The Destiny of Hyrule.

Charging through the wild forests the green clad man, trapped forever in a boy's body, rides his faithful steed to the home of the one whom eternally holds his heart, since time first began. Towards the castle of Hyrule and the town that surrounds it.

Although the green clad man trapped forever in a boy's body and his love had lived many lives it matters not if at first they do not know each other for their souls are linked and they will always meet. But their lives were never for the golden light that linked them together also doomed them, for another also is linked to this light and a great evil lives within him, forcing deeds of unholy nature upon a land once pure and full of peace.

Though his power causes anguish and terror to roam the land it brings courage and wisdom together like so many times before and after. To fight for what is true and just and to make the land a better place again.

But when all three pieces of the golden light meet chaos will rule for since their split eons ago to ensure safety of the land. The spirits know that they must not complete to make the godly force that used to keep the land safe from all, for the hearts of others are easily turned to greed and lust. So it must be that green courage, dark power and regal wisdom must live apart and fuel the very way of the world till its end or till it is ready for the rule of…

A Tri-Force.