First things first:

I couldn't get this idea out of my head since i have seen the new episode haha XD
So i tried to make a little FF out of it :D
It will be a short FF.
I will write two...maybe three...chapters for it only :D

I hope it isn't too silly ^^;

And last but not least Grammer/Spelling mistake alert ;P
I am still learning english aaaaaaall by myself so yes i do mistakes ;P
You have been warned! Primus...i am getting tiered of writing this XD

Have fun now! :D

Starscream – The Predacon Whisperer


Starscreams optics widened with shock, when he heard Megatrons next words.

He couldn't believe his audios anymore…

„W-what? But…why Lord Megatron?"

The mighty Decepticon Leader stomped his foot and growled deeply and with pure anger.

„Because you've lost the Apex Armor to a HUMAN! Your arrogance has jeopardized the entire mission! My decision is final! Do it or I'll make sure the Predacon will eat your for breakfast!"

"It will eat me for breakfast so or so when I TRY to do what you want from me Master!"

"Stop complaining Starscream! It is your own fault and you'll stand for it, do you understand me?!"

Starscream opened his mouth to say something, but closed it quickly when he saw the angry sparkle in Megatrons optics. He lowered is helm and sighed deeply.

"I will do it Master…"

The Warlord smirked.

"That's a good boy. Now get to work…the Predacon is waiting~," he sing sang with pure glee in his voice.

Starscream just grumbled and turned his back to his master and left the commando bridge.

On his way he met a few Vehicons who just chuckled evilly at him.

The Seeker tried to ignore them as good as he could.

He was glad when this day was over…no…he was glad when his punishment was over…and he was glad when he was still alive in the end of the day…

The Air Commander grabbed a few tools he needed for his "punishment" and walked towards the hanger and opened the door.

He took a deep breath before he walked outside…

Predaking lay on his belly, his optics closed and his body relaxed.

When the mighty Predacon heard footsteps he opened his optics.

A deep growl found its way out of his vocals when he saw Starscream standing right in front of him. In his hands he held a bucket full with water and in his other hand he was holding a big broom and a cloth.

"Okay you beast! Prepare yourself for a thorough wash…"