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It was strange to be back. Memories of what had passed were all around, pressing in on me suffocatingly. The crumpled blankets and pillows on the floor next to the sofa where Bakura had been made to sleep, the chipped paint on the wall where the picture I had thrown had missed it's target. I couldn't help but feel queasy as I walked further through the apartment, eyes widening in confusion when I saw the broken bedroom window and the glass littering the floor.

"Bakura, what happened to the window?" I asked, trying to keep my voice neutral, the last thing we needed was another argument.

Bakura stood behind me and rubbed his neck sheepishly, "Marik kind of.. forced his way in."

I blinked. "What?"

"Well I refused to let him in for ages so he got worried and kinda, broke in. Basically."

A grateful smile rose on my face and I mentally reminded myself to thank Marik for looking after Bakura the next time I saw him. My smile faded a moment later and I turned to face Bakura, who was shuffling around a piece of glass with his trainer.

"How long is ages?"

Bakura shrugged and feigned nonchalance, never looking away from his scuffed trainer. "About a week? Not that long."

"A week!" I exclaimed, eyes widened in surprise, I thought I had been the only one so deeply affected. "Why wouldn't you let him in?"

Bakura's eyes flashed around the room in seeming desperation, before coming to rest on the bed. Sheet half off, crumpled from nights of tossing and turning, only my pillow left in pristine condition, like he hadn't touched it once in the time we were apart.

"Not much. Kept busy." Bakura lied.

I scoffed. "So, crying, refusing to eat, sleeping all day, not changing clothes."

Bakura's eyes shot up to meet mine and I was surprised by the tears I saw forming in them. "How do you know?"

I smiled sadly, "I wasn't exactly a ray of sunshine either."

Bakura sighed and stepped closer to me, wrapping me in his warm arms and resting his chin atop my head. "I'm sorry, Ry."

"It's okay, Kura." I almost sensed his eyes rolling and continued, "I mean, what you did was bad, no doubt about it. But..."

"But what?" He asked gently, hand gently rubbing the base of my spine.

"But I wasn't angry, I mean, I wanted to be, I really wanted to be. I wanted to hate you, I wanted to never want to see you again. But I couldn't be angry at you. I was more angry at myself."

"Ry, it wasn't your fault." Bakura said, confusion clear in his voice.

"I know. But I was angry because I still loved you."

I heard Bakura's breath hitch and he gripped me tighter, from the vibrations in his chest I could tell he was crying.

"I didn't want to. I wanted to hate you but I couldn't." My voice cracked and warm tears trickled down my cheeks, "I still love you. I don't think anything could change that."

Bakura released an audible sob and buried his head into my shoulder, holding me so tightly it almost hurt. "I love you too."

When my eyes slowly opened in the morning light, it was with an ease that I hadn't felt in weeks. I actually wanted to wake up, I wanted to see Ryou, and today I knew that was possible. I yawned quietly and rolled over, hoping to watch him sleep for a while. My eyes shot open a moment later and I sat bolt upright. His side of the bed was empty, and as I ran my hands over it, I realised it was cold. His pillow was plump and crisp, as if he had never been there at all. I swallowed hard against the fear that rose in my throat and shakily climbed out of bed, walking through the apartment in the clothes I'd slept in, boxers and a t-shirt. The apartment was cold and I shivered under my thin clothes, but I continued to search each room, feeling sick rise in my throat as my search was fruitless.

I soon reached the last door, to the kitchen, and pushed it open nervously, praying that Ryou was behind it. That this hadn't all been some hallucination brought about by fatigue and hunger.

I almost collapsed with relief as I saw the slim form of Ryou stood in front of the window, looking down on the park and streets as he always did. His hair shone in the autumn light, white strands flowing over his shoulders in a smooth sheet. He'd always taken so much pride in his hair, using ridiculously expensive shampoos and conditioners and always carrying a comb. The familiar smell of peach tea reached my nose and I inhaled happily, memories of so many perfect mornings flooding back to me. It seemed strange, but the only time I could tolerate mornings was when Ryou was with me, he made them bearable.

I walked towards him slowly, half expecting him to be some form of mirage, a cruel trick played on me by my eyes. But when I reached him he was still there and I gave a silent prayer of thanks to whatever God might be listening. I carefully wrapped my arms around his middle, smiling as he lent back into me, sharing his warmth.

"Morning." I said, as I had for so many days, and planned to for the rest of my time.

"Morning Kura." He replied, placing his empty mug onto the window sill and turning to face me, smile adorning his perfect face. He stretched up and gave me a quick kiss, crimson blush staining his cheeks soon after.

"God I missed you." I whispered to myself, but he must have heard it as his eyes sparkled and his smile widened.

"I never want to leave again." Ryou whispered back, "it hurt too much."

My heart twinged at this. It had hurt me too. Even if it was all my fault, I had made it worse by sticking round. I refused to leave the apartment despite Ryou's angry pleas for me to leave, go get out, to go away and never come back. I just couldn't leave him. So, after the first few hours wandering round Domino City sulking and scaring passerby's, I had returned to the apartment. Ryou was curled up on the sofa, crying quietly and clutching a photo of us close to his chest.

"Ryou." I muttered, horrified at what I had caused.

His head had snapped up, eyes glittering with tears and set into a scowl that I never want to see again.

"I told you not to come back." He spat, words dripping venom.

"I told you I was sorry!" I replied, anger rising in my chest and threatening to burst out.

"You're sorry?" Ryou asked, standing up but making no move towards me, "You're sorry? Well I guess everything's alright then."

"Ryou you're being irrational." The moment I said it I realised how stupid it was.

"Irrational? Irrational? You and that whore have ruined everything! We were just fine! We were happy! I was happy! Then you had to go and ruin it with that stupid slut. Couldn't you keep your fucking legs shut?"

My mouth opened and closed silently, I had never seen Ryou this angry before, and to be honest, it was scary.

"Look I'm sorry, it won't happen again!"

"It shouldn't have happened at all! You've ruined everything!" With a hysterical sob he launched the photo frame at me with full force. I just about ducked it and it hit the wall and smashed into pieces, the photo inside scratched and ruined.

"What the fuck Ryou!" I shouted, now I was angry. If that had hit me it could have seriously injured me. To my growing alarm he picked up a vase next, flinging that in my direction, though his tears were distorting his vision and he missed by a long way.

"Ryou stop it!" I advanced towards him, realising he was searching for something else to throw. I grabbed his arms angrily, barely registering the pained whimper that left his mouth and the look of fear on his face. I threw him onto the sofa roughly. "Stop."

He didn't say anything and I released his arms, shooting him a concerned look with he returned with a disgusted glare, made less effective by the constant flow of tears.

Now I think back, I honestly didn't know why I had stayed when he made it so clear he wanted me to leave. I hovered round the apartment for two days, accepting that I had to sleep on the couch, assuming that at some point he would forgive me.

All my presence did was make it worse, he had to see me every moment of the day, constantly being reminded of what I had done, of how I had betrayed him. Even so, despite the fact that I knew nothing good could come out of me staying, I was surprised when he left.

It was about midday, two days after 'the incident', and I walked into our bedroom to see him hastily flinging clothes into a suitcase, muttering under his breath and crying. He didn't seem to have stopped crying the last two days, and it scared me, had I broken him beyond repair?


His head snapped up, hands shaking as they hurriedly zipped the case, heaving it off the bed with difficulty. I let him walk past me into the hallway, watching him pull on his coat and shoes and unlock the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked, panic beginning to set in, he was really leaving.

"A friends." He answered bluntly. "Don't try to find me."

I blinked in surprise, the clear hate in his voice still made me feel sick each time he spoke to me. He heaved his suitcase out of the doorway and began wheeling it to the lifts.

"Are you coming back?" I asked, still stood in the apartment, watching as he pressed the button for the lift.

He looked back at me, and his face was so unhappy, so angry, such a mix of emotions that it nearly made me cry.

"No. I'm not." He replied coldly, before stepping into the lift and disappearing.

My memories after that were fuzzy, a mixture of angry answer phone messages from Yami, concerned texts from Marik and frantic knocking on the door at every hour of the day. I remember tears, and exhaustion and hunger. But overwhelming it all was the emptiness. It was like I couldn't cope without him, like a part of me was missing and it hurt.

I hugged him carefully, like he was something fragile, and whispered into his hair.

"I'm never letting you go."

It wasn't going to be easy, we both knew that. But the time we had spent apart had made me realise one thing. I couldn't live without him. He was the other half of me, and without him, I was incomplete.

I didn't know how long it would take him to fully trust me again, or even if he ever would. I didn't know what the future held for me, but with him, it seemed like it didn't matter.

As long as he was in my future, nothing else mattered.

I had got him back, and I was never letting go again.

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