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"Bella - fucking - Swan!"

Her mouth dropped before a shit eating grin grew upon the girls face as she immediately spun around, knowing exactly who defiled her name like that. "Edward - fucking - Cullen!" She smirked back, teasing, as she took the boy in.

Her eyes raked up from the bright red converse, past the slim, dark wash blue jeans that hung low on his waste revealing an inch or so of black boxers, across the fitted, black band T and finally up to the striking face of the boy she knew she belonged to.

"No fucking way," she squealed and darted the 10 foot distance from her friends to the boy, leaving them shocked as she jumped into his arms.

"Mm, I missed you so much, baby girl," he breathed out for only Bella to hear as he spun her around. Bella's arms and legs stayed firmly wrapped around Edward as she pulled back her smiling face to look at him. "Where've you been?" she asked, leaning her forehead against his, still trying to take everything in. "Not where I've wanted to be," he sighed back. Bella noted the hint of grief cross his eyes, even as his smile remained unwavering. She took it in, but didn't respond, only hugging Edward closer to her.

"AH-hem," a snarky cough came from Bella's group of friends, causing her to jump down and glance over her shoulder. "Get a damn cough drop," someone, whom Edward was assuming to be the leggy blonde in the back, murmured to a smaller dark haired girl. Bella giggled, rolling her eyes to Edward, than grabbed his hand and dragged him over for introductions.

Of course, he knew the leggy blonde, Rosalie, and a short, energetic dark haired girl Alice from previous encounters, but the four others were new to him. Bella introduced the impatient brunette as Jessica, a blonde guy wrapped around Alice as Jasper, a tall, dark skinned girl as Emily, and a short, nerdy guy as Ben.

"So, Bell-a, who's your friend?" Jessica asked in a whiny, annoying tone as she stared down at her nails, trying to feign disinterest as she glanced at Edward from under her lashes.

Edward smirked, wrapping his arm around Bella's small shoulders and pulling her into his chest. "Didn't you hear? Edward fucking Cullen, and I wouldn't say friend."

Bella snorted from her position in his chest as Rose rolled her eyes, stepping forward. "Cullen." She narrowed her eyes at him as she came forward for a quick hug, not really approving of Bella's situation, but liking him for her in general. "Always a pleasure, Legs," he grinned, finally getting a smile to quirk from her lips. "Always the charmer," she joked back, surprising all the new comers in the groups. Rose wasn't one to let new people in so easily, and Edward Cullen's instant acceptance wasn't making much sense.

"So how ya been, Edward?" Alice finally pitched in from her spot in the Jasper-Alice limb tangle.

Edward glanced down at Bella before looking up to answer and threw out a quick "alright" before asking the girl about herself. "How bout you, Alice? I see you got a new chew toy?" he laughed. Alice did look like an excited puppy, wiggling and jumping around with a constant cling on Jasper. "Oh you know, only the best for me," she smirked, turning back to Jasper, officially ending that conversation.

"So what're you doing here?" Jessica piped up from her spot, obviously not wanting to be left out of the loop.

There was no response for a minute as Edward assessed her. Finally he glanced to the building behind the group, down to Bella, then back to Jessica. "Well, shit, probably the same thing you are, right?" he asked, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. She wasn't buying it. Leave Jessica to want to be the center of attention, Bella thought to herself, before the said girl chimed in again.

"You go to shows alone?" disbelief colored her tone, and she acted as if it was her business what anyone did and who did or did not do it with them.

Getting frustrated quickly, Edward spat out, "how would I look coming to see my girl with someone else hanging off my arm? And yeah, usually I do."

He looked down at Bella, pulling her to him, "let's go sit somewhere, baby girl, we can meet everyone inside." Jessica rolled her eyes while Alice smiled and waved, everyone else quickly filtered inside to find a spot for the concert.

The couple tangled their hands between them and made their way to the parking lot. "God, I missed this," Bella sighed happily, squeezing Edwards fingers for emphasis. "Really?" he smirked, "no more sexy Rez guys trying to steal my girl?" He tried to play it off as a joke, but Bella knew what it really meant to him. It hurt him more that her that he couldn't be with her all the time, especially when other guys could.

"Well..." she trailed off suspiciously as his jaw dropped. "No," she finished quickly as Edward reached around her waist to tickle her. "That shits not funny to joke about Bella," he sighed.

They reached his car and slid silently in the back seat then naturally fell into a comfortable cuddled position. "Edward?" Bella asked after a minute of comfortable silence, her eyes stayed closed and head remained on his chest. "Hm?"

"I know you think the Rez guys are sexy, but they really aren't my type." Edward laughed and buried his nose in her hair. "Are you sure? All that tanned skin and luscious hair?" His face was torn between amusement at himself and disgust at the topic and Bella couldn't help but burst out laughing when she looked up at him. "No, I prefer a paler, more lean type of guy, you know band T's and converse, much more my type." The laughter died down and Edward leaned back, resting his head with a huge smile on his face. "Mm, I'll have to keep that in mind."

Two pairs of eyes drifted closed again, just taking in the moment. Their relationship, or whatever they had going, was never easy, but something both teens held very dear. Edward was the child of a well established family, he didn't really know what his parents did, other than drag him around the world when there was only one small little town he wanted to be in, but they worked together and were never home.

Carlisle and Esme Cullen loved there son more than anything in the world, but they thought it was best to show it through wealth, possessions, fancy schools, and and other things Edward didn't really want. They didn't understand the boy craved nothing more than a stable home with a loving family.

Edward had never really had friends, the longest he'd ever stayed anywhere was his 3 months in Forks, and that's only because it was harder for his parents to make their business deals in the small town. Forks is where he met Bella.

Bella's whole life was spent in Forks, living with her dad, and seeing her mom every other weekend. Bella's dad, the Police Chief was everything she could ask for in a father, and her mother and her shared similar relations now that they didn't live together full time.

"Who's playing?" Edward asked after several minutes, breaking the silence. Bella shrugged and stayed silent for a moment before filling him in, "Rose dragged us, I've never heard of them."

"So, you wouldn't care if you happened to miss them?" she shook her head lazily, "Who's house are you at this weekend, Baby?"

Bella smiled and looked up at Edward, she knew he craved nothing but attention whenever he managed to come see her. He'd likely spend the last 8 months since she last saw him held up in various hotels with his only company being his parent's favorite new investment: fancy tutors, well that and the odd maid or room service attendant. "Renee's, the Chief would love to see you though."

He laughed, Edward and Chief Swan had an odd, comfortable relationship. They got along, but it was a quiet, co-inhabiting the same room at the same time but not really together, kind of relationship. It worked for the both of them. "Maybe tomorrow, let's go see Renee."

Bella knew he was probably craving the overly motherly attention she was likely going to dish out on him, but she didn't comment. "You should text Legs," he told her with a smirk. He knew that girl Jessica would just be thrilled that they were leaving.


"Mamma Swan!" Edward hollered as he and Bella barged into Renee's house. Bella giggled like a little school girl at the nickname he'd given Renee years ago.

The two heard laughing in the kitchen before they saw a shadow and heard a tacky southern accent, "Well, my, my, my, that can't be young Mista Edward Cullen, can it?" The two teens looked at each other, then back at Renee and burst out laughing.

"Oh my god, mom, acting is not your thing."

"I'd be much obliged if lovely Ms. Renee Swan I've already come accustomed to made an appearance, ma'am, I've grown incredibly fond of her." Edward tipped his imaginary hat and everything, his fake accent coming out perfect.

"Well aren't you just the cutest thing," Renee laughed at pulled Edward in for a hug, "so how life been treating you Edward? You staying out of trouble?" She pulled back to look at him, giving him a motherly smile, and Bella knew this is exactly why he wanted to come here first.

"I always stay out of trouble Mamma Swan, you know it," he winked at her before guiding the small group to the kitchen.

Bella laughed before pulling out a bar stool to sit at, "hungry?"

Playfully glaring, he answered, "I happen to be an 18 year old boy, I'm always hungry." All three laughed, knowing well enough that Bella could probably out eat him if she really wanted to.

The two sat at the bar watching Renee, "what?" she questioned after a few moments. "Oh, the prince and princess are hungry, right, let me see what I can do about that." She laughed at her own joke, before scouring the kitchen for some food.

"So, Edward, where ya been this time?" Renee inquired politely.

"Well, we went to Chicago for a while, then Fort Lauderdale, hm, we were in Spain for a few weeks, then we came back to the U.S. and went to some place in Ohio. Some other places, I don't really remember. Now they're in Seattle, I took a cab to get here."

Renee frowned slightly, and Bella had a sneaking suspicion that his parents didn't exactly know Edward wasn't still in Seattle. Bella wasn't about to complain though.

Renee found some food, placed it in front of the teens, then mentioned she had somewhere to be before heading upstairs to get ready.

"How long do you think they'll be in Seattle?" Bella asked quietly, staring at her plate and holding back tears. the tears weren't necessarily for herself, she was used to saying goodbye to Edward and she knew he always came back, the tears were for him. He lived a life she knew he hated, and there wasn't anything she could do about it.

"Probably a few days this time." They remained silent, neither knowing what to say.

The two remained silent, eating and avoiding the others gaze. Renee came down the stairs moments later in a slim fitting black dress and some sparkly heals. Edward was the first to see her, his jaw dropped as he took in his second mother. "Got a hot date, Mamma Swan?" Bella's attention was caught and she took in her mothers appearance. "Whoa," was all she managed.

"As a matter of fact I do," she said seriously, before a huge smile broke out on her face and she looked like a giggling school girl. "His name is Phil! Do you want to see a picture?" she didn't wait for an answer as she scrambled through her purse to grab her cell phone. "I'm just so excited! I met him at the grocery store a few weeks ago and we seem to be hitting it off, he's a few years younger than me but he doesn't seem to mind." she searched through her phone, and the two teens laughed along with her at her excited tone. "Ooh! He's cute mom," Bella laughed as Edward let out a low whistle.

She stared at the picture a moment more before noticing the time, "Oh! I don't want to be late. Be good kids!"

Renee scurried out the door and Edward glanced at Bella, who was already looking at him, when they both burst out laughing. "She was so excited!" He managed. "I know, she was acting like Alice!" This got them laughing harder.

"I'm happy for her," Bella said seriously when the two calmed down.

"Me too."


"Jessica and Rose are sending me hateful messages," Bella laughed from Edwards lap. The teens were sitting out on Bella's roof, her leaning against his chest and his legs on either side of her.

Edward let out a graceless snort and asked what about. "Well, Jessica's all mad at me for ditching them, some garbage about 'chicks before dicks'. Doesn't make sense though, they aren't all girls." Bella replied, shaking her head softly before looking over her shoulder at Edward.

Edward's laughing instantly grew and he barely managed to ask what 'Legs' has said. "Her hate is at Jessica," she laughed, "apparently she's disgusted with whoever invited her and said her creepy obsession with me and you is ruining her night." The two started laughing more before Bella remembered a crucial detail, "Hey! Rose is the one who invited her!" Their laughing at Rose's expense grew louder before they eventually calmed down.

Bella kept her gaze over her shoulder as an intense, serious mood fell over both of them. "I'm really glad you're here," she whispered, as if her speaking to loudly would break her out of a dream and he'd suddenly disappear. "Me too," his response hung in the air for a moment, swirling around the two before one of them, or maybe both, couldn't take it any longer. Edward's slightly chapped lips met Bella's softer ones for a split second before she pulled back to shift her position to her knees, so she could face him.

"I don't tell you this enough," she started seriously, her hand on his neck as if to hold his gaze to hers, "I'm yours, completely. I don't care if I'm here and your someplace crazy, Japan, Montreal, anywhere, you're always on my mind, and I'll never be with anyone else." The rare, serious moments were the moments that the two honestly cherished most. There was no defined relationship between them, Edward wasn't Bella's boyfriend, and her status with him was the same, but both knew Bella was Edward's and vice versa. His emerald eyes bored into hers and he knew everything she said was honest, he also knew that she knew he felt the same. She was right though, it wasn't said enough between them.

Edward leaned forward and caught Bella's lips with his own, deepening the kiss instantly. He didn't usually like to go deep into anything physical with her, it wasn't that they both didn't want it, but Edward knew it'd be harder on both of them when he had to leave. And he always had to leave.

Breaking his usual unwritten rule of keeping things g rated, Edward pulled Bella closer so she was straddling him. Hands tangled in hair and bodies remained glued together as the two lost themselves in one another.

A drawn out groan escaped Edward's lips as he forced himself to pull back. Bella's eyes were darkened and glistening as she stared down at him in question. He sighed sadly as he matched her gaze, his fingers playing idly with the hem of her t shirt at her lower back. Edward was having difficulty thinking, he couldn't continue this and know he had to leave her right after, but the way she pressed against him perfectly and the hungry look in her eyes were driving him crazy. "Baby, we can't, I can't, its just not fair to you." She bit her lip before nodding slowly, disappointment sweeping through her, and unintentionally stirring more conflict in Edward.

"Fuck! You're so sexy...God, I want... I can't..." he looked at her quickly before closing his eyes, shaking his head, and leaning back slightly. "God, you're perfect and I'm an ass and I just-"

"Shh," she cut him off quickly, "I understand." Bella pulled him back to her and buried her face in his neck. "I told you, I'm yours, I'll wait, Edward. Besides, you're 18, and almost done with your schooling, they can't drag you around forever."

Edwards breathing halted suddenly and he leaned back to look at her. It was a topic he didn't like thinking about. He knew he couldn't stay with his parent's forever, but he also knew what it'd do to them if he ever told them that. "I'll figure it out," he said quietly, trying to convince her, and himself.

"Edward, we'll figure it out."

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