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So guys, I'm back with the rewritten story of gods and demigods on facebook. Tell me what you think I should do to make it better for you guys, so you can enjoy reading it.

I decided to make it after the war with Gaia, so that the gangs can be relaxed and have nothing to worry about.

'italics' are Percy's direct thoughts

underlined are Percy's thoughts and actions interrupting the posts - reading

Percy's POV

I woke up in my cabin and felt a smile forming on my face once I realized I wasn't alone. I opened my eyes and marveled at the sight of my girlfriend, Annabeth, who had sneaked into my cabin yesterday night, because she was and I quote "not going to ever leave me alone again since Hera might have some other plans and she's not risking it".

She was awake stroking my arm with the Roman Legion's tattoo. I sighed happily and gave her a good morning kiss pulling her closer to me.

"I have to go, Seaweed Brain. Malcolm will be looking for me. Besides, we have all time to ourselves now that the war is over." She said while getting up.

"Ok, well, I'm bored so I'll go on facebook for a while" I said and she nodded and left.

Let me explain the facebook thing. Once the war was over Hephaestus thought it would be a good idea for the campers, Greek and Roman, to communicate more easily so he made an internet website which wouldn't send signals to monsters everywhere about demigods and gods.

I logged in my profile only to find the most hilarious post ever.

Lord of the Sky/King of the Gods- I am the best of all! *Thunder booms* Bow to the amazing me!


Thalia Grace - Really Dad? REALLY? I thought you were over the dramatic type phase! *sighs*

Jason Grace – *facepalm* I have to agree with Thalia! I am feeling ashamed!

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"Huh! Imagine that…" I muttered to myself, because come on! Who knew Jason had sarcasm in him?

Poseidon – He was and always will be the dramatic one! And Hades will always be the deranged one!

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'Good one dad!' I thought to myself. Speaking of which, he was right. Hades lives in a steamed up place plotting of ways to gain more power and Zeus threatens everyone with his master bolt and disappears through lightning as if gods cannot just do that teleport thingy… Talking about god of drama much?

Hades – And you are the pessimistic one!

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Athena – And the both your sons have inherited those characteristics unfortunately!

'Oh yeah! Call realism pessimism all you want… It's not my fault I prepare for the worst that usually happens…'

Poseidon – Nobody asked you Owl Head! Go back to putting your books in their crib!

Apollo – Hahahaha! Athena? You have a crib for your books? Lol

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My stomach was actually hurting form all that laughter. Seriously? A crib?

Athena – For your information I have not! Who told you that Fish Face?

Poseidon – Hermes did, Grey-eyed Bookworm.

Athena – Hermes? *Smiles sweetly*

Hermes – I…um… I have to go deliver a message! See yas!

I hummed. Sucks for Hermes. Suddenly, a post from Hera popped up.

Hera- Zeus has gone mad shouting he's the best! I swear someone must have tampered with his pills!

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'Okay, that's definitely Hermes's work…' And Annabeth and Athena's comments confirmed my thoughts.


Athena – I think I know…

Annabeth Chase – Hermes?

Athena - That's right, daughter…

Hera – Hermes? Was it you?

Hermes – It wasn't me this time! I swear!

Thalia Grace – Swear on the river Styx!

Hermes – Um… Fine! It was me!

"Hah! I knew it!" I shouted to no one in particular.


Hermes – Ask Apollo to sing a healing incantation.

Hera – Thank me, it worked.

Annabeth Chase – Actually, thank Apollo it worked. If it were up to you, you would have send cows after Hermes.

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'Come on Hera, how conceited can you get? You tell her Annabeth!'

Percy Jackson – I second Annabeth's statement!

Hera – You little insolent demigods!

Leo Valdez – You crazy goddess toying with people's lives!

Piper McLean – *gag* Did Leo just say something that wasn't a compliment to a hot chick?

Jason Grace – I think you just insulted Hera unknowingly Pipes.

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"Serves her right don't you think?" Annabeth appeared in the doorway of my cabin.

"Didn't you need to see Malcolm?" I asked as she plopped onto the bed next to me with her laptop on her lap.

"Figured we could a laugh out of these together" she said as she leaned in to place a kiss on my lips and then proceeded to type something and post it.

Although I was laughing my head off with the comments, I got really angry when Hera started thanking herself once Zeus calmed down. However, I decided to calm Wise Girl down. It seemed like a very difficult day for her, especially once I saw this:

Annabeth Chase – Curse you Hera! If it weren't for you I wouldn't have to worry about my Seaweed Brain! I am still upset!

"Oh, Wise Girl" I scooted closer to her and kissed the top of her head. She smiled and rolled her eyes.

"You're cheezy." She answered.

"And I drool when I sleep?" I asked smirking.

"Definitely." She said and I turned to comment on her status.


Percy Jackson – Wise Girl calm down! I am ok!

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Hera – You dare curse me you little…

Zeus – Language Hera! The girl does have a point!

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Poseidon – I feel like the roles are reversed! It is usually Hera that shuts you up brother!

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Zeus – I am the king of the gods! Show some respect Poseidon! *thunder booms*

Thalia Grace – Same old dad.

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I chuckled at Thalia's remark and then thought of something that brought a mischievous smile on my face and glanced briefly at Annabeth before typing something.

Percy Jackson – Annabeth Chase meet me at the lake in 5 min.

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Athena - -.-

Annabeth turned to look at me bewildered.

I shrugged. "They didn't need to know we're breaking the rules by being in here alone. Besides we could go for a walk…" I left off and she smiled and nodded.

"Wait!" She said before I got to the door.

"Click save to your new relationship status first…" she grinned and I saved it, making our relationship facebook official before we left to the lake.

It was about a couple of hours after our impromptu lake visit that Annabeth and I strolled into my cabin, My hair was slightly disheveled and she was sporting an adorable blush. You might wonder why exactly we didn't stay in the cabin… Well, we could get busted at any second in here, while the lake provides a safe environment for us to just be.

"Wow! Jeez! As if they didn't know we were dating…" she commented.

"What did they say?" I peeked at her laptop screen while getting comfortable next to her and started my laptop.

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are in a relationship.

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Athena – NOOOO!

Poseidon – Book Brain, they have been dating for months. They just made it facebook-official.

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Athena – I knew that! But I still hoped…

Hestia – No one should be hoping for break-ups Athena. Remember the hearth.

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"Good old Hestia…" I said with a fond smile. She's the best goddess. Not to mention the one of the gods that don't want to murder me…

"Hey, your dad posted something." Annabeth nudged me out of my thinking. That doesn't really happen often.

Poseidon – Son? What were you and Annabeth doing at the lake after all?

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Percy Jackson – Um… Canoeing?

Travis Stoll – So that's what they call it now, huh?

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Connor Stoll – I'm pretty sure that isn't the right word bro! *mega smirk*

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Travis Stoll – And what would the right word be bro? *giga smirk*

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"Can I just get revenge for once?" Annabeth shouted exasperated.

"Let's go then." I grinned and she smiled deviously.

Annabeth Chase – Shut. Up. Now.

Percy Jackson – She is holding a knife, coming to your cabin and I'm not stopping her.

"Let's go!" she yelled and I sprinted after her.

Well, let's just say that the result of the day was this:

Piper McLean uploaded a new video- How to beat up the Stolls (by Percy and Annabeth)

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