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The four hour drive back from Seattle dragged on and on. Edward was sitting in the back of dingy Taxi bouncing his foot impatiently. He just wanted to be back in Forks to tell Bella the good news. He was literally on edge with excitement, he was finally going to be living where he wanted to be, he finally wouldn't be alone anymore.

The feeling of freedom didn't hit Edward without a twinge of guilt, though. Whenever he really thought about leaving home for good, a sick twisted feeling burrowed itself in the pit of his stomach as he remembered the look on his mom's face. Edward couldn't really remember when she became the controlling, emotional wreck he'd seen just hours before. He couldn't help but wonder if maybe she really needed him around, and maybe with his help she could go back to loving woman he knew she could be. But then he'd remember that if he went back, he wouldn't be helping anyone, his parents would still be busy and he would still be alone. Maybe his father would see Esme needed help and try to get her therapy or something, he really hoped so.

Edward sighed and plugged his headphone into his phone to listen to some music, and hopefully pass the time. As the familiar sound of his ringtone hit his ears, he sat back to think.

"Father, father, tell me where have you been?
Its been hell not having you here
I've been missing you so bad
And you don't seem to care
When I go to sleep at night, you're not there, yeah
When I go to sleep at night, do you care, yeah."

The words swam around in his head as Edward got lost in his thoughts. This song may not have fit his circumstance fully, but the concept was all the same. Fear tinged his hope for a new family when he realized he'd never really had one. He didn't know how to be in a family. Would he be able to just emerge himself completely in a new setting effortlessly? When he thought about it, Edward didn't really know how to be surrounded by people for longer then a few days. He only knew how to be alone.

Then again, he'd never really had the opportunity to be around people for very long, so maybe everything would be fine? The worry and fear were eating away at him, and as much as he just wanted to show up and surprise Bella with his good news, he needed her comfort.

He looked down at his phone and exited out of the music playlist and into his messaging app. He looked at her contact picture for a quick second before typing out his message.

Baby Girl, I'm almost home.

He knew she'd understand the underlying meaning that he couldn't really express right now. It only came as a little shock when Bella's reply was instantaneous.

I knew you could do it. I'll be waiting, (: How are you?

The twist in his stomach started slowly uncurling as he read her text. This was exactly what he needed, he knew Bella would understand that while he was extremely happy, there was more emotion behind the situation than he'd like to let on to others.

I don't really know right now, I'm beyond happy, of course, but I just... can we talk when I get there?

He shot off another text stating he was half an hour away right after and waited for his answer. It was surreal that instead of calling Bella to talk about what he was going through, he would be able to do it in person now.

You know I love our talks. I'm at Renee's still, I stayed so I could see you when you got here.

He frowned slightly, he forgot it was Sunday night. Bella had school tomorrow and she was supposed to be at Charlie's house. Good thing Emmett was visiting tomorrow, so his first official day living in Forks wouldn't be as unnerving as it could be.

Is the Chief okay with that? What about school? I'm sorry I didn't mean for this to affect you.

Her reply was quick, allowing Edward little time to beat himself up even more.

Babe? Breath. Dad's fine, and school will be fine, I've stayed up all night with you and still gone to school. Affecting me isn't a problem, I'm here for you.

Edward laughed at the memory. They'd been talking on the phone all night, not about anything serious, but just enjoying the 'company'. It was about 7:15 when all of a sudden Bella screamed "What the fuck!" in Edward's ear and he heard crazy, scratchy noises through the phone. Edward was laughing the whole time as he heard Bella jumping around through the phone. She'd quickly babbled about having to be to school in 10 minutes and not knowing what to wear before everything got quiet for a second. Edward had sighed, thinking Bella hung up in her frantic state, when all of a sudden he'd heard a murmured "fuck it." He laughed louder.

Bella told him she was just going to school as is and sent him a quick picture before saying goodbye and promising to call him later. In the picture Bella was wearing black and red plaid pajama pants that Edward swore he'd left there on one of his visits, a Confide band T, and her hair was in her signature night time sloppy bun on the top of her head. She was holding her hand up in the rock n roll signal and sticking her tongue out as she took the picture of herself in the mirror. He laughed when he realized she just threw on some red chucks and was going to school just like that.

Later that day, when Edward assumed was her lunch time, Bella called him ranting about some 'bitch names Lauren' who was obviously too stuck up to wear what she wanted so she had to talk shit to Bella all day. Bella had argued that it wasn't her fault she could look hot in pajamas and Lauren still looked shitty after taking 3 hours to get dressed in the morning. Edward was sure he'd never laughed that hard during a five minute phone call in his life.

When he came back from his thoughts, he saw the cab driver looking at him funny in the mirror, he looked around quickly and realized he was sitting in front of Bella's house. Edward laughed at himself, apologized and thanked the driver, left an obnoxiously generous tip when he paid, and left the cab as quickly as possible.

When Edward reached the front door, his hand hesitated at the door knob. Usually, he just walked in, but he wasn't really sure if things were different now and he should knock. Not being used to, or comfortable with, the uncertainty, he shrugged and walked in the door anyway. He knew he'd made the right choice immediately, when Bella called "in here!" the second the door clicked behind him.

Bella's smiling face was the first thing he saw when he walked in the kitchen and then he heard a loud exclamation of "Surprise!" from throughout the room. Bella, Renee, Rose, and Alice were sitting throughout the kitchen with a messy home made cake on the table. The frosting was everywhere, the counters were covered in powder, and it was obvious they'd just finished. Edward's smile was huge when he took in the sight in front of him and the welcome home cake they'd worked so hard on. He could tell someone other than Bella had written "Welcome Home Edward" in blue frosting because Bella's writing was chicken scratch and she could have never pulled it off. He laughed lightly when he noticed the decorations. There were huge poster boards with similar greetings to the cake hung all around the room and birthday confetti thrown across the table.

He came over and wrapped each of them in a hug before making his way to Bella. He spoke to the whole room before pulling his girl to his chest. "Thank you so much guys, this is too much." He looked down at Bella, whose face was buried in his shoulder, and kissed her on the forehead as Rose called out from her perch on the counter, "Shut up, Cullen, we love you, of course we'd do this."

Edward shook his head, smile still in place, and continued to argue, "but its like 1am and you guys have school tomorrow, and-"

"and we'll be there, but right now we're here," Bella spoke up from in his arms and the other three in the room nodded in confirmations.

"Yeah, Edward, shut up and eat some cake!" Alice laughed, and Edward decided to quit fighting it. Of course they would do something like this for him, this is what family did for each other.


"B, you're being a whiny bitch," Rose growled. Her head was resting on her arms that were crossed in front of her on the lunch table, but other then that she didn't look tired at all. Bella, on the other hand, was sure she was sporting dark circles under bright red, sleep deprived eyes.

"I just wanna see Emmett and Edward, and I'm tired, you at least went to sleep last night." Bella was slouched in her chair, her head was leaning against the top of the back of her seat, and her eyes were closed.

"Just because you stayed up all night to fuck doesn't mean you can bitch at me."

"Rose! We didn't fu- we didn't... we were just talking." Rose glanced up at her friend, just in time to see the blush appear and started laughing. "Oh, God. It's too easy."

"Hi Guys!" the two teens groaned loudly as Alice bounded up the to table happily, dragging poor Jasper behind her. "Ladies'," he smiled in greeting before sitting down across from the two and pulling Alice in his lap. "You guys look terrible, me and Jazzy thought you could use some uplifting in the form of our beautiful faces." Alice was smirking, Jasper was laughing, and Bella and Rose were rolling their eyes dramatically.

"How are you so fucking chipper all the damn time," Rose grumbled irritably, as Alice laughed happily. "You were up all fucking night, too."

"She has caffeine in her veins, not blood," Bella sighed and Alice shrugged and turned away from her grumpy friends to talk to Jasper. The rest of lunch was spent the same, two of the three girls napping, and the couple making googly eyes at each other.

When the bell rang signaling time for class the group separated, with less than enthusiastic goodbyes. Alice looped her arm through Rosalie's and bounded away down the hall towards their math class, dragging the blonde behind her. Jasper, way more sympathetic then his girlfriend, waited silently for Bella to situate herself then stand so they could make their way to chemistry.

"Why didn't we take this class last year," Bella grumbled and Jasper laughed quietly as he held the door open for her. The two took their seats at their lab table and waiting for class to start. Jasper couldn't help but hide a laugh at how much trouble Bella was having keeping her head up, he decided to take pity on her and distract her, so she'd have something other then how tired she was to concentrate on.

"So I heard your boyfriend's in town for good?" Bella looked at him for a moment, confused, before nodding.

"Oh, Edward? He's not really my boyfriend, but yeah." Bella laughed at Jasper's confused expression and brought her hand up to rub her eyes.

"But you all are... together?" he questioned, not really understanding. Why would the kid move here to be with Bella if she was just some girl he wasn't really with?

"Yeah, we're together. I guess." She shrugged. "I guess he just hasn't made it official, it was confusing while he was gone." He brow knitted in a small frown, and Bella really did look confused. Jasper was laughing again.

"He need's to man up Bella, its no fun dancing around a relationship where nobody knows where they stand." With that, Jasper looked forward as class began, and Bella's frown grew.

Her and Edward knew where they stood right? Just because he hadn't asked her to be his girlfriend doesn't mean they weren't together. Bella's brain was swimming in confusion, and she shook her head quickly. This really was something she shouldn't think about when she was overly tired and easily confused.


"Let's go get Baby Bell!" Emmett's voice boomed through the room. Him and Edward were sitting in the guest room that Edward were now occupying. The room was about average size, decorated in different shades of beige and other natural tones. It wasn't really up to Edward's taste, but he was more then grateful for it.

"We can't Em, we have to wait 45 more minutes." Edward was exasperated. Emmett really could act like a child if he wanted too. He'd only been here about five hours and was already driving his younger brother crazy. They'd had a nice, serious talk about life when he'd first gotten there, but eventually the older boys immaturity began to seep through. Honestly, though, Edward was fine with it. He barely got to see his brother since he'd just up and left one night around two years ago, and he missed him all the time.

Emmett had been the only constant in Edward's life before Bella. Contrary to what a stranger would think when they first met him, Emmett had taken care of Edward and was really responsible with him when they were growing up. Emmett just... liked to have fun.

"Ohh! I know, let's go get ice cream." Edward laughed at his brother's hopeful expression, "where? I'm pretty sure Forks doesn't have a Dairy Queen." Emmett was unphased. "We'll go to the grocery store, come on!" Edward smiled and followed his brother out of the room.

"Wait, Em!" he called when his brother was already half way out of the front door. Renee worked from home at the moment. She'd decided to take up pottery and see if she could sell it. She was doing quite well, and she ran the business out of the garage. Edward wanted to see if she had any groceries she wanted that he could pick up for her, it was the least he could do.

Edward made his way to the garage, knocking on the open door before stepping in. "Hey Mamma Swan, I'm taking Em to the grocery store, do you have a list or anything? I could pick up some stuff for you."

Renee looked up from the piece she was working on a smiled fondly at him, "Oh, Edward, you don't have to do that. Besides I've been shopping recently. Just pick up some things you like for around the house." Edward smiled and said a quick goodbye before heading out to meet Emmett by his Jeep.

He should have realized taking Emmett to the grocery store wasn't the best of ideas.