I drag my balls across Light Yagami's flawless face. No, I'm just screwing with you. Although I wouldn't mind that... or having him in my bedroom once in a while. I swear I'm not being gay just trying to be overly polite and complimentary. Sure lets go with that. Anyways, I was watching him walk home one day… I mean is that weird? Never mind I could care less of your opinion. So, screw you. Unless you don't think being obsessed with a phyco serial killer is slightly odd. Which you know might be a little. It's just that when I look at the buldge in his pants it makes me want to do one of those secret back kicks to his face, drag him in an alley, and fuck him violently until his anus is bursting like a fountain of blood. How did we get onto this subject? It doesn't matter. So, yes though I may want Light to be my secret ass fucker, I still think he is killing all the fuckers. Though I really don't give a flying fuck. I just want everyone to think I give a shit so that will praise me in my "intelligence." So, recently I've been chained to Light and we've had to piss in the same room. Before you ask, yes I look, how do I keep my raging boner from attacking his face? Handcuffs are good for more than satisfying a secret faggot's sex dream and of course keeping someone... Well you know… chained up. But, I'll go into detail about that later.