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"..." : speech

Italic : thought

Chapter 1.

It had been a strain on his self control, these last few weeks. The little boy was all grown up now, filled up his body nicely and hadn't lost any of his former charm. He had been a real beauty a few years ago. And he still was, only now part of the innocence had been replaced with an unpolished edge of sexuality. And that raw edge was exactly what was getting on Hatake Kakashi's nerves these days.

And it didn't help that his former student was living with him now. Since he returned to the village, he hadn't been able to find a place of his own yet. Besides, the Hokage didn't want him to live all alone just yet. So he was asked to keep an eye on him, to make sure he was really back. Oh and back he was, in all his seductive glory.

Kakashi clenched his fists when he thought of all those times that Sasuke had been wandering around the house without a shirt on, shamelessly displaying his muscular form to his tortured sensei. Muscular, but still soft and inviting. With almost feminine curves that never failed to drain all blood from Kakashi's face. He had always had a soft spot for that boy, but lately that 'soft spot' would harden at the most inappropriate times.

And damn that boy if he didn't do it on purpose. He saw the looks that Sasuke would throw at him every now and then. Presumably to check if his flirting techniques had any effect at all. At times like that he was so grateful for the mask that covered his face. It would have been a lot more difficult to hide his excitement without it. He would tease back though. There was nothing more satisfying than watching that cute blush creep over that young face, when his seduction was outclassed by his superior. Well, nothing more satisfying thus far.

Tucking his hands deep into the pockets of his pants, Kakashi walked down the hallway towards his bedroom at the end. When he passed the open door to Sasuke's room, he deliberately looked away to avoid another heated confrontation. He just didn't feel up to the challenge at the moment. But it wasn't meant to be... again.

"Oh sensei, good thing you're here."

For some reason Sasuke had started to call him sensei these days. Probably another flirting thing, because the boy never used the title when Kakashi was actually training him. But who knows, maybe he was making up for lost time, trying to show his teacher the proper respect that had been lacking before. Maybe...

"I could really use your help, sensei."

The warm tone of the boy's voice was dangerously inviting. The last word was drawn out slowly and ended almost in a whisper. Yeah, so the 'respect-thing' was out. Definitely seduction right there. He was almost afraid to look inside, but his inner pervert always won. And his inner pervert was also doing a little dance of happiness when he saw Sasuke standing in the light of the setting sun coming from the window.

Clad in only his boxers, his body looked like a moving work of art. Kakashi had always thought so and the display of this much perfect pale skin was proving him right again. His black hair was messy and still a little damp from an earlier shower, his long limbs flexible and strong, his spine arched back just enough to show of the gorgeous curves of his tight little ass and his luscious lips were slightly pouting as he looked over his shoulder at his stunned teacher from underneath thick black lashes. He was definitely at it again.

Oh well, two can play that game, little boy...

Forcing a neutral look on his covered face, Kakashi stepped inside the room and leaned against the wall next to the door, his hands still in his pockets.

"What can I do for you, Sasuke?"

He lowered his voice, making it sound even darker and lazier than usual. With a smirk he discovered that it had the desired result on the almost naked form across the room, as the pale skin twitched here and there under the onslaught of goose bumps that suddenly appeared.

"Well sensei, I need some advice. I am going out tonight to have a few drinks and seeing as it has been so long since I've been out in company, I'm not sure what to wear."

Kakashi grinned under the protective fabric of his mask.

Really? Clothing advice...?

"What's wrong with what you're wearing right now?"

Oh that's cute. I made him blush.

"Sensei! Surely you wouldn't send me out at night wearing next to nothing, would you?"

Still grinning widely, Kakashi turned his head to look out the window.

"Alright alright, what's the occasion? Do you finally have a date?"

"I'm flattered that you think I would get asked out on a date, sensei, but..."

He jerked his head back to confirm the genuine surprised tone in Sasuke's voice. Surely he was aware of the fact that almost the whole village would kill for just one night alone with the handsome Uchiha?

"You're joking right? The entire female population here is trying to get in your pants."

The boy chuckled and looked away almost shyly before he recovered himself. Within a few moment those smouldering black eyes were fixed on Kakashi again.

"Ah well, you see... I don't care much for girls..."

"I have no doubt that most of the male population would like to stick at least a hand down there as well, Sasuke."

The dark eyes grew twice as big as usual, confirming Kakashi's hunch that Sasuke wasn't as sexually aggressive as he came across these days. He couldn't help but feeling a pinch of perverted satisfaction at seeing through the seductive front the boy was putting up.

"Heh, well, no... it's not a date. I'm just going for a few drinks with Neji."

Hyuga Neji? The only other boy in this village that could come anywhere near to Sasuke's level of attractiveness? And who was openly gay as well?

"So you are telling me, that the two prettiest boys in this town are going out for drinks together, without it being a date?"

Kakashi raised his visible eyebrow in mocked surprise and thoroughly enjoyed the increasing flush on the boy's face.

"Hmm, I guess you could compare it with two girls hanging out together, looking for same... 'type of man'..."

"I see, so you're going man-hunting then? Trying to find some guy that is worthy to 'top' off an Uchiha or Hyuga?"

The extra intonation on the word 'top' was no accident, as Kakashi was sure both of the slender, almost feminine boys would be the 'bottom' part in a gay relationship.

Sasuke turned around completely to face his former teacher, one hand on his curvy hip in a perfect modelling-pose. Ignoring the remark about man-hunting, he raised up one eyebrow and let an evil little smirk curl around his full lips.

God, he is pretty...

"What I want to know, sensei, is why you know so much about the 'gay lingo'."

Kakashi used one foot to close the door to Sasuke's room with a deliberately loud slam, that startled the flirting boy just enough to give the upper hand back to the taller man.

"Hmm, not that it's any of your business Sasuke-kun, but I know more than you seem to think. So, what are your options?"

Sasuke looked at him with a confused look on his gorgeous face.

"You needed styling advice right?"

Oh, how his inner pervert was getting off at their little teasing battle. If he could have somehow recorded this conversation, it would easily replace all of his favourite porn.

"Oh right, yes, I wanted to know if I should go casual or formal on a night out with a friend..."

So transparent, little Sasuke... so transparent.

"Well, for a successful man-hunt, might I suggest something a little more... alluring? Like leather or something?"

After pulling out a pair of skin-tight black pants from his closet, Sasuke glanced over his shoulder towards the lean form behind him while pulling the fabric over his pretty little ass.

"Don't worry sensei, I'm not hunting tonight. I already have my eye on someone, so there is no need for me to look any further."

Well played, little Sasuke... well played.

"Casual should be fine then. No need to dress up formally for a few drinks."

Kakashi silently took a few too many steps towards the boy that was searching through his closet to find a suitable shirt.

"Which reminds me, aren't you too young to be drinking? Even though you have matured very nicely, it's still a few months until you'll turn 18."

Sasuke was obviously shaken when he heard his teachers voice so close behind him, the muscles in his neck twitching and tensing before he dared to turn around. Kakashi revelled in this little victory and decided to turn it up a notch. He leaned forward against the open closet, placing his arms on either side of Sasuke's shoulders, trapping him in between them.

"Don't tell me that you'll be out doing illegal stuff, Sasuke-kun..."

The boy's ragged breathing betrayed his shock and the heat radiating from his body revealed his arousal. As did the clouded look in his dark eyes for that matter. And his adorable little stutter...

"O-Of course not, s-sensei!"

He was surely going to hell for teasing this sexy creature so much, but oh how it was worth it. The thick black eyelashes fluttered against a heated cheek in a desperate attempt to regain some composure. But Kakashi refused to let his control slip and closed in on his beautiful prey even more.

"Good, I would hate to see you slip up, especially since you've been such a good boy lately."

By now their lips were just a breath and a thin layer of fabric apart and the now wide-eyed 'good boy' didn't even respond to the belittling term. Kakashi could almost taste his all-too-willing victim's mouth and felt his throbbing arousal twitch in response.

This is getting very dangerous...

He grabbed the fitted white sweater with the deep v-neck he loved so much on Sasuke's slender frame from the closet and shoved it in the trembling hands in front of him.

"There. Problem solved."

Turning away and casually walking out of Sasuke's room, he headed directly for the bathroom, leaving the flustered young man to deal with the aftermath of their heated conversation.

And now for a cold shower...

To Be Continued...