfunctional we stopped keeping score…You and I get sick, yeah, I know that we can't do this no more…Try to tell you no, but my body keeps on telling you yes…But baby there you go again making me love you…I stopped using my head, let it all go…Got you stuck on my body like a tattoo…And now I'm feeling stupid, crawling back to you"

Malcolm had no other choice but to go inside.

"Hey!" Reese jumped out of a bush, startling Malcolm. "What are you doing here?"

Oh, out in a motel fucking my teacher, cheating on you. "I was looking for you...I was worried," lied Malcolm, noticing how Reese must have gotten into some trash cans from the look of his dirty cheeks and stained t-shirt.

Reese paused, scanning Malcolm. "No you weren't! Where were you?!"

"Reese, I-"

"Both of you...!..grounded!" Lois came out of the house, in her pajamas and robe. "Get in the house right now! Sneaking off…!"

"But I didn't sneak off...!"

"I don't want to hear it!"

They were both tossed into their room.

Dewey momentarily awoke from the noise but ignored them upon seeing them being hustled into the room and went back to sleep.

Reese slipped his soiled shirt over his head and tossed it behind him "Where were you," he hissed at Malcolm.

"I was studying...with Stevie. Then I came home and didn't find you, so I went to look for you!" Malcolm kicked his shoes off, and slipped into bed, clothes and all, hoping to end the conversation then and there.


The musty brown curtains didn't do the best job of blockading the sunlight from coming into the room.

Herkabe squinted, feeling a headache coming on. He rubbed his eyes, sighing. Scanning the room, remembering where he was and what had happened.

He figured he could convince Malcolm of going another round before breakfast.

He rolled over, ready to kiss Malcolm awake, when he noticed he was all alone. He sat up, alert, thinking maybe Malcolm was in the bathroom, but not even a sock was left behind.

He tossed the covers off his body and got dressed.

He drove home in hurry, overly frustrated with every little thing like a red light.

At home he paced back and forward and when he got tired of that, he sat down and tried to grade, which only resulted in him tapping his pen insensibly on his desk. He tried to concentrate on grading an essay, but he would find himself reading the same sentence over and over again.

He managed to get through a couple essays after grading them too harshly and when he got to Malcolm's: just the first word in the paragraph seemed to mock him. "The". Herkabe tossed his red-inked pen that slid across the smooth surface of the table and fell down on the floor.

He was angry because Malcolm had used him; advertently used him. Herkabe thought he was in control. But the second he turned him back to Malcolm (literally), Malcolm ran off. He told himself that the only reason it got to him was because Malcolm beat him to the punch.


Herkabe was walking back to his classroom. He convinced himself he was cool and calm, and all the rage he had built up had disintegrated...or so he thought. He was turning the corner when Malcolm came into view at the end of the hallway. His heart had a momentary lapse. Then as he walked closer, the person Malcolm was talking to came into view-


"No way. I'm staying right here." Reese crossed his arms.

Malcolm had to convince Reese that he was indeed looking for him that night, and was not doing else.

But for some reason, Reese wasn't convinced, which resulted in Reese insisting on being by his side at all times, to ensure he wasn't off doing something...or someone, else.

Malcolm was going to be late, and was trying to inform Reese it was okay to stop watching him, at least during school hours, when around the corner came Herkabe. Malcolm's heart leapt up to his throat, leaving him speechless. Herkabe walked right up to him and opened his mouth to say- "


"Reese- to my office immediately."

If Herkabe knew one way to make himself feel better, it was by making his students feel worse.


Malcolm's stomach dropped. Not only did Herkabe not acknowledge him, but instead went right to Reese.

What did he want with Reese?

Wait..what if he wanted Reese?

Malcolm feared the worse...whether it was at his expense or Reese'.

The bell rang and peers rushed to their classes.

"Sir, shouldn't you be in class," affirmed a teacher.

Malcolm rolled his eyes and went right on to class, watching over his shoulder as Reese followed Herkabe down the hall.


"Take a seat, Reese," Herkabe proposed.

"I didn't do anything!"

"Sit," Herkabe repeated.

Reese sat down and dumped his backpack on the floor, sighing in grievance.

Herkabe sat down and intertwined his fingers on the desk. "I just want to talk about Malcolm."

Reese furrowed his eyebrows. "What's this about?"

"You're close to your brother, aren't you?"

Reese raised his eyebrows.

"Aren't you?...!"

Reese shook his head slowly from side to side.

"You have a special relationship with your brother..." Herkabe talked slowly and animatedly with an upward infliction, like he was talking to a child.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Reese gripped the sides of the chair.

"I think we both know what I'm talking about," Herkabe smiled.


Malcolm couldn't concentrate in class. He kept bouncing his leg, staring at the black font on his page, although he wasn't reading it.

There were still 20 minutes on the clock and they were the longest 20 minutes of his life.

When class was let out, he rushed to Herkabe's office. The door was closed, which meant one of three things: he was in there with Reese, Herkabe was alone now, or there was no one in there.

Malcolm kept replaying what could have happened between them.

What if Herkabe told Reese everything that happened?

He wasn't about to wait, so he opened the door and almost fell in.

It was empty. He felt relieved...for a second.

That meant he had to go find Reese. He knew Reese' schedule.

Surely enough he found Reese walking briskly down the hall.

"Reese!" Malcolm called out, waving a hand, weaving through the students.

Then Reese did the weirdest thing he could do, even for Reese: he turned around and walked the other way, making Malcolm stop in his tracks, confused.

That's when Malcolm realized what had happened: Herkabe told him everything!

He told him that Malcolm was really in the motel with him that night and- now Reese is mad at him! God only knows what Reese would do.

The bell rang for the next class to start.

Malcolm groaned and slumped his shoulders as he realized: it was Herkabe's class where he was next due.


Malcolm was the third to last student to enter the class; rare because he was always prompt.

Herkabe was already at his desk, talking to a student.

Malcolm took his seat in the front row.

"Class, today we are going to talk about-"

Malcolm sighed heavily.


After class was over, Malcolm told Stevie to go ahead and waited till the classroom emptied.

As soon as the last students left he jumped up, slamming his hands flat down on Herkabe's desk. "What did you say to him?!"

"Who," Herkabe dissimulated, scrunching up his nose.


"Oh...Reese...I just told him..."

Malcolm held his breath in anticipation.

"I just warned him..."

Malcolm scrunched up his eyebrows. "What?"

"Sorry, Malcolm, we're out of time. My next class is commencing."

Malcolm started noticing the other students walking into the classroom.

Malcolm had no choice but to leave.


It was lunch time, and Malcolm tried to prepare himself for the worst.

He waited outside Herkabe's office.

"Ah, Malcolm, what brings you around here," Herkabe greeted, with specious warmth.

Malcolm rolled his eyes, but followed Herkabe into the office.

"Malcolm, I'm expecting someone, so we have to make this qui-"

"What did you say to Reese," Malcolm demanded as soon as the door was closed.

This whole 'I care about Reese thing' was getting to Herkabe. "Stop acting like you care about him," Herkabe remarked quietly, shaking his head.

"He's my brother!" Malcolm realized what he said wasn't exactly the best argument.

Herkabe chuckled.

"Is this because of Friday….?" Malcolm blushed at the thought of bring it up.

Herkabe seemed to ignore the question.

"I didn't want to wake you... I thought you knew..."

"Malcolm I don't have time for this." Herkabe looked up at Malcolm.

"I'm not leaving until-"

There was a soft knocking at the door that made Malcolm stop talking.

A girl with long black hair and glasses poked her head inside. "Hi, Mr Herkabe, I came- Oh. Are you busy? I can come back later…"

"No Michelle, come in. Malcolm was just leaving."

Malcolm gave a threatening glare at Herkabe and left the classroom, brushing past the girl.

Next time Herkabe won't weasel his way out of it, he thought.


Reese tiptoed into Herkabe's office, as if he was being watched.

"You didn't tell Malcolm anything, right? Our deal is still on?"

"Yes, Reese. You do what I say, and Malcolm will be okay."

Reese nodded.


Malcolm waited until Reese got home. Knowing Reese, he probably got distracted or something along those lines-

Malcolm was waiting at his desk while Dewey was sitting on the bed, playing on his electronic keyboard when Reese showed up.

Reese went straight to his bed, avoiding making eye contact.

"Dewey get out," Malcolm ordered, not taking his eyes off Reese.

Dewey sighed and left the room with his keyboard under one arm, closing the door behind him.

Malcolm waited until the door was completely closed. "Why did you ignore me in the hall?"

Reese ignored Malcolm and started unloading his backpack.

"Reese!" Malcolm grabbed Reese' arm.

"No. Malcolm I can't talk to you!"


"I'm sorry! It's my fault, but I'll fix it, okay?"

""What are you talking about?"

"He promised if I stay away from you, then he won't do anything to you."

"Wait, what?"

"Herkabe...he knows! He saw us! And he told me, if I stay away from you then he won't tell mom or get you expelled."

Malcolm finally understood what Herkabe was doing.

"I'm sorry, Malcolm." Reese turned around.

Malcolm felt bad; sure Reese wasn't always the best brother, or whatever they were at this point in their relationship-

But if Reese was willing to do this for him, then maybe he needed to rethink giving him another chance.

"Reese, you don't have to do that now. When we're at home, he won't know."

Reese turned around to face Malcolm and Malcolm grabbed the back of Reese' head, pulling him in for a kiss.

Reese pushed Malcolm away. "Wait. What if he has cameras?"

"Oh my God, Reese," Malcolm shook his head.

Reese pulled Malcolm close and tore his shirt off of him, and lay down on his bed, pulling Malcolm on top of him.

"Can I come in now," asked Dewey from the other side of the door.

"No," they both screamed simultaneously and resumed kissing.

Reese rolled them over and ran his tongue over a nipple, making Malcolm suppress a moan.

Reese maneuvered a hand down Malcolm's pants.

Malcolm whimpered Reese' name.

Reese wasted no time taking off all of Malcolm's clothes, before he undid his pants, slicked his dick with spit and fucked Malcolm right there on his bed.

"Sorry Malcolm- I'm not gonna last long," Reese breathed between every thrust that made the bed squeak.

Malcolm nodded, pursing his lips, trying to stifle each whimper he produced when Reese filled him up.


That night Reese didn't go out with his dog friends and everything felt back to normal- regarding his relationship with Reese at home; but he had to talk to Herkabe the next day came.


Malcolm stood outside Herkabe's office the next day.

He knocked on the door with his knuckles and waited until he heard the familiar 'come iiiin' from Herkabe.

Malcolm slipped inside, closing the door.

Herkabe looked up, slightly surprised.

"Malcolm. What can I do for you?" Herkabe scanned Malcolm from head to toe and Malcolm noticed.

"Exactly where do you get off telling my brother to stay away from me?!"

Herkabe opened his mouth to respond.

"And you blackmailed him. You are the most childish person I've ever met! You're just mad because I left you on Friday, so now you're taking it out on him?! Well if you even think about telling him something about us then I'll have no choice but to report you to the school board!"

Herkabe took a deep breath and smoothed his tie before standing up. He walked around his desk towards Malcolm.

Malcolm stood up tall, trying not to seem intimidated.

"Malcolm, who do you think the school board is going to believe- you and your brother, or me- a well-respected teacher?"

Malcolm knew what he said was true…

Herkabe grabbed Malcolm's shirt and threw him into the nearest chair.

Malcolm sputtered in surprise, trying to rip Herkabe's hand off him.

"It's real simple Malcolm: I want you to break-up with Reese."

"Why would I do that?"

"If you don't, I'll tell him the truth…about us."

"I'll just tell him you're lying!"

"Fine." Herkabe leaned closer to Malcolm. "If you don't, I'll have no choice but to never touch you again."

Malcolm wanted to laugh. "You think I care?"

"Don't you?"

Herkabe always knew how to make Malcolm second-guess himself. Malcolm swallowed audibly. "No," he whispered, looking down at Herkabe's lips.

"Prove it."

Sorry this chapter is so rushed! But now we're at the point I've been working up to so yeah, the rest was all filler- hopefully things will get better. :)

Can we talk about how much dick Malcolm is getting?
And I keep thinking 'Oh would Malcolm really be such a whore?' And then I remember how Malcolm hooked up with Reese's girlfriend like the bitch he is so then I'm like 'yeah he would'. (^_^)

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