Okay, I know I said this was going to be a one-chapter fic, but Adeela and others asked me to write one more chapter to answer some lingering questions that they have…so here it is. This story is now a two-chapter fic, haha.

Blue Moons Chapter 2

Her cheek was numb from cold, but the rest of her body was hot. Teela sat on a stool in the kitchen in front of Adam as he held an icepack to her cheek and stared at her with such tenderness that he made it hard for her to breathe.

The lack of air didn't cause the heat that was scorching her body; instead, it was caused by the man before her. The way he looked at her right now and the way he touched her made her blood pound, and she knew it had nothing to do with nervousness, anger, or concern.

To distract herself from his gaze and the feel of his touch, which brushed across her other cheek every so often, she ran her eyes down his body to study the clothes he had on. Big mistake. He looked incredible and so much like the princes Queen Marlena used to describe in fairy tales from Earth. He didn't have on his standard t-shirt, tunic, fur-pants, and tights. In their place, he wore what seemed to be a uniform of sorts. He had on white tailored pants with straight legs and a white coat that was buttoned up from top to bottom so no one could see what he was wearing—if anything—underneath. The coat itself was something to behold, though: it was decorated with a red, blue, and orange sash that matched King Randor's robes. It stretched from his right shoulder to his left hip. The coat also had large golden replicas of his family's crest on each shoulder and from those crests, gold and black strings fluttered down from them to cover up any spaces that might be there directly above his shoulders.

She reached out and laid a hand slightly below his left shoulder to wipe away a smudge of dirt. When she noticed that Adam had looked at her hand briefly, she whispered, "I'm surprised you didn't mess this up worse while fighting. I'm sure King Randor would have been disappointed."

He smiled and replied, "It definitely needs to be cleaned thoroughly or it'll stain, but I'm not concerned about my clothes." He reached up with his other hand to cover her bare cheek and moved it slightly to get her to look from his shoulder to his eyes. He whispered earnestly, "I'm only interested in you and how you're doing."

"I'm fine," she replied softly, trying to look away but was unable to. His piercing blue eyes made it impossible for her to look anywhere else, no matter how desperately she wanted to. Pride made her say her next words. "And, I would have been fine. It's normal for guys to get a little…unruly sometimes and I always handle it just fine."

The hand on her un-bruised cheek suddenly disappeared and she watched as Adam's loving and tender expression morphed into one that was minatory and threatening. She knew it wasn't directed towards her, but it concerned her nonetheless. "Adam?"

The prince stepped back a little and closed his eyes in what seemed to be anger that he was trying desperately to control.

"Adam!" she exclaimed. "What is it?"

"Who?" his voice boomed when he finally looked at her again.

"What?" she gasped.

"Who has been unruly with you? Have things like this happened to you before?" he questioned. He didn't wait for an answer and stated, "You should have told me before now!" He began to pace and she could see his chest heaving as he tried to take deep breaths to calm himself.

She quickly slipped off of her stool, blocked the path he was walking, and placed a hand on his cheek to get him to look at her squarely. "Adam, it's not a big deal. Yes, some guys have been a little…insistent in their pursuit of my attention, but I've always been able to handle it."

"Who?" he questioned again.

"Adam," she whined.

He wasn't having it. "So, help me, Teela, I will find out one way or another, but I'd really appreciate it if you would spare me the hassle! Now, who else has harassed you?"

Teela opened her mouth to tell him, but at that moment Queen Marlena, King Randor, and her father walked into the kitchen.

"There you are," the queen said as everyone made their way to the pair. She picked up the forgotten icepack that Teela had set on the counter when she had gone to stop Adam's pacing. She pressed it against Teela's cheek and teased, "This won't do you any good on the counter, dear."

For the next minute or so, no one really said anything. Duncan went to Teela to examine her cheek and then went to Adam to take a look at his chin closely. "You both seem no worse for wear," he announced as he reached over and hugged Teela comfortingly. She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder.

King Randor stared at the scene for a moment and then turned to his son. "Well, now that we know that for certain, would someone please be kind enough to explain to me what happened out there?" He paused to look from Adam to Teela and back again. When Adam caught his father's stare, the king exclaimed, "You know how important this ball is, Adam, and now I have to explain to dignitaries from all over the planet why my son chose this occasion to have a brawl!"

Adam squinted his eyes, and a large amount of air that he had gathered enlarged his chest greatly. Randor seemed to notice this and know that an explosion was imminent. He quickly put a stop to it by explaining, "I'm not saying, son, that it wasn't deserved or that you shouldn't have done it. I literally mean I need to explain what happened to everyone, so what happened?"

Everyone, Adam included, looked to her. She sighed, not really wanting to talk about it, but he was the king so she answered anyway. "Mal and his friends tried to…well, they…"

It seemed as though Adam couldn't hold it in anymore, because he spat abruptly, "Those…men were harassing her, touching her inappropriately, and hitting her! I could not allow it to continue, so I did what I had to do to neutralize the situation! And, now, I've just learned others have been doing the same to Teela at other times and I want to know who!"

He stared back at her determinedly as her jaw dropped in surprise.

"What?" cried Man-at-Arms. His eyes widened in alarm when he heard Adam's words. "Oh, my daughter, you are supposed to report these things right away. Who has been bothering you?"

She groaned. "Oh, for the love of the Ancients! A couple of guys in court try to grab me inappropriately sometimes. Others say inappropriate things. It's really not a big deal. It's nothing compared to what Mal did. Besides, I'm the Captain of the Royal Guard; I can handle it."

Adam walked over to her, placed a finger under her chin to get her to look up at him, and replied determinedly, "You shouldn't have to deal with it or handle it on your own. I want to know who they are, Teela."

"Why do you want to know?" she asked.

"Why do you think?" he exclaimed incredulously. "I'm going to make sure they never treat you in such a manner again."

"Adam, I can take care of myself! It's mainly done in a playful manner, kind of. Mal and his friends are the only ones who have taken it too far. There's no need to get involved."

"No need?" he questioned skeptically. "Teela, I love you and I cannot bear the thought of someone taking advantage of you. They need to be taught a lesson—they need to be taught how to treat a lady in court." When he paused, she could see that he noticed that everyone was staring at him with shocked expressions covering their faces. "What?" he asked.

Teela touched his arm and squeaked, "You love me?"

His eyes flew wide undoubtedly because of what he had said in front of everyone. She watched him look around to see that everyone was waiting for his answer. He met her eyes again and she could tell he wasn't going to lie. Whatever he said would be the truth. "Yes, I love you. I always have." He ran his fingers through his hair nervously. "Why do you think I put up with all of your chastisements? Why do you think I'm always in a hurry to get back to you at these balls? Why do you think I haven't chosen someone to court yet? It's because I already knew who I wanted, but I didn't think you were ready to hear it yet. Truthfully, I don't know if you are now, but I guess I can't hide it anymore given the circumstances."

She immediately looked down at her shoes for a moment to compose herself. When she looked back up, she saw everyone was looking at her, waiting for a reply. Because there seemed to be no objections coming from King Randor, she took a deep breath and whispered, "I love you, too, Adam."

He quickly let out the air he had been holding in—he seemed to feel such relief at her words, and just as he was about to say something, she stated, "But that doesn't mean you're going to step in and take care of all my problems! I can handle the courtiers, Adam. I've been doing it my whole life and…"

King Randor stepped forward and interjected, "Don't worry, Teela. Adam won't have to do anything. When they all hear what happened tonight and that you and the prince are probably an item, I'm sure you'll have no more trouble. After all, they wouldn't want to upset me, would they?" He turned and winked at his son.

As the king gestured for everyone else to leave the room, Adam called out, "Father, you don't mind me courting Teela?" He sounded surprised.

Randor smiled and exclaimed, "Why would I? She's Man-at-Arms' daughter and a fine young woman. Besides, why do you think I assigned my son a female bodyguard? That is unconventional, you know. Think about it." As he stepped through the threshold to leave the room, he looked back one more time and said, "Oh, and son, I'm proud of you." He grinned at Teela before he looked back at him. "I've found that the right woman always brings out the real man in the one that she loves."

As their jaws dropped open, the king and queen laughed as the door shut behind them.