Authors Note - I've been reading a lot of Twilight FanFics and I'm in love with Sam & Bella and Emmett & Bella. I hope you enjoy is story. I HATE Edward, he will be a part of the story but just for a little bit. Also I plan not to focus so much around the fact that they are vampires. Please review.

He left. I tried to follow him but he was too fast. He told me i wasn't good enough. His family left me. No goodbyes. Nothing.

3 Months Later...

I've decided it's time to move on. Edward was my first love but like my dad said there are more fish in the see. I rolled over in my bed and looked at the clock on the night stand - 4:35am. Charlie usually got up about 6:30 so I still had time to cook him breakfast and still have enough time to get ready for school. So I put my robe on and went downstairs. I pulled out eggs and some bacon and I started cooking. I finished cooking and put everything on a plate and made some coffee. By the time I was done it was only 5:15 so I ran upstairs and go in the shower -trying to be a quiet as i could. By the time i was done I went downstairs and saw Charlie hovers over the table staring at the food.

"Dad it's not going to talk to you, eat it" Showing him a smile

"Bells, you okay?" He said giving a concerned look

"I'm fine now eat before it gets cold. Oh! I also made coffee" I said pushing push him and sitting at the table with mine and his coffee in hand.

"Okay, looks good" he grumbled

As I put our plates in the sink and poured myself another cup of coffee, there was a knock at the door. Who the hell could that be. It was Monday and i know it wouldn't be Jake.

"I'll get it" Dad called from the living room. As i heard the door open, i heard a husky voice ask "Is Bella here?"

"Bells!" Dad called. My heart started to race, i was scared. Who could it be? A cullen? Someone from La Push? From school?

As i put my coffee cup down. I walked up to the door. I gasped when i saw who was at my door. Emmett Cullen.

"Emmett?" I started in disbelief. He ran in the house and picked me up and spun me around.

"Bells, ive missed you so much!" He nearly yelled

"What are you doing here? Are the others back too?" I asked as he put me on soild ground

"No, just me. Well we all decided to come back to Forks. The others are coming back in a few weeks. So how have you been? Im sorry, we left and didn't say goodbye. My dad "Noteing Charlie was still standing near the door"got a job in Asia and we had to leave right away. I'm sure Edward told you though." That name made me shiver.

"Um, maybe we can talk at school. You are going today aren't you?"

"Yeah, lets go. I'll missed so much. You'll have to update me on everything. We can take my jeep, if you want?"

"Sure. Um, dad i'll see you after school. Make sure your hungry after work cuz im cooking tonight. Maybe Emmett can eat with us?"

Charlie gave me a nodded. And gave me a kiss on the cheek. As i walked out to Emmett jeep. He started talking.

"I have so big news to tell you too. Me and Rose aren't together anymore."

"What? What happened? Is she okay? Are you alright?" I asked in disbelief.

"She cheated on me, Bella. With Edward." He said looking at my face looking for an expressen. Shocked was all you got from my face...

Sorry it short but i wanted to leave a cliff hanger and ask you can tell that didn't work out. I'm a bad at trying to think of cliff hangers. So i hoped you enjoyed! Check out my other stories and please review. And if you want PM me if you want me to add anything to the story. I will update as much as i can (since summer in almost here).

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