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Chapter 10.

With his last bit of patience, Kakashi grabbed his neglected cock and carefully pushed himself inside the boy. He ignored the desire to throw his head back in his neck, in favour of looking straight into Sasuke's beautiful eyes. Those gorgeous, lust filled and glistening eyes.

He latched his lips onto the teen's mouth again, trying to distract Sasuke, or maybe himself, from the jerking movements he made in order to feel more of that mind-numbing heat around his erection.

Kakashi had forgotten how good it could feel to have a body like Sasuke's so close against him, twitching and trembling with every move he made, arching up against him to feel more friction, sweating with the effort to be even closer. But maybe, just maybe, that was because he had never been with someone like Sasuke. Because there was nobody like Sasuke.

The ragged breathing reminded him of the fact he was breaching the inner walls of a fragile boy that had never experienced anything like this. He almost felt guilty when he looked down into the contorted face of the beautiful Uchiha.

With a quiet sob Sasuke clenched his eyes shut and willed himself to zone out from the pain in his lower body. The man above him shifted and a soft hand slid against his cheek in a soothing manner. He forced a weak smile on his face and opened his eyes.

"I'm fine Sensei, please... Move..."

With a low growl, Kakashi slowly pulled out of the clenching heat and sank back deeply, aiming for that spot he had found earlier. He set a torturously slow pace, gritting his teeth in an effort to make it last as long as possible.

He was already so close, the teen's gorgeous body clenching around his arousal so deliciously. The soft mewls and sighs were alternated with shrill screams of pleasure when Kakashi's thick erection massaged the boy's prostate.

The dark Uchiha eyes were half lidded, long black eyelashes fluttering against heated cheeks. His luscious lips red and swollen, glistening in the soft light and half open to reveal that cute little tongue that moved with every sharp breath.

Kakashi marvelled at the sight of the sheen of sweat on the silky skin that seemed to make the writhing body shine almost angelically, the way his large hands and long fingers almost completely reached around the tiny waist he held so tightly, the feeling of those scalding inner walls that seemed to suck him in deeper with every thrust.

The tall Juunin was torn between the desire to ram his cock up that tight little wanton hole as hard and fast as he could or to slowly tease the little boy beneath him, just because he made such slutty little noises when his sweet spot was assaulted.

"P-please… Ka-aah… Kakashi… faster!"

With his Sharingan swirling, he moved his hands upwards and lifted the lithe frame from the sheets, setting the hazed teen in his lap. He moved one arm behind him on the matrass for support and wrapped the other around the trembling waist to clutch the boy close against his own heated skin, aching for more contact.

Sasuke wrapped his shaky arms around his Sensei's neck and buried his slender fingers into the damp silver spikes, bracing himself for what was to come. It was hard for him to keep his eyes open with the sensory overload his inexperienced frame was receiving, but he forced himself to look at his strong lover.

His hair messy and wild, bouncing with every upwards thrust, his lips almost permanently curled into a devilish smirk, the beautiful muscles twitching underneath the smooth skin; it was almost too much to handle in combination with the feeling of that glorious cock buried deep inside of him, making him scream every few seconds.

Harder, faster, deeper, more…

Sasuke arched his back, unable to process anything else besides the indescribable pleasure he was receiving from the beautiful man between his thighs. He was close and lacked the willpower to hold back any longer.

With a sense of trust he had not bestowed on anyone before, he leaned back almost completely, letting his upper body hang in the air, only held up by his Sensei's strong hands on his waist. His arms dangled back on the sheets as he went slack, his jaw dropping and even letting a tiny trail of saliva drip from the corner of his mouth. He didn't care anymore, the pleasure too overwhelming to think of anything else.

The new position Sasuke had assumed, left Kakashi with the glorious view of witnessing every inch of his hard cock slipping in and out of that tight little hole that was stretching around him so wantonly, greedily sucking him up.

The sinewy muscles of the lithe body that belonged to the enticing teen in his arms were twitching and tightening as Sasuke's impending release was closer than ever. He leaned forward just a bit to lick the tempting nipples that had been beckoning him for a while now, earning himself a whorish moan. The silver-haired Juunin smirked and briefly sucked on the sweaty neck, feeling the boy's thundering heartbeat against his lips and tongue.

The familiar coiling in his abdomen began to build rapidly, making him speed up his deep thrusts and knitting Sasuke's broken mewls together to one long moan. Balancing the lithe frame against one arm, he reached for the deliciously bouncing cock between them and tugged on it with the perverted pleasure only Hatake Kakashi could get away with.

"Oooh fuck baby, I'm gonna make you cum so hard, you'll be craving for my hard cock for the rest of your life."

Sasuke's eyes widened when the long fingers swirled around the sensitive head of his throbbing erection, smearing the copious amounts of pre-cum all over the rigid shaft. He couldn't hold back, even if he wanted to. The fire in his body was reaching its boiling point and all his muscles were tingling. He let his head fall back and closed his onyx eyes as he prepared himself for the rush of ecstasy to wash over him.

Until that wicked hand left his leaking cock and grabbed his narrow chin, pulling it upwards with a growl from the horny man that was responsible for his current dishevelled state.

"No! Get up here. Look at me, baby!"

Sasuke let his body be dragged upwards once more and forced his head back up, burying his fingers into the soft silver spikes again and pressing their foreheads together.

"That's it, keep your beautiful eyes on me. Now… cum for me baby."

Sasuke shivered at the demanding words and he did as he was told, releasing a heart-wrenching cry as his orgasm reached its point of no return.

"Oooh… GODS… Yesss!"

They stared deep into each other's eyes, mismatched ones hot and demanding and dark ones struggling to stay open, while the trembling teen was ripped apart by wave after wave of sweet coveted completion, coating his own and his Sensei's muscled abdomen with his pearly white release.

"That's it baby, that's it."

Kakashi panted while repeatedly kissing Sasuke's luscious lips. Wet, sloppy and very fucking erotic kisses, biting at the full bottom lip that was quivering with pure pleasure. Unable to hold back any longer, the Juunin roughly thrust up one more time, before locking his hips against the trembling body that still clung to him in ecstasy.

"Fuck! Sasukeeee…"

With a howl of mind-blowing bliss Kakashi bit down on the velvet skin of the boy's shoulder and went rigid, shooting his seed deep inside the teen until the lithe frame was filled to the brim, making the warm liquid dribble out along the Juunin's twitching cock.

For a few moments nothing could be heard but the ragged breathing of two exhausted ninja's and the distant sound of rolling thunder, fore boding another summer storm. Then Sasuke's body slumped completely and his Sensei carefully lowered the sleepy teen down against the sheets.

After worshipping the plush lips with a slow, wet and sated kiss, he grinned against the Uchiha's mouth as he got comfortable beside the defiled frame of the boy and curled himself around him.

"Go sleep pretty baby, and tomorrow I'll wake you up with the best blowjob you can imagine!"

Sasuke smirked, his eyes already closed from content fatigue and his words were no more than a whisper.

"You spoil me, Hatake Kakashi…"

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