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"Okay, okay, I got it. Come on, stop that now!"

Starscream's bright laughter filled the exterior of the Nemesis and he desperately tried to protect his face with his arms, as Predaking continued to "attack" him.

Predaking purred quietly and when he thought he had "attacked" the seeker long enough, he let go of him and took a few steps back.

The Decepticon had curled himself up into a ball and giggled softly and wiped his claws through his face before he looked back at the Predacon in whose optics still seemed to sparkle a smile. And not only that, it also seemed to sparkle something different in the optics of the Dragon. Something that Starscream had never seen before and it made the fear in him almost go away.

Slowly the seeker sat up and looked at Predaking.

The dragon looked back at him and tilted his head questioningly.

"What now? Can I continue to clean your body?"

A growl escaped the throat of the Predacon and Starscream's optics almost fall out of his head, when the purported beast turned, grabbed the rag and brought it to him.

"O-okay? Why this change of mind, huh?"

There was no answer to this question.

So Starscream stretched out his claws after the rag, but as soon as he wanted to grab it, Predaking pulled it away from him.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

Starscream growled and he tried again to catch the rag, but again Predaking pulled it away from him and his optics started to sparkle even more now.

The amused glint in the optics of the Predacon became stronger and Starscream could see how he tense, ready to jump to the side if the Decepticon should dare to reach for the rag again.

Even Starscream's optics began to sparkle with amusement now and he reached for the rag again...and again it was pulled away and Predaking jumped a few steps backwards.

"So that's how it's going to be huh? You want to play a game with me. Fine, as you wish…"

Predaking began to move, jumped to the side and ran off when Starscream ran after him and he tried to catch the rag, but he didn't even come close to the cleaning utensil. He also wanted to certainly not more, for he had just plain fun to play this game and Predaking seemed to feel the same way, because the next thing the dragon did was to turn around and throw the still semi-wet rag in Starscream's face.

A laugh broke away from the throat of the seeker and he tore the wet cloth quickly from his face and hurled it in the direction of the Predacon and he hit the dragon right in the middle of his snout.


Predaking stood there, motionless and Starscream shivered strongly and he could feel the fear crept back into his body, as the Predacon looked at him blankly.

The rag slipped down his snout in slow motion until it landed on the floor.

Starscream's optics widened as Predaking suddenly roared and ran forward to him.

First slowly and then faster and faster and Starscream could feel how the ground was shaking beneath his feet.

The Second In Command of the Decepticons screamed as the beast raced tirelessly into his direction. Predakings optics sparkled and from his throat came a growl which made Starscream run even faster.

But four legs were still faster than two...

Predaking hunted his victim over half the hangar until it got boring for him and he wanted to finish this game.

Of course, on his way...

Starscream screamed again, this time in surprise as the Predacon had lowered his head, and carried him with a jerky movement on his back.

Starscream could hardly realize what had just happened so fast it had happened and before he could know it, he sat on the back of the mighty dragon who ran into the direction of the precipice.

And the last thing you could hear, was Starscream's loud screaming as Predaking jumped...