The Blue Moon



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Moving to Forks

"Everything pack up, sweetheart?"

Iris frowned at the question for the nth time this day and crossed her arms firmly on her chest as she give her father a pout for nth time this day too, "Dad, for the love of god! That's the thousand times you ask and that's thousand time I answer, 'Yes, my beloved father. I got everything in pack'" glaring slightly at the sheepishly grin her father give her as he scratched the back of his blond locks, "Sorry, love. I'm just worried that's all" shrugging slightly as he meet her daughter beautiful violet eyes with his azure ones.

"I'm fine, dad. I'm seventeen, not seven" earning a laugh for her words as Nathan Davidson ruffled his daughter brunette locks affectionately with a warm smile, "I guess you right" he nodded in agreed, caressing her rosy cheeks warmly as he sighed, "You grow up so fast. I still remember you were a small bundle of brunette in my arms as it was yesterday" remembering the day his angel were born, "Your mother would be proud of you if she was here"

Iris eyes saddened at the words and watched the sadness in her father eyes as he recalled the memories of his love inside his mind, "Dad?" touching his forearms slightly to snap him away for the memories haunted his mind.

"Huh?" Nathan blinked and shook his head to dismiss the tragedy of his love before turning his attention to his one and only daughter, "Sorry, honey. I got lost in the road of life again" chuckling as he grinned sheepishly to lighten the heavy mood away.

Iris give a tiny laughed and proceed to hug her dad, "I love you, dad!" squeezing him slightly before pulling away and gazing longingly into his deep blue eyes.

"I love you too, my baby violet!"

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"Oh my God! I'm still don't believe you went to Forks without me! You know how much I love to be there!" the voice the phone rang ecstatically as a young brunette answered it with a huge smile on her porcelain face, "Oh geez, I don't know! Would you mind explaining for me?" rolling her violet eyes as she smiled for her sarcastic remarked, taking her suitcase behind her as she walked down the hallway towards the airport entrance.

"Aww~… Iris! You know, many people would die to be in your place right?"

"Hmm… nope" popping the 'p' as she stood near the entrance waiting for a cab, "Besides, you know I'm not a fanatic fan of Twilight right?" raising her hand as she spotted a yellow cab and smiled at the driver as he helped her with her luggage.

"It's quite a shame! Everyone loves Twilight! Especially Edward Cullen!"

"Well, not me so face it, Britney! I'll never EVER fall in love with Edward Cullen! And that's final!"

"…Yes, mother!" Iris frowned at the reply she received from her childhood friend and shook her head amusedly as she turned her violet gaze towards the green scenery of Forks waiting for her words to continued, "You know Iris, there's a thin line between love and hate…"

This caught her off guard, "What are you trying to imply Britney?" raising her eyebrow in confused for her words as she paid the driver before took out her luggage from the cab trunk.

"… Nothing. J-Just forget about it. Anyway, I have to go! I call you later!"

"Alright, bye!"


The brunette sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose tiredly before looked up towards an old wooden house in front of her with a small smile adorned on her lips. Taking a deep breath, she smiled and walked towards the house as a pair of old couple waved happily towards their granddaughter in the distance. Unknown to her, each step she took will change her future forever…

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A/N: My first Twilight Fanfiction. Anyway, this is EdwardxOc so if you don't like it don't read. First of only, it's not my intension to bash twilight. Seriously, I swear I really love twilight. It just, I have an idea when I read twilight fanfic where Edward fell in love with his fangirl so I was like why not made Edward fell in love with his un fangirl. You know what I mean? It will be hilarious. If I could make that's it. Please review to continue the story.