Well, here goes another empty, sleepless night. I wonder what Light is doing right about now. God damn, I need to stop thinking about Light. I need a cookie, so badly.
L slowly, walked to fridge and opened it to fill his favorie, mug with ice, old milk. As he was getting his milk he opened the bottom cabinet next to the fridge to retrieve his off brand, cookies with his foot. With his milk and cookies pressed to his chest he walked back to his room. He set his milk down on his night stand and plopped down on his bed and opened his cookies. Food was the only thing that made L feel better. He never had the fear of being obesse. He had calculated that if he burned enough calories masturbating to Light photo he should never get fat. L dipped one of his cookies into his milk not realizing that he had already eaten half the box of cookies by now. He reached down for another cookie and stopped feeling the empty space. He gulped the rest of his milk down and the rest was a blur as he slowly fell asleep.

What the fuck keeps touching me! It tickles. What the... it's ..Light?! "Light what the fuck are you doing?" It's four o'clock in the fucking morning. "Shhh..", said Light. He is getting closer.. what is he thinking?
Light piulls up L's sweater and kisses him all the way from his stomach up to his neck. Light looks into L's eyes. "I know your secret L." Light leans to L and kisses him passinately on the lips. L blushes very, hard and starts to French kiss Light. Light pulls back andunbuttons L's pants and starts to kiss him outside his underwear. L was wide eyed and very embrassed because Light had already turned him on and had summoned his raging boner. Light slowly slides off his underwear and starts to give him a blowjob. L moans and slightly scratches Light's shoulders. Then L heard his alarm clock go off and was awakened from his juicy, dream.