From Starting Line to Family Line

Leticia Ortiz remembered nothing of her past. She only knows what she was told by a man named Owen Shaw, but she doesn't know if it's the truth, the only thing she knows is real is her son Alex. Spoilers for Fast and Furious 6

A/N: this is an AU/What if story for Furious 6. What if Letty was pregnant the day she was almost killed.

Ch 1.

She looked up as she watched him pace around the room. His face would never show it, but the anger was evident in the tenseness of his body. After living with him for the past three years she knew what to look for. He was a perfectionist everything had to happen at the precise time he planned it. "She'll be here" she told him. He stopped pacing and just looked at her. Letty sighed. "Just go Owen; I'll catch up with you later. You don't need me for this part"

"You're right" he said as his body relaxed, he grabbed his coat and was out the door.

Letty Ortiz rolled her eyes at the closed door of their Flat. She got up from the couch and went into his room. She smiled as she watched his steady breathing. She walked over to the bedside quietly and knelt down beside him and ran her hands gently through his dark hair. She smiled at her sleeping son. She may not remember her life, but she was happy to be here for his.

He didn't even say goodbye to him. Most of the time he barely interacted with him and when he did it was like he was talking to someone else's kid, not his own. From that she gathered the baby was not planned before she got in her accident. She had no memory of her life prior to meeting him in the hospital that day and him telling her that he was her boyfriend and that they have been together for two years and the child she was carrying was his. But there were times she didn't know what that other woman saw in him. He was never mean to her, he never raised his voice and he never her hurt her or their son. Still she could see cruelness in him, a darkness that scared her.

Maybe she had been trying to leave him? She rubbed hands over face. She was so confused, she hated not remembering anything. She could leave him, but she had no other place to go, she had no other family.

She heard the knock on the door and composed herself and went to answer it. She smiled at the woman. "Mrs. S, thank you coming at such short notice. It's just this last minute work thing came up"

"It's alright, I'm happy to help" Mrs. S replied with a smile.

"He's sleeping, so he shouldn't be any trouble." She told her as she put on her jacket. The woman nodded and walked inside the Flat. "Thanks again" Letty told her and walked out the door. She thought Owen and she worked for the Military, which is why they were called off to work late at night. If she knew what they were really doing, she wouldn't be helping them at all.

She pulled her Audi out the parking space and drove it the garage. She parked it in the back and walked over to her Jensen; she ran her hand along it and got inside. She closed her eyes as she revved the engine, she loved hearing it roar. Being in a car like this and feeling the vibrations beneath her body was the only thing that felt familiar to her. She knew she had done this before, her muscles remembered even if her mind did not.

Letty flipped on the radio to hear what was going on. She heard that police had confirmation on Owen Shaw and were in pursuit. She peeled out of the garage; she knew a short cut to cut them off.

She saw the Charger barreling down on Owen, she sped up and clipped the back of the Charger to knock him out of the way and drove past him. She smiled when she saw the car following her now exactly as she planned. They drove through the streets of London, him right on her tail. "Damn" He's a good driver she thought to herself.

She went around the curve and saw him coming right behind her. He swiped the side of car she went with the spin of the car then stepped on the brake. She saw that he has stopped too and was getting out of the car. She pulled out her gun and stepped out of her car.

"Letty!" she heard him call her name as she pulled the trigger. How did he know her name? She thought, and then got back in the car; she didn't have time to think about that now. She had to get back to the base.

As she drove back that's all she could think about. He knew her name and the look on his face when he said was one of relief, excitement, longing. She tried to think about him, but there was nothing there, her mind was blank. She pulled back into the garage and tossed her keys to Ivory to fix her car.

She walked up to the command center to see that everyone else had already made it back. "You good?" Owen asked her as she walked over to them.

"Yeah" she replied. That was all she was going to get on that. She stood back and watched as they pulled out files on the group that they barely escaped from.

"You might want to see this" Jah said and handed the picture to Owen.

Owen looked at it. He knew about this already but this would be a good test to see if her memory was coming back. The doctors told him there is always a possibility for her to regain her memories, but there was no way to be certain. "Ring any bells" he asked her.

Letty looked at them and wondered what that was supposed to mean, she moved to the table and picked up the picture. She hid her reaction from them as she saw herself and the guy who knew her name sitting cozily together. "Yeah" she told them. "That's the guy I shot"

"You look happy" Klaus said to her.

"I don't remember him" she told him strongly and that was truth, that's all he was to her, despite having photographic evidence.

"That's bullshit" he replied. "We got a problem guys, we got a picture of her with the guy that almost took you out"

"Klaus, aren't you team muscle. Don't make me go over there and make you team pussy"

"She doesn't remember him" Owen finally spoke up. He was satisfied that she didn't. If she didn't remember the great love of her life, then she didn't remember anything else.

Letty threw the picture down. "Is there anything else you need me for?" She asked him, looking at him directly.

"No" he replied.

"Then I'm going" she said and he barely acknowledged her as he nodded.

"Are you going to be home?" she asked him. He barely came home since they started this.

Owen looked at her. "Probably not" he replied. And now she just nodded and walked away.

She lay in bed thinking of that guy, was he just some ex Owen didn't want to tell her about or was there more? She couldn't get the look in his eyes out of her mind. She saw something she never saw in Owen's…love.