From Starting Line to Family Line

Leticia Ortiz remembered nothing of her past. She only knows what she was told by a man named Owen Shaw, but she doesn't know if it's the truth, the only thing she knows is real is her son Alex. Spoilers for Fast and Furious 6

Ch 7

Shaw heard the security code being typed in and heard the whining click of the door being unlocked. He was sitting on a bench with his hand cuffed behind him in the otherwise bare concrete room. He looked up when Toretto entered the room.

Dom walked into the small room and crossed his arms. Hobbs and Riley were standing just outside the entranceway. He didn't like the smile played across Shaw's lips.

"You should've gone home when I gave you the chance" he said to him

"I'd never leave her" Dom replied.

"Really? I seem to remember you leaving her and that's how she ended up in…my bed" he emphasized the last words with a grin.

"You took advantage of her" Dom responded through gritted teeth.

"I didn't make her do anything she didn't want to do." Shaw replied with a smirk.

Dom launched himself at him grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and slammed his back on to the bench. He swung his fists down trying to wipe that crazy grin off his face.

"Should we stop it?" Riley asked him.

"I'll let him have a few more hits" Hobbs replied with his arms folded across his chest watching them. Shaw was laughing after each hit, so he deserved a beating.

Letty watched Dom follow the agents. She pulled out her phone, she needed to hear her son's voice and make sure he was okay. She didn't know what Owen would do. She sighed with relief when Mrs. S. answered the phone, she sounded relaxed and calm so there wasn't a threat. She hoped that Owen cared enough to not hurt a little boy. She didn't want to worry the older woman but she couldn't take any chances. She asked her if she had some place safe she could go to for awhile. She lied and told her that there may be a threat and she should leave London. Mrs. S. told her she had family in North Yorkshire. When she hung up she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then she walked over and joined Toretto's team over by a table.

"I'm Han" he said holding his hand out introducing himself to her. "You, me and Dom did a couple of jobs in LA together" he told her. Letty shook his hand and nodded.

"Giselle" The tall foreign one said to her. "We've never met, but I have heard a lot about you"

"Maybe you can tell me about me sometime" Letty said with a small laugh. They all looked at her alarmed. "It was a joke, sorry" she said to them. They stared at her for a few seconds then continued introducing themselves.

"Tej. I'm a friend of Brian's"

"Roman. Brian's my boy"

She turned the white boy standing next to her. "And you're Brian" she said to him with a smile. "You and Toretto, are good friends?"

"Yeah" he nodded. "I'm married to his sister Mia and this is our son" He held out his phone to show her. Letty looked at the smiling baby in the arms of a dark haired woman. She smiled. "Alex has a cousin"

"Alex has a family that can't wait to meet him" Brian said smiling softly at her. He still couldn't shake the guilt he felt. He saw how proud Dom looked when he saw Jack and because of him he wasn't there for his own son's birth.

"So you don't remember anything? Roman asked her.

"Man, really?" Tej asked incredulously looking at his friend.

"What?" Roman asked . "It's just a question, I'm curious." He said then looked at her.

"It's okay" she told him. "And no" she answered. "I remember how to walk, talk and drive; I just...couldn't tell you when I learned how to do those."

"Will you get your memories back?" Han asked her.

"I don't know" Letty replied sadly. "It's not something they can determine, I either will or I won't" The doctors told her that surrounding herself with familiar things could help her remember but, with Owen nothing was ever familiar, she didn't know him. So now that she's found the people she's supposed to be with maybe she would.

They all turned their heads when they heard shouting, they took off running down the hallway where Toretto and Hobbs disappeared down.

Hobbs sighed not really wanting to stop him, but there was more paper work involved when the perp died. He walked over and grabbed Toretto underneath his arms and dragged him away. Toretto was strong, but he was stronger and he held him in a vice grip.

Shaw lay on the ground, wiping the back of his hand across his lips, then spitting out the blood in his mouth. He looked at Toretto struggling against the enormous government agent. "You honestly think you've won, don't you?" he asked him with a smirk picking himself off the ground. "Family" he said the word slowly. "You think you're protecting them when you leave them behind, but what you are really doing is making them easy targets." Shaw grinned when he saw the rest of them join them in the doorway. "That code you live by, Toretto. It has its flaws; because, I don't have to touch you to hurt you."

Dom stopped struggling so Hobbs let go of him. He looked directly into Shaw eyes as his heartbeat increased. Shaw looked around at all of them, the street kids that think they could play in the big leagues. "How's your sister by the way…Mia…is it?" he asked with wide smile.

Brian's face fell, his heart almost stopped beating as he pulled out his cell phone and dialed Mia's number. It went straight to voice mail, so he dialed again and got the same thing. He looked at Dom as he tried to suck in his breath and tried again.

"So this is how it's going to go down, you are going to cut me lose from these cuffs, hand me the chip and let me walk out of here and you are not going follow" He saw them all look around at each other contemplating if they believed him or not. He supposed they would need proof that he had her. He looked over and nodded his head. "You haven't won because you were never in the game" he said his tone serious now.

"Kluas, show them the girl" Riley said into her phone and they all swung their heads around to look at held her phone up the picture was shaky at first but then it focused. "Brian, Dom" Mia screamed in the video. Then Riley pressed the button ending the connection. "Kluas doesn't like to hit women…unless he's provoked, is she a fighter you're girlfriend over there?" Riley asked Dom while winking at Letty.

Hobbs narrowed his eyes at the woman that was supposed to be his partner. She was good, he had no idea she was on Shaw's side the entire time. And that meant whatever he did to Shaw he would do to her too.

"One hostage does not outweigh the threat to millions." the General said standing in front of Shaw.

"Times ticking, Toretto" Shaw said locking his eyes on to Dom's. "One call is all it takes" he told him and looked back over at Riley who still held her phone out. "Your choice" he told him.

"Sorry, this changes nothing" The General said strongly.

Hobbs looked over at Toretto and his crew. He promised them he'd put their family back together if they helped him. So he planned on keeping his word. He pulled out his gun and held it to the General's head. "This changes everything"

Dom held his hand out telling his crew not to pull their weapons, while the soldiers all did. "Tell your men to stand down" Hobbs ordered him.

"Stand down" the General ordered his men.

"Toretto, I want you to know, once we let him walk out that door words like amnesty and pardon walk out with him"

Letty perked up at those words and looked Hobbs, then back at Toretto. They were working with the feds for their freedom. She didn't remember him but she knew what he would choose.

"Those words when out the day we were born" Dom replied.

Hobbs walked around and released Shaw and his crew while keeping his eyes on Riley. She betrayed him and she'd pay for that.

Owen walked over to Letty, he felt Dom's eyes drilling into his back. He ignored him and looked at her; she kept eye contact with him. He knew they had gotten to her he saw it in her eyes. She still didn't remember but she made her choice. He was disappointed, he didn't like feeling disappointed. Precision was his code, people played their parts and that was it. That's what made things run smoothly. But her, she changed things, that shouldn't be changed. He took a deep breath. He had to bury whatever it was he was feeling and finish the job. He turned around and started to walk away, his team following him. "If I see you on the horizon, the girl is dead" he called out as he walked out the door.

"I jammed every signal up and down the coast" Tej told them as they walked around getting their weapons ready.

"I'm coming with you" Letty told them. Dom turned to look at her. "She's your sister that makes her my family too"

Dom nodded. That was his Letty, no matter what she or the doctors said. She was still in there. They'd get Mia, stop Shaw and together they'll find a way for her to remember.